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Carpet Cleaning
 90 Aberdeen Rd, York, PA 17406US

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(717) 751-2622

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19 reviews
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1on Facebook, Oct 08, 2017
Don't use this company unless you want to be fixing their work the right way for years to come. I've worked with many many contractors over the years remodeling my house and this company9;s work is laughable at best. Even when you show the owner the shotty work he doesn't seem to care or try to make it right. I repeat DO NOT USE. more »
5on Facebook, Feb 22, 2016
I've worked with this company for years and have found that they are a easy company to work with and care about getting the job done perfect for their customers. Once you worked with them you9;ll never loose their number. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 22, 2015
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5on Facebook, Jan 13, 2014
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5on Facebook, Jan 11, 2014
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4on Facebook, Jan 07, 2014
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3on Facebook, Jan 04, 2014
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5on Facebook, Dec 08, 2013
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5on Facebook, Oct 28, 2013
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5on Facebook, Sep 01, 2013
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5on Facebook, Jul 23, 2013
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5on Facebook, Jul 22, 2013
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5on Facebook, Feb 04, 2013
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5on Facebook, Jan 30, 2013
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4on Facebook, Dec 15, 2012
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on Citysearch, Jun 07, 2011
Kind and Professional – They have a great selection of products and come to your home to show you the samples. They were able to give me an accurate estimate for my flooring project. more »
5on YellowBot, May 19, 2011
They came to my home and helped me pick out the best fit materials for my flooring. Very helpful explaining the options to me so I could make the best choice for my home. Will use them
for all my flooring needs. more »
4on YellowBot, Aug 02, 2007
Rick was very professional and helpful. He showed us what the best carpet would be for the best price. His workers were also friendly and thorough. Our carpet looks wonderful. more »
5on YellowBot, Aug 02, 2007
I am not one who goes around recommending things to others,however I would invite anyone to view the flooring job done by Creative Carpets and Flooring. The fact that it looks great is only… Read Complete Rating I am not one who goes around recommending things to others,however I would invite anyone to view the flooring job done by Creative Carpets and Flooring. The fact that it looks great... more »
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90 Aberdeen Rd, York, PA 17406
Carpet Cleaning
Today 8:00 am - 8:00 pm


Our service's include: Restoration *Fire *Water *Mold Mitigation Remodeling *Kitchen *Bathroom *Basement *Custom Tile Showers Flooring * Hardwood *Tile *Carpet *Laminate *Vinyl *Refinishingmore »
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