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american roofing & exteriors

13 reviews
Roofing Contractor
 2300 George Dieter Dr, El Paso, TX 79936US

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13 reviews
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5on Insider Pages, Jan 30, 2009
2nd choice, 1st class!
My husband and I had our roof repaired by American Roofing and Exteriors. The job was made so easy and done so fast. I wish that we had gone with this company to replace o
ur roof in the first place! Everyone that I spoke to within the company was friendly, pleasant, and knowledgeable. The crew was courteous and respectful. They worked the entire day to make sure that the repair was done. (That is not always that case here in El Paso.) I am telling everyone that I know that go with this company. more »
5on Insider Pages, Dec 31, 2008
Consumer's Choice
Hello! My name is Fernando, and this company completed my roof in October of this year. I was so happy with the outcome. The company made every step of the process simple
and easy to understand. The crew was very friendly and courteous. I am so happy that I was referred to this crew by a friend. I could not have made a better choice. more »
5on Insider Pages, Dec 10, 2008
Local company with a personal touch.
I was very impressed by the work that American Roofing and Exteriors did on my home. The crew was very professional and arrived on time. They even stayed lat
e to finish the work! They were knowledgeable and answered all of my questions (and I had a lot!). I would recommend this company to all of my family and friends. more »
5on Insider Pages, Nov 20, 2008
Need it, got it, love it!
Wow, all I can say is wow! American Roofing and Exteriors made replacing my roof easy and worry-free. I was so upset when my house sustained hail damage. I thought that
I would have to endure a months-long process that would be difficult and aggravating, but not with this company. It was done within the month with very little work on my part. They made it SO easy! Wow! more »
5on Insider Pages, Nov 14, 2008
As a contractor myself, I understand the importance of a professional workforce, fast response time, and great communication with your clients. American Roofing & Exteriors does too
. I am overjoyed by the outstanding service that I have received from this company. In a time where people are afraid of getting a ??raw deal? by so many contracting companies, it is very refreshing to find a company that is completely honest. By the quality of the service and the professionalism of the team employed there, I felt like they truly wanted to make me a customer and friend for life. The sales team was exceptionally knowledgeable and stayed with the project from start to finish. My rep was always available to answer any questions. The crew was professional and thorough, and cleaned up after themselves perfectly (which is hard to find). The customer service department was always very friendly and made sure that my experience with their company was top notch all the way. Needless to say, I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing roofing done. You will not be sorry that you went with such a great company. more »
5on Insider Pages, Nov 05, 2008
PLEASE give this company a chance to earn your business, just like they earned mine! My name is Jackie, and I needed to have some small repair work done on my home. I was just missing a fas
cia cover. I thought that it would be difficult to get a larger company to do something so small, but when I called American Roofing and Exteriors, they were able to send someone out to give me an estimate the very next day that I was available. I was given the same respect and attention as if I was getting a brand new roof.! I could always call my contact there, and get a prompt response back. I now know who to go to whenever I need anything done on my home. This company can do it all, and do it well! more »
5on Insider Pages, Sep 04, 2008
Let me refer a great company!
I live in the El Paso, Texas area and was in need of a good roofer. Through my insurance company, I was referred to American Roofing & Exteriors. I am so glad that
I was! Between the insurance company and American, absolutely everything was taken care of. I did not have to worry about anything. The work done was excellent, and the customer service that I received was better than anything that I??ve experienced in years. I am very happy that I found American Roofing & Exteriors. I??ve already referred them to tons of family and friends, and I will be a customer for life!
Nancy L.
Horizon City, TX
more »
4on Insider Pages, Sep 04, 2008
Simple, fast, and easy. Who could want anything more?
I am a very satisfied customer with American Roofing and Exteriors, a local roofing company. I had gotten bids from several other companies,
but my chose American for many reasons. All the other companies were all business, and simply seemed interested in getting me to sign a contract and write them a check. With American, it was different. The representative who came to my home took his time with my wife and me, and really explained everything and answered all the questions that we had. Throughout our entire project, we were kept updated at all times. If I had had any concerns (which I didn??t), I felt like I could have easily brought them to the attention of the company. So many places, these days, give you the run around. That was not the case with American. The job was done right, quick, and without incident. American is a great company, period!
Jack in El Paso
more »
5on Insider Pages, Sep 04, 2008
Professional, all the way!
I want to sing the praises of a local roofing company, American Roofing and Exteriors. They completed my new roof earlier this year. They met with my insurance adjuste
r and myself, and made me feel very comfortable with the entire process. They kept me up-to-date with my project, and always returned my calls. Not only was the work that they provided exceptional, but I also loved the warranty that I received at no additional charge. They workers were very clean and professional, and my service was wonderful. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs roof work done.
Happy in El Paso,
more »
5on Insider Pages, Sep 04, 2008
Could not be happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to highly recommend American Roofing and Exteriors to anyone in the El Paso area who needs a new roof. They did my roof earlier this year, a
nd I could not be happier. From start to finish, everything was done great. They were all really nice, and on the ball. I didn??t have to wait around for answers or for my roof to get started. If you need roofers, give them a call.
El Paso
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2300 George Dieter Dr, El Paso, TX 79936
Roofing Contractor
Today 8:00 am - 6:00 pm


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Residential/Commercial Roofing, Architectural Panel Systems, Gutters and Solar Panelsmore »
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