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austin pulmonary consultants

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Physicians & Surgeons
 12201 Renfert Way Ste 260, Austin, TX 78758US

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5on Facebook, Feb 27, 2017
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on Citysearch, Jul 22, 2014
Dr. Harold Cain was awesome. I felt like I had gone back in time and was visiting with my Father-in-Law, Dr. Dor W. Brown from Fredericksburg. Texas. It just so happened that Dr. Brown and Dr. Cain did know each other and had consulted numerous times. Dr Cain spent a lot of time talking to me about all health issues I had in the past. He didn't hand me a form to fill out--he typed in information on his lap top as we visited.
I found him very knowledgeable about his field and persistent about figuring out how to help me. Thank you Dr. Cain!!!
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on Citysearch, Sep 23, 2011
Anderson-- WORST doc I've ever been to – The WORST pulmonologist I have EVER seen! I have cronic lung conditions and am very susceptable to lung infections. Upon my first visit to Austin Pulmo Consultants, North Office-- I was less than impressed. After a very rushed visit, Dr ANDERSON seemed arrogant and insensitive-- I have seen many doctors in my life and I have NEVER written a negative review-- until now. Dr Anderson ordered a few labs and prescribed medication for me that IS CONTRAINDICATED with breastfeeding-- after I specifically asked him about the safety of the Rx while breastfeeding. He never called me back to confirm, so I had to get my answers from the pharmacist and other doctors (pediatrician, etc). I don't know why I went back for my follow up visit, but I did... this time, after hearing my symptoms (SOB, terrible tasting sputum, high fever, chills, shakes) he only listened to my chest and heart-- didn't look in my nose, ears or throat-- and sent me off with "I'll give you Zitrhomax, but I don't think it will help you. You have a sinus infection." I told him about how often I get pneumonia and said "I'm not sure, but I think I could have pneumonia." Again, arrogant and rushed-- oh, and those lab results from my last visit... never discussed. He prescribed 2 meds for me, again, I asked if they were safe while breastfeeding-- assuredly, he said yes. When I got to the pharmacy, the pharmacist tells me that the cough supressant is CONTRAINDICATED while nursing. Frustrating. I called the nurse once I opened the Zithromax only to find it was written as a 1g POWDER, not a dose-pack, so I asked her if that was the formulation he meant to prescribe. She said yes and told me to take it all at once mixed with water and "by the way, he wants you to come back and get a chest XR the XR office closes at 4:30." By now, it was 3:45 and I could not make it back in time... So I took the powdered Zithromax that afternoon. The next day they called and said it was ok for me to go to the ARA clinic nearest where I live. So I did, 2 hours after their call. Big surprise: ARA hadn't received an order from them yet!!! UGH!! After a wait, they finally sent the order. Oh, guess what, I have PNEUMONIA now! So Dr ANDERSON calls in Levaquin. When I get to the pharmacy to pick up the Rx, they will not dispense it because of a drug-to-drug interaction with the Zithromax I drank yesterday. If he slightly suspected pneumonia, enough to order a CXR, why not prescribe a antibiotic that will clear the pneumonia from the start, in the off chance that it is pneumonia?? Some sinus infection...BONEHEAD. This doctor is miserable and needs to do a little reading-- perhaps attend a pharmacology session...not to mention, his bedside manner should incorporate a little "listening". In the meantime, I'll just sit here for 4 days until I can take another antibiotic with 103 fever and all the awful pneumonia symptoms. I am NEVER going back!!!!h more »
on Citysearch, Jan 17, 2011
Caring and Professional – I went to Dr. Cain after a life long (45 years) history of stuffy nose, and cough. To my surprise and somewhat disbelief he told me I had allergy induced asthma. After starting me on seasonal medications I can breath and for once in my life I am not debilitated by Cedar season. Dr. Cain is the most caring and amazing pulmonologist I know and his staff are professional and respectful of my condition and my time. I would send my children and my parents to Dr. Cain and feel completely comfortable that they were getting the best care in town. more »
on Citysearch, Jan 02, 2010
Saved my life – Dr. Gilbey saw me in the hoslpital for the sum of eight months. She worked to heal my different form of athsma and found a cure, sort of like Dr. House. I have every respect for her and am troubled by the bad reviews. I am alive because of her. I find the wait times short and the office staff very friendly and efficient. more »
on Citysearch, Jul 22, 2008
Very Unprofessional & Rude Office – Long Wait Times.. Staff very unprofessional & rude.. Do not return phone calls on important medical issues.. Gave out wrong address to a medical supply company and sent us to a place that does not even take our insurance but claimed they did. Arranged for unnecessarty tests & other fees. The whole office staff for Dr. Cain is very uncaring & something is not right with this medical office. I do not recomend them or this Group Austin Pulmonary Associates to anyone who is serious about thier health care and well being. This office needs to be investigated by the Texas Medical Board. more »
on Citysearch, Dec 15, 2006
No respect for patients – Located Austin, Texas - Dr Laura Gilbey
Austin ? Yellow Pages ? Pulmonary Specialists
Gilbey, Laura, K, MD - Cain & Gilbey
12201 Renfert Way Ste 260
Austin, TX 78758View Map
(512) - 977-0123
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12201 Renfert Way Ste 260, Austin, TX 78758
Physicians & Surgeons
Today 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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