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Wellness: Best businesses in Colorado Springs, CO

LightRx - Colorado Springs
7531 Academy Blvd N, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 355-8459

"The team at LightRX are amazing I really feel like I have known t"...

Luna Float Spa
202 E Cheyenne Mountain Blvd R, Ste R, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(719) 309-6776

"Such an amazing place and the owners are wonderful!"...

Manual Edge Physiotherapy
5265 Academy Blvd N #1500, Ste 1500, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 694-8342

"These guys can really help. They are gentle, caring therpists, wh"...

Apex Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
3910 S Carefree Cir f, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
(719) 635-3764

"There are two types of pain thresholds: perception threshold and "...

Wellness: Best businesses in Colorado Springs, CO

Joint Effort Physical Therapy
2835 Dublin Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 533-1318

"The staff at Joint Effort is very knowledgeable and friendly. My physical therapist listened to everything I told him regarding my symp"...

Peak Physical Therapy
1465 Kelly Johnson Blvd Suite 120, Suite 120, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 955-1070

"I love working here! Alex is an amazing physical therapist and I can tell he really cares about his patients. He takes the time to ensu"...

Joint Effort Rehab
202 E Cheyenne Mountain Blvd Suite N, Ste N, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(719) 527-9331

"Way ahead of my regular docs on analysis vs symptoms. Always compassionate in rehab and programs for recovery. HIGHLY recommend !!"...

Debbi's Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
5741 Constitution Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80915
(719) 444-0708

"She was so nice and easy to talk to as well. The prices for the products were really good and the smells were very relaxing"...

Mother To Mother Midwifery
7710 N. Union Blvd., #204 B, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 499-6231

"Carmen was so helpful with our sons birth! We talked, we laughed, we cried. She was exactly who we needed for our home birth. We had tw"...

East Winds Acupuncture
1422 N Hancock Ave # 5, Ste 5 s, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
(719) 520-5056

"Dr. Diana is an all around amazing doctor who truly cares about her patients and goes above and beyond in treating them. She helped man"...

MD Boutiques
8680 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 282-7782

"Dr. Marsala is wonderful! She is kind, compassionate, competent, professional, honest, and caring. Every visit to the spa is exciting a"...

Select Physical Therapy
1330 Quail Lake Loop Suite 100, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(719) 579-0230

"Physical Therapist, Kristen McGuire, is very experienced, interested and understands my handicap. She is sensitive to my pain level, se"...

Ascend Physical Therapy
4935 N 30th St suite 100, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80919
(719) 266-1710

"Excellent, knowledgeable staff! Thank you!"...

Skin Therapy By Alicia Aida LLC
6 Elm Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(719) 244-0804

"Alicia has been the best thing to happen to my skin. After moving to Colorado I started experiencing more breakouts than usual. Upon me"...

Select Physical Therapy
15 S Weber St Suite A, Suite A, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
(719) 630-7774

"I went to Select Physical Therapy at 15 South Weber Street. Allison Borton was my therapist. She has great energy and was extremely mot"...

Rona's Acupuncture Clinic
6665 Delmonico Dr, Ste E, Colorado Springs, CO 80919
(719) 528-6285

"Very caring she helped me one time with back pain 2 days later all gone amazing! Barley could get in and out of car."...

River Moss Reiki
1414 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 985-1556

"Valerie is amazing! She made me so comfortable and always takes the time to talk to me before each session, to check in and see what we"...

Weight Watchers
4294 North Academy Boulevard Ste 2, Ste 2, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(800) 651-6000

"I started this journey on February 1,2018 . I told my family that I was tired of life getting in my way and was going to join weight wa"...

Blue Columbine Birth
617 N 17th St Suite 200, Ste 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
(719) 310-9820

"Christie is just the best. I feel so supported and cared for even outside of my scheduled appointments she checks up on my well being a"...

Face 5 Acne Solutions
7710 North Union Boulevard, Suite 204A, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 337-5451

"I struggled with adult acne for years. It caused me to have lowered self-esteem. The dermatologist put me on acne medication and it beg"...

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates
602 Elkton Dr #201, Ste 201, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 559-0680

"Michah, Frankie and the staff at Orthopedic Rehab are wonderful! They are total professionals and will put you back together again afte"...

HOPE Physical Therapy and Wellness
5770 Flintridge Dr #101, suite 101, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 466-6800

"Staff and Chera were great! Amazing caring people and my arm is way better now! Thanks!!!"...

Pure Colonics
306 East Del Norte Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(858) 230-5973

"Ms.Trish is amazing, she is very sweet and knows how to make you feel comfortable. Also she gives you nutritional tips on staying healt"...

Daily Dietetics, LLC
6295 Lehman Dr, Ste 102, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(720) 515-2181

"Angela was an incredible resource to getting my life back on track with diet modification. She was so knowledgeable and explained nutri"...

Twin Tigers Acupuncture
5480 Tomah Dr, Ste 104, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 650-1421

"I was fighting Walking pneumonia, and taking my antibiotics, but did not want to take the steroids to diminish my lung inflammation. Je"...

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