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rosenfeld irwin i md

30 reviews
Physicians & Surgeons
 23121 Plaza Pointe Dr, Laguna Hills, CA 92653US

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1on Yellow Pages, Mar 12, 2017
Irwin Rosenfeld, MD is the WORST ever! He unnecessarily over medicated me without regard to my health when I was in high school. Upon leaving Rosenfeld's "care", I am off medications, and well adjusted. Rosenfeld did more harm than good and just wanted to push meds. You are much better off working with a good therapist and not one who pushes harmful medications. I wish my mom had researched him more carefully.
And do yourself a favor and read the other legitimate concerns posted. His office is a disaster with extreme clutter. Do your research and buyer beware.
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on Citysearch, Oct 21, 2015
Dr. Rosenfeld has treated my daughter for years for panic attacks. She not only has NEVER gotten better, but is an addict because of the medications he has given her! He has "snowed" her so she thinks he is great, when all he cares about is the money ($150 phone calls). He has literally ruined her life! more »
5on Facebook, Jul 02, 2015
I'm writing this in hopes that anyone struggling with any psychiatric or addiction issues will consider Dr. Irwin Rosenfeld who is a leading psychiatrist in the Lake Forest area and I can't even describe how helpful he and his office staff have been. He has help me to find the right medications for me during a season in my life in which I could not go without his specialty in my book is opioid dependence program he will make sure you get the medication you need to avoid using harmful and illegal street drugs and my prayers that whoever is a need will contact him he will work with you on whatever you need and help you find a happy medium to avoid self destruction or possibly worse ! Thanks again orange county TMS you guys are the greatest more »
on Citysearch, Jun 05, 2013
Dr. Rosenfeld is such a good doctor I do not think he needs any "tips" from myself. Keep up the good work, I am sure those you have helped value you as they should. more »
5on Insider Pages, May 31, 2013
Dr. Rosenfeld is very smart and we found him to be very helpful
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on Citysearch, May 31, 2013
well I like dr Rosenfeld and to donna h I do not think I would want to call you back you sound mean, Dr Rosenfeld is funny and nice and smart. more »
5on Yellow Pages, May 27, 2013
I think he has lots to offer. more »
5on Yellow Pages, May 23, 2013
If you need help go here first and save yourself lots of wasted time and pain. I would tell my friend that I had been to a few local psychiatrists and in a pretty short amount of time
my conditi
on has imporved under his care. While under some others care it stayed the same or got worse. Tell them they may as well go to someone that knows their meds and offers other options. To go speak to him and see for themselves. more »
on Citysearch, May 22, 2013
Dr. Rosenfeld has helped me so much in a relative short time period. more »
on Citysearch, May 20, 2013
Dr. Irwin Rosenfeld is a very good doctor that helps and is good with medications yet also has other good ideas to help
people improve their situation. He has been very helpful to us in our situ
ation. I feel very fortunate that a choice was made to make him my doctor because prior to that nothing was helping and I did get seen by other doctors and psychiatrists. I find that he listens to people and I enjoy his attitude which is non condescending. Our situation is much more hopeful and life can be more fun since some changes
have been made with his help. It is sad that some may miss
out on the chance to benefit from his expertise and the type of help he has given me just because some people seem to enjoy making lame comments like about his desk. I like his desk. The man works and because he has these files readily available to him he was able to find my file the same day I called while most doctors probably would not only not have it on hand but maybe not have it at all after some years. He also has always called me back and has a voicemail of his own where he returns calls and picks up his messages periodically this is unheard of these days. One can expect a message to call 911 if its an emergency or maybe a message can be left for the office staff to return WHEN they get in. Someone put here he did not call them back, well he has always called me back and I find that hard to believe.
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on Citysearch, May 10, 2013
He's the best. more »
on Citysearch, May 10, 2013
Dr. Rosenfeld helped me a great deal. He is very smart and
takes action if it is needed, does not just sit on his thumbs.
He also seems to care a great deal for his patients.
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on Citysearch, Apr 30, 2012
Are we talking about the same Dr. Rosenfeld? – Dr. Rosenfeld did 9 procedures on me and never stuck around to see how I did. He had no idea of all the complications I had! He never asked. He has never returned 3 phone calls I made to him, including one from my real psychiatrist!! I had many questions and concerns. Guess he really doesn't care. Very unprofessional!!! I almost had an anxiety attack after being in his disastrous, cluttered office. Looks like a hoarder works there. Never saw anything like it in my life. Maybe he couldn't find his phone to call me back. more »
on Citysearch, Mar 25, 2012
Knowledgeable Psychiatrist – Dr. Rosenfeld is a caring and skilled physician. He is an expert in his field, and I feel I am in good hands after searching for a well-qualified psychiatrist for quite some time. The only thing that bothers me is the clutter in his personal office (as someone with OCD)!
His front office staff are friendly and excellent, and they always get things done in a timely manner. And, the wait time for each appointment is very short.
I recommend this doctor, which I usually cannot say as an HMO patient!
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1on Insider Pages, Aug 16, 2011
WARNING!!! I highly suggest doing your own background check pertaining to this doctor. I am in absolute dismay that he is on staff at multiple hospitals. My evaluation with him lasted al
l of 10 minutes. I am horrified that a man lacking any morals or ethics is allowed to practice medicine especially specializing in mental illness. more »
on Citysearch, Jul 16, 2011
LEGAL DRUG DEALER – This guy just wants money. He will prescribe anything to anyone.
A typical "shrink" who does NOT care about patients feelings as I have been shrugged off so many times.
/>Also, he's VERY late for his appointments, yet he has no problem charging his patients extra money if they happen to be late.
STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY. He is is bed with every pharmaceutical company out there!!!
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on Citysearch, Jul 12, 2011
Reccomended! – I have been to several psychiatrists due to being a foster/adoptive parent for treatment of my foster kids. When I needed a psychiatrist myself, I chose Dr. Irwin for his specialty - not knowing what I was getting in to. In one visit with him, I felt like he TRULY cared about me. He was brutally honest about my problems. He took TIME to talk to me, not just prescribe medication as most psychiatrists seem to do just be a source of drugs. I have had 28 days of sobriety thanks to Dr. Irwin. I look forward to continuing my treatment with him and I'm going to start taking my son to him as well. If you want someone who CARES - go here. more »
on Citysearch, Nov 23, 2010
Irwin Rosenfeld MD – I suffer from a severe form of Chronic Major Depression. My condition is one that requires an immense amount of work on .Dr. Rosenfeld and my part. There is a genetic component to my condition. My maternal grandfather, my mother, her siblings (of which there are six) as well as many if not all of my cousins and there's 38 cousins; all suffer from depression of various degrees. At this point we are all on medication. Not one of us has been able to survive without this treatment and avoid suffering a severe relapse.
Dr. Rosenfeld has been my psychiatrist for the past twenty years. He has saved me from myself at least three times. I began seeing him during a particularly severe episode of depression. Over the years I have seen Dr. Rosenfeld put great care and thought in all dealings with his patients. Being in a medical position myself I know that we are not gods. And a title tells nothing about the degree of excellency of care given. However his quality of care and devotion to his profession say it all.
Had it not been for Dr. Rosenfeld i would not be living the happy productive life that I now enjoy. He's as close to being a miracle man as one can be. i am a person who doesn't suffer fools gladly nor do I indulge in unmeaning flattery. This is a man with great medical integrity as well as being a superb doctor.
I would recommend him without trepidation. I have chosen a screen name due to the nature of my occupation. if asked personally I have no reservations recommending Dr. Rosenfeld.
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on Citysearch, Nov 17, 2010
Medical Sanctions Against Dr. Rosenfeld – Potential patients need to know that Dr. Rosenfeld has been charged with gross negligence and misconduct on multiple occasions. He has completed his probation. more »
on Citysearch, Mar 12, 2008
Best Psychiatrist in OC – Dr. Rosenfeld is the best psychiatrist I have ever seen. When I had to be hospitalized at South Coast Medical Center, he looked me in the eyes and promised that he would take care of me. He was so sincere, and it touched me that a medical professional would care about my well being so much. And indeed he did take excellent care of me.
I would recommend Dr. Rosenfeld to anyone who is looking for a kind, competent and professional mental health professional.
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on Citysearch, Jan 09, 2008
Dr. Rosenfeld is highly recommended. – I met Dr. Rosenfeld at the Genesis Behavioral Clinic located within SouthCoast Medical Center in Laguna Beach. I had suffered a nervous collapse from overwork combined with insomnia. In short, I was a wreck. His diagnosis and medication expertise brought me back to normality. He was so knowledgeable and professional that I continued to see him after release from the clinic.. His years of experience make a patient know that they are in good hands. Anyone who wants "real" help should consider Dr. Rosenfeld. He is without question in the top of his field in Orange County.
Michael L. Wright
more »
on Citysearch, Nov 20, 2007
Think Twice... – I have many concerns with Dr. Rosenfeld. Several times I have overheard this doctor and his staff talk about personal patient information. He has acted inappropriately during several of my appointments, and has talked about other patient personal information directly with me. More often than not, he is running at least a half hour or more behind schedule. My personal opinion is that he keeps prescribing the same medication because it is quick and easy...even though it is not working. I also do not care for his bedside manner. more »
on Citysearch, Sep 21, 2006
Exellence – I've been under Dr. Rosenfelds care for many years. Besides the medications, his advise is most exellent. After ten years, I have become independent and on my way to a successful life beyond my biggest dreams. I would highly recomend him to all.
Michael Powell
more »
on Citysearch, Mar 02, 2005
Kind and Compassionate – Dr. Rosenfeld is really a nice person. He treats his patients in a kind, respectful way. He is friendly and ready to listen to what you have to say. Dr. Rosenfeld will return your telephone call if you need to get a hold of him. I really like him a lot. I think he's a great doctor. more »
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23121 Plaza Pointe Dr, Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Physicians & Surgeons
Today 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Dr. Irwin Rosenfeld is the founder of The Orange County TMS Therapy Center in Laguna Hills, California. Dr. Rosenfeld graduated from Cornell University in 1980, and then received his MD from the Medical College of Wisconsin. He furthered his education by completing a medical internship at Mercy Hospital in San Diego, and his residency and fellowship at UC Irvine College of Medicine. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and a recipient of the Outstanding Service Awards from the Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Orange County, among many other honors. The Orange County TMS Therapy Center aims to treat patients suffering with depression and negative side effects of depression treatment. TMS, or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, is a non-invasive therapy procedure which uses magnetic energy to stimulate the brain’s nerve cells. More than ten thousand safely-performed TMS treatments demonstrated no adverse effects on the patient’s concentration or memory, and no systematic side effects. Dr. Rosenfeld utilizes TMS Therapy to aid in his patients’ experience of depression. Practicing in Laguna Hills since 1980, Dr. Rosenfeld and his colleagues display passion and dedication to Psychology in the care they deliver to patients. Their goal is to achieve the highest quality of life with the least risk. For more information, please visit , or call +1 (949)-837-7071 today.more »
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