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Pine Creek Village reviews | 720 Chapman Dr - Colorado Springs CO

Pine Creek Village

720 Chapman Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80916
(719) 597-1245

"Very horrible 😢 place manager has no clue how to manage. F***** up staff and many roaches"...

Citadel West Apartments reviews | 733 Tia Juana St - Colorado Springs CO

Citadel West Apartments

733 Tia Juana St, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 475-9109

"Management is wonderful and welcomed me to the complex with such kindness and enthusiasm. The apartment I was shown (before it was re-d"...

Villages at Woodmen reviews | 1629 E Woodmen Rd - Colorado Springs CO

Villages at Woodmen

1629 E Woodmen Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 598-3939

"Because I love playing Pokemon it's a great exercise and fun"...

Montebello Gardens Apartments reviews | 4414 Montebello Dr - Colorado Springs CO

Montebello Gardens Apartments

4414 Montebello Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 598-0070

"I've lived here for the past 2 years and the staff has been great and always work with me if I have issues. Came in during COVID restri"...

Citadel Village Apartment Homes reviews | 913 N Chelton Rd - Colorado Springs CO

Citadel Village Apartment Homes

913 N Chelton Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 596-4834

"Been living here and now getting slammed with an extra almost $40 dollar charge that I was never notified about cuz of a "system error""...

Mountain Shadows Apartments reviews | 1005 Fontmore Rd - Colorado Springs CO

Mountain Shadows Apartments

1005 Fontmore Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
(719) 633-5411

"not the best experience here sketchy, if the conditions in some cases are unlivable maybe the way around management is to contact the h"...

Clemson Manor Apartments reviews | 1726 Clemson Dr - Colorado Springs CO

Clemson Manor Apartments

1726 Clemson Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 574-6260

"They're pretty slick the Cremson Manor apartments!"...

Garden Pines Apartments reviews | 4424 N Chestnut St - Colorado Springs CO

Garden Pines Apartments

4424 N Chestnut St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 272-4220

"Ive been calling and leaving requests since October when I moved in for them to unclog my bathroom sink and get rid of the mold under t"...

Park View reviews | 1470 S Chelton Rd - Colorado Springs CO

Park View

1470 S Chelton Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80910
(719) 471-3468

"I have one screenless window and someone has to smoke in front of it. Potheads and cigarette smokers allowed to smoke in doors. Very ba"...

Remington Apartments reviews | 3341 E Fountain Blvd - Colorado Springs CO

Remington Apartments

3341 E Fountain Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80910
(719) 287-2998

"Haven't moved in yet but some of yalls reviews are bogus they do do background checks me and my hubby had 1 done the lady we have been "...

Residence at Austin Bluffs reviews | 4310 Morning Sun Ave - Colorado Springs CO

Residence at Austin Bluffs

4310 Morning Sun Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 598-2779

"These apartments are so horrible! If you are looking for a place DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT RENT HERE! I live here now and there are so man"...

Green Leaf Broadmoor reviews | 25 Sommerlyn Rd - Colorado Springs CO

Green Leaf Broadmoor

25 Sommerlyn Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(888) 979-7519

"I was a resident from 2010-2013. I loved it. I had no issues with neighbors or the staff or maintenance. It was for me a great nice qui"...

Regal Estates reviews | 105 S Academy Blvd - Colorado Springs CO

Regal Estates

105 S Academy Blvd, #64, Colorado Springs, CO 80910
(719) 596-4970

"Just dropped off a delivery here. Absolutely filthy. Concrete floors and a homeless woman huddled in the stairs attempting to... sleep?"...

Westview Apartments reviews | 319 University Dr # B3 - Colorado Springs CO

Westview Apartments

319 University Dr # B3, Apt B3, Colorado Springs, CO 80910
(719) 637-1835

"Do not live here if you wanna feel like a person, no one should live in these conditions and have to pay for it. Save yourself and look"...

Spring Creek Apartments reviews | 921 Westmoreland Rd - Colorado Springs CO

Spring Creek Apartments

921 Westmoreland Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 598-6985

"Management led us to believe we had a great chance of approval, until we paid the application fee. After we paid this, it was night and"...

Advenir at the Village reviews | 5400 N Nevada Ave - Colorado Springs CO

Advenir at the Village

5400 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 598-6550

"I’m glad I didn’t apply here for an apartment! Not going to lie, seems like this apartment complex is going viral for their careles"...

THE MEADOWS at CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN reviews | 905 Pacific Hills Point - Colorado Springs CO


905 Pacific Hills Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(719) 576-1600

"Current resident. If you don't like things fixed because the maintenance is "too busy" even though you put in a work order a week ago A"...

Lelaray Apartments reviews | 2115 Lelaray St - Colorado Springs CO

Lelaray Apartments

2115 Lelaray St, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 630-7075

"Avoid at all cost. Neighbors sell drugs and stay up all night. Homeless people sleeping in the entry ways. Both of my vehicles were van"...

Kenton Place reviews | 1303 N Nevada Ave - Colorado Springs CO

Kenton Place

1303 N Nevada Ave, Colorado 80903, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
(719) 632-4877

"Cons: Very unprofessional, they dont fix anything my mother has lived here since 2017 and her sink has a leak and a bad smell never fix"...

The Royal Lani reviews | 2010 Carmel Dr - Colorado Springs CO

The Royal Lani

2010 Carmel Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80910
(719) 630-7333

"I came in today to pick up an application the lady in the office was super nice and helpful. I was concerned about the previous reviews"...

Village at Lionstone Apartments reviews | 255 Lionstone Dr - Colorado Springs CO

Village at Lionstone Apartments

255 Lionstone Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80916
(719) 574-1672

"The apartment above us has a water leakage, has had a water leakage for about a week now, here’s the “fix” they did. There’s st"...

Colony Hills Apartments reviews | 3950 Patrick Dr - Colorado Springs CO

Colony Hills Apartments

3950 Patrick Dr, Apt 26, Colorado Springs, CO 80916
(719) 390-5496

"They just want to ruin you. Jodi is the worst lady ever, Everyone try to talk to Mia. Mia try to help you.Never choose this apartments."...

Shannon Glen Apartments reviews | 260 N Murray Blvd - Colorado Springs CO

Shannon Glen Apartments

260 N Murray Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80916
(719) 574-7392

"Terrible place, terrible maintenance. If you move here, plan on enacting the warranty of habitability laws."...

Stonebrook Terrace reviews | 4010 Tappan Cir # 248 - Colorado Springs CO

Stonebrook Terrace

4010 Tappan Cir # 248, #248, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 596-3746

"Hopefully i get the apartment here. Leasing lady is awesome. Grounds are well kept. Apartment she showed me was beautiful. No bugs. No "...

Summit Creek-Green Valley Apartments reviews | 1960 S Chelton Rd - Colorado Springs CO

Summit Creek-Green Valley Apartments

1960 S Chelton Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80916
(719) 597-5972

"These apartments are so ugly and too many bugs and spiders and the security is stupid also itd just ugly and old and rusty and musty"...

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