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Union Family Dentistry

vip dentistry by david s han, dds

183 reviews
Cosmetic Dentists
 4200 Chino Hills Pkwy suite 355, Ste 355, Chino Hills, CA 91709US

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183 reviews
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4on PatientConnect365, Nov 13, 2013
I was Impressed with Dr. Hans use of all of the latest technology. From his exrays and cleaning to the most difficult of procedures. He and his staff make you feel comfortable and welcome. more »
5on PatientConnect365, Nov 10, 2013
As physicians, my husband and wife are very critical and have very high standards. Dr. Han and staff always exceed those standards. Staff is always very courteous and professional. Have been going to Dr. Han for over 12 years and wont go anywhere else. He's worth the drive! more »
5on PatientConnect365, Nov 09, 2013
Very informative and professional. more »
5on Facebook, Nov 04, 2013
more »
5on PatientConnect365, Oct 31, 2013
Wonderful staff and Jillian and Dr. Han do a great job!!! more »
5on PatientConnect365, Oct 30, 2013
Very happy.....received a complete exam....they were very upfront...and gave a no nonsense consultation... more »
5on PatientConnect365, Oct 20, 2013
Dr Han is the best dentist I have been to in 40 years! He is very thorough, explains the treatment plan in detail and has a very kind yet professional approach. His office staff are all very cheerful and professional. I would highly recommend Dr Han more »
5on PatientConnect365, Oct 20, 2013
Great service more »
5on PatientConnect365, Oct 16, 2013
Great more »
5on PatientConnect365, Oct 11, 2013
Me: in 40s being embarrassed with my smile for many many years because of deep full thickness stain I was born with. Having bite issues and tooth grinding problems. Consulted many dentists in the past who recommended veneers. Saw Dr. Han who recommended bonding for my situation. COULDN'T be happier with the result!!! Costed much much less and kept all my teeth instead of having them grinded down to fit veneers. Bite issue: have been wearing the mouth piece that Dr Han custom made for me. Works great. Prevents me from grinding down on my teeth. Also works as a retainer too. Didn't have to find another orthodontist to have my retainer re-made. Dr Han has won my trust. He is very thorough, explains clearly, spent a a lot of time with me. He said if I didn't like the bonding on the first 2-3 teeth, I can always do the veneers. Made me feel at ease. The color on bonding perfectly matched my teeth! And I loved the result! He worked on 12 teeth! THAT totally changed my smile. Can I say I smile shamelessly now? I do. He has years of extensive experience and special training in treating bite problems. This may be helpful info for those who have TMJ issues. I cannot thank him enough! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR HAN. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 11, 2013
more »
5on PatientConnect365, Oct 09, 2013
As always, its a pleasure to visit Doctor Han's office. Doctor Han and his staff are teriffic. Their demeanor is always friendly, yet professional. Thank you Dr. Han. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 07, 2013
more »
5on PatientConnect365, Oct 07, 2013
I'm always treated with courtesy and respect by Dr Han and his staff. Services are always top quality. I would refer anyone. more »
5on PatientConnect365, Oct 06, 2013
I chose Dr. Han from Yelp. My wife and I just moved from Seattle, and needed a new dentist. Dr. Han analyzed my dental situation, and came up with a strategy to address some on-going issues, which I was very happy with. We discussed my medical history, and we acknowledged that my diabetes is an issue with my dental health. I will continue with Dr. Han, and am looking for a long-term relationship, just like the relationship I had with my Seattle dentist. more »
5on PatientConnect365, Oct 05, 2013
Friendly and thorough care. more »
5on PatientConnect365, Sep 25, 2013
Great!!!! Wouldn't go anywhere else more »
5on PatientConnect365, Sep 21, 2013
Thank you for a good dental experience. I actually enjoyed my dental appointment for the first time ever. I look forward to Dr. Han helping me achieve good dental health. Your wife and staff are lovely... so sweet! I was put as ease the minute I walked in the door. Thank you so much. Will see you all next Friday. :). Can't wait to have a beautiful smile like Clotilde. more »
5on PatientConnect365, Sep 21, 2013
There are not enough words to express my gratitude and satisfaction for VIP Dentistry. I received amazing service from the beginning to the end of my services. The entire staff made me feel welcomed and cared for immensely. They were personable and expressed genuine concern for my problems. I originally called to make an appointment for my throbbing TMJ discomfort. I was extremely uncomfortable, and they were happy to take me in that day. I did not wait at all, and was seen right away. Not only that, but the staff really took the time to get to know me and make me feel right at home. I am not exaggerating when I say that I was smiling the entire visit. Normally, dentists and dental offices give me extreme anxiety. However, this office was different from all previous experiences. I felt at home, and extremely comfortable (which I have never felt at any office before!) When Dr. Han came in for my visit, he was extremely personable and kind. I felt like he spent the time to educate me about my condition, provided me all the options, but made me feel listened to and cared for. He was an extraordinary dentist, but he also expressed immense passion for his patients and the improvement of the dental industry in general. It was obvious that he wanted to offer only excellent care, and I certainly did not receive anything less than that. What touched me most of all was my experience with the office manager. I told her in a prior conversation that I had only been in the area for 1 month for school, and all my family and friends were in San Francisco. While I was waiting for the doctor, she surprisingly came in and simply talked to me and got to know me. She actually brought tears to my eyes due to her genuine empathy and concern. She knew how hard it would be for me to go through these big changes without my support system, so she just wanted to be there for me during the visit. I never experienced that in a dental office, or in life. In this office, I felt cared for not only as a patient, but as a human being. That experience, to me, is priceless in itself. more »
1on Facebook, Sep 18, 2013
more »
5on PatientConnect365, Sep 17, 2013
Very good service more »
5on PatientConnect365, Aug 30, 2013
Dr. Han is attentive and compassionate. He made sure I was informed and comfortable with the procedure. His staff is also wonderful. I left feeling like a VIP. Thank you so much! more »
5on PatientConnect365, Aug 27, 2013
at VIP dentistry I always receive professional and courteous care more »
5on PatientConnect365, Aug 26, 2013
Great attention from the beginning. The doctor explains everything he is about to do in detail and he also uses a lot of common sense, not available on many professionals nowadays more »
5on PatientConnect365, Aug 09, 2013
I LOVE the Hydro-scaling system for cleaning/dental care maintenance, especially because I have an extremely sensitive teeth. I cannot tolerate the metal scaling. The staff is always courteous. Dr Han is meticulous in his care. My SMILE MAKEOVER is completed! Life long dark stains in my teeth are GONE! I cannot believe how much this uplifted my confidence. I thought veneer was the only option but Dr Han told me otherwise. Bonding was much more affordable since I had more than 10 teeth to be worked on. The stains were through the entire depth of each tooth. teeth don't need extensive grinding down like that of the veneer technique. I like that I got to preserve my own natural teeth. I was told by several other dentists that my only option was to get veneers. I appreciate Dr Han's expert advice. It was a win-win situation. They turned out just GORGEOUS! Thank you! more »
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4200 Chino Hills Pkwy suite 355, Ste 355, Chino Hills, CA 91709
Cosmetic Dentists
Today 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


VIP Dentistry is a premier dental practice that provides quality care, personalized treatments and the very best array in cosmetic, implant, general and sedation dentistry options. Dr. David S. Han's unique background in dentistry and gnathology combines emphases of precision, health, beauty, and comfort where all patients are concerned. The result - whether you are looking for a family dentist, or great cosmetic dental care to restore your smile, or Implant, or TMJ treatment, Dr. Han will work with you to customize a treatment that best fits your specific needs. A leader in the field, Dr. David Han is a perfectionist with an eye for exceptional dental aesthetics. In addition to his specialization in general, cosmetic and implant dentistry, he has a background in gnathology - the study of the masticatory (chewing) system. He also mentors and instructs dentists both in and outside of continuing education institutions.
Established in 1993.
Dr. Han completed his dental education at University of California (UCLA) School of Dentistry. Dr. Han then completed his post-graduate General Practice Residency at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in West Los Angeles, California. Dr. Han mastered cosmetic dentistry by completing Residency in Esthetic and Contemporary Restorative Dentistry at UCLA Dental School in Los Angeles.
He has completed advanced courses in Occlusion, Aesthetic Dentistry and TMD Management at the Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education (F.A.C.E.) in San Francisco and The Pankey Institute in Florida.
Dr. Han was a Senior Instructor and Director of TMD management, the Advanced FOSA Therapy or TMJ Bite Stabilizer Therapy and Centric Relation (CR) Dental Courses at the Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education (F.A.C.E.) in San Francisco. Dr. Han has been practicing in Chino Hills since 1993.
Meet the Business Owner
David H.
Business Owner
I promise to give you the best of my knowledge, skills and care. Because you have entrusted me with the dental health of your loved ones and you, in a sign of trust and confidence, I promise to give you the most comprehensive, esthetic and occlusal dental treatments with the finest care in a friendly environment.
Graduated UCLA School of Dentistry,
General Practice Residency, Esthetic and Contemporary Restorative Dentistry Residency at the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry. Advanced Dental Education Continuums Level I, II and III at the Pankey Institute in 1998 and 1999.
Advanced Gnathological Laboratory Technician's Course at F.A.C.E. in 2003. Advanced Restorative and Adhesive/Aesthetic Dentistry at F.A.C.E. in 2004.
Member of American Dental Association (ADA).
Member of Californian Dental Association (CDA).
Currently a Senior Instructor for TMJ Therapy and teaching Implant Surgery at Continuing Education Courses for Dentists.
Personal Interests: Photography, Cycling, Travel, Dog
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