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Centerpoint Ambulatory Surgery Center reviews | Hospitals at 19550 East 39th St S # 100 - Independence MO
Centerpoint Ambulatory Surgery Center
19550 East 39th St S # 100, #100, Independence, MO 64057
(816) 478-2600

"Everyone was so excellent and frendly.Quick check in. Got called back in 10 minutes. Hats off to the nurses and Dr.s. They went above a"...

Gerry Optical: Charles Jessup OD reviews | Optometrists at 4000 S Little Blue Pkwy - Independence MO
Gerry Optical: Charles Jessup OD
4000 S Little Blue Pkwy, Independence, MO 64057
(816) 795-7115


America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses reviews | Eyewear & Opticians at 13900 US-40 suite a - Independence MO
America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses
13900 US-40 suite a, STE A, Independence, MO 64055
(816) 478-0500

"We were here to have I exam done and we were still more than willing to do it even though it wasn't gonna go exactly as planned. I've b"...

Walgreens Pharmacy reviews | Healthcare at 17811 E US Hwy 24 - Independence MO
Walgreens Pharmacy
17811 E US Hwy 24, Independence, MO 64056
(816) 257-5202

"said our insurance wasnt good and that we had blue cross blue shield we never had them they suck!"...

American Medical Response reviews | Healthcare at 3121 S Dodgion Ave - Independence MO
American Medical Response
3121 S Dodgion Ave, Ste A, Independence, MO 64055
(913) 262-8999

"I was in a car accident and was hurt, needed to get treatment at the hospital. They were very kind and made me feel less stressed. I re"...

Costco Vision Center reviews | Healthcare at 19040 E Valley View Pkwy - Independence MO
Costco Vision Center
19040 E Valley View Pkwy, Independence, MO 64055
(816) 200-2001

"My husband was very dissatisfied with the inexperienced service, but too kind to complain. Would not recommend."...

Madison Avenue Psychological reviews | Psychologists at 12600 E US Hwy 40 - Independence MO
Madison Avenue Psychological
12600 E US Hwy 40, Independence, MO 64055
(816) 350-3333

"HORRIBLE service!! would never recommend Madison avenue or even worse specifically MARNI SHRUM to ANYONE!! EVER!! The way she handles h"...

University Health On the Go! reviews | Healthcare at 1525 East 23rd St S - Independence MO
University Health On the Go!
1525 East 23rd St S, Independence, MO 64055
(816) 404-9800

"My daughter and I have both been seen and treated here for a few things overtime. I’ve had nothing but good experiences when goin"...

Dr. John A. Francis, DO reviews | Doctors at 4731 Cochise Drive - Independence MO
Dr. John A. Francis, DO
4731 Cochise Drive, Independence, MO 64055
(816) 373-6433

"I have never waited so long to never see the doctor because I had to go get my son from the babysitter. I made an appointment and was o"...

Swope Health Independence reviews | Hospitals at 11320 E Truman Rd - Independence MO
Swope Health Independence
11320 E Truman Rd, Independence, MO 64050
(816) 627-2000

"I see Dr. Naiomi Jamal, at the Independence office. I REALLY like her!! I recommend her!!"...

Consultants in Gastroenterology, P.C. reviews | Gastroenterologist at 17501 US-40 #213a - Independence MO
Consultants in Gastroenterology, P.C.
17501 US-40 #213a, Ste 200, Independence, MO 64055
(816) 478-4887

"Just had a procedure here. I felt very comfortable, welcomed and relaxed. The staff was very nice and the doctor was very professional."...

Dr. Syed A. Jaffri, MD reviews | Healthcare at 17844 East 23rd St S - Independence MO
Dr. Syed A. Jaffri, MD
17844 East 23rd St S, Independence, MO 64057
(816) 254-3652

"Amzing docnAwesome"...

Hy-Vee Pharmacy reviews | Healthcare at 1525 East 23rd St S - Independence MO
Hy-Vee Pharmacy
1525 East 23rd St S, Independence, MO 64055
(816) 836-9918

"The middle aged white lady with short dirty blond hair is rude and rolled her eyes after I was letting her know the info I was given sh"...

Planned Parenthood reviews | Healthcare at 815 N Noland Rd - Independence MO
Planned Parenthood
815 N Noland Rd, Ste 6, Independence, MO 64050
(816) 252-3800

"Staff is wonderful- very informative and pleasant. I was able to get in and be seen with no problem. The nurse in the back with curly h"...

MinuteClinic reviews | Healthcare at 3825 S Noland Rd - Independence MO
3825 S Noland Rd, CVS Pharmacy, Independence, MO 64055
(816) 254-6002

"The nurse was amazing very caring and I felt she truely had our best interests in mind thank you for your help"...

Great Circle reviews | Healthcare at 18610 E 37th Terrace S - Independence MO
Great Circle
18610 E 37th Terrace S, Independence, MO 64057
(816) 922-9436

"The first encounter with this company was the end of March 2019. The representative/license worker of this organization was to arrive i"...

Dan L. Hancock, MD's reviews | Pain Management at 19550 East 39th Street South - Independence MO
Dan L. Hancock, MD's
19550 East 39th Street South, Independence, MO 64057
(816) 698-8900

"I am giving this doctor one star for rudeness and lack of consideration for his new patient, my 94-year-old mother. We previously obtai"...

MinuteClinic reviews | Healthcare at 17301 E US-24 - Independence MO
17301 E US-24, Independence, MO 64056
(816) 796-8769

"The only negative thing we experienced was the wait time. We signed up on the wait list, arrived early, and still had to wait almost 2 "...

The Endoscopy Center, Inc. reviews | Healthcare at 3800 S Whitney Ave Suite 100 - Independence MO
The Endoscopy Center, Inc.
3800 S Whitney Ave Suite 100, #200, Independence, MO 64055
(816) 478-4887

"The Doctors treat you like you’re Cattle and your value after the procedure is 15 minutes or less. I wouldn’t be surprised "...

Kent W. Minton reviews | Healthcare at 501 W Lexington Ave - Independence MO
Kent W. Minton
501 W Lexington Ave, Ste A, Independence, MO 64050
(816) 833-1800

"Their great people !"...

Fresenius Kidney Care Independence reviews | Healthcare at 1135 South Claremont Avenue - Independence MO
Fresenius Kidney Care Independence
1135 South Claremont Avenue, Independence, MO 64054
(800) 881-5101

"The employees are very rude, and don't care about the patients. My mom is a patient there, and she is treated like trash. I wish I coul"...

John Collins, MD reviews | Orthopedists at 19201 East Valley View Parkway - Independence MO
John Collins, MD
19201 East Valley View Parkway, Independence, MO 64055
(816) 317-5070

"I have nothing but praise for dr Collins. He replaced both of my wife’s knees and my hip. We are both mobile and active!!"...

Medical West Respiratory Central reviews | Home Medical Equipment Provider at 17501 E US Hwy 40 - Independence MO
Medical West Respiratory Central
17501 E US Hwy 40, Independence, MO 64055
(816) 994-3331

"They started off ok but then they stopped sending supplies. So I called and they said they'd send what I needed. Time went by and nothi"...

Dr. Peter T Phan, DO reviews | Emergency Medicine at 19600 East 39th St S - Independence MO
Dr. Peter T Phan, DO
19600 East 39th St S, Independence, MO 64057
(816) 698-7000

"I was in ER for seizures, his demeanor was so upsetting. He treated me and my family as though whatever I was having was not important "...

Dr. Amy L. Trout, MD reviews | Healthcare at 19550 East 39th St S # 300 - Independence MO
Dr. Amy L. Trout, MD
19550 East 39th St S # 300, #300, Independence, MO 64057
(816) 478-0220
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