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90 reviews
Food Stands
 3302 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202US

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90 reviews
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5on Facebook, Oct 01, 2016
I felt like I was eating the best meal ever at a friend's house. I could not believe the grilled octopus. Was absolutely delicious. Can't wait to go back when they reopen in May. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 01, 2016
Had a feast and it was excellent. Everything was delicious. Great atmosphere and even better food. The owner/ chef is amazing! more »
5on Trip Advisor, Sep 22, 2016
Chef Rachael Grossman prepares the best authentic Italian food in Portland! Artigiano's Italian Food Cart is a MUST when in Portland! I went twice during my trip, and was not disappointed at all. I chose to do the family style feast (for one) both times. I recommend that you let Chef Grossman design your feast. I don't have dietary restrictions or dislikes, so I got a little bit of everything (seafood, vegetables, pasta, etc.). Locally sourced seasonal ingredients really help to make this an experience, not just a meal. Outdoor seating along Division street helps to bring it all together into a fabulous evening of food and fun. more »
5on Facebook, Sep 19, 2016
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5on Facebook, Sep 15, 2016
Absolutely AMAZING! The food is authentic, packed with flavor and served in perfect portions. You can't miss this one-of-a-kind eateries while in Portland! Chef's choice is the only way to-a surprise at every course! more »
4on Trip Advisor, May 29, 2016
tl;dr- Proper Italian fare in a relaxed outdoor setting, well worth a visit.
Full review-
Finding proper Italian fare in the US used to be a very difficult prospect but no so in Portland.
Chef Rachael Grossman lives up to the reputation of a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and offers an authentic menu that clearly respects the traditions of Italian cooking. Handmade pasta, locally sourced ingredients, and a diverse and affordable selection of wines are just a few of the reasons to visit Artigiano.
While technically a food cart, which may cause some people outside of Portland to raise an eyebrow, locals know that some of the most amazing food in town comes through the windows of our mobile kitchens. Artigiano has ensconced itself firmly at the corner of SE Division and SE 33rd on Portland's east side complete with patio seating and table service. Our party of 18 humans and one supremely well-behaved canine was easily accommodated at tables set up at the curb-side bench. The lovely weather and cool temperatures made the evening absolutely perfect for outdoor dining.
We decided on the family style feast, a chef's choice menu with multiple courses of on and off menu antipasti, primi, and secondi. The stand-out dish for many of us was the sun-dried tomato ravioli. It was brilliant. The light, fresh homemade pasta was topped with shaved asiago and the sweetly acidic tomato filling was very flavourful, delightful, and is definitely something I will come back for.
The slow-roasted lamb was also at the top of our lists. Perfectly seasoned, tender, and amazingly juicy.
Chef Grossman clearly knows her craft but on the whole may of us felt the selections trended towards being "safe." Everything was quite good but I wanted many of the courses to be a bit "more"; a little more of the primary flavour here, a little more contrast and complexity there, or just more flavour period. I would say the only exception would be the asparagus lasagna where the amount of asparagus was somewhat overpowering to the rest of the dish.
Notwithstanding those small details, this was a lovely and very enjoyable dinner of well-crafted food and Artigiano clearly deserves the reputation it has earned over the last 6 seasons. You should absolutely put this on your summer dining to do list.
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4on Facebook, May 26, 2016
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5on Facebook, May 24, 2016
I haven't been to that place it self but she cooked for me and some friends and the way she cooked is amazing can't wait to go to Artigiano PDX in love with her personality more »
5on Facebook, May 17, 2016
Authentic, excellent food and authentic excellent people. more »
4on Facebook, Nov 08, 2015
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5on Facebook, Oct 13, 2015
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5on Facebook, Oct 07, 2015
Delicious food, a charming host, we felt well taken-care of! more »
5on Facebook, Sep 30, 2015
One of my fave spots in Portland. Stumbled upon it by chance. At first I was reluctant; being myself from Italy, I tend to steer away from Italian food as it is seldom authentic. The braised pork was to die for. This unpretentious place is filled with character and warm welcome by everyone who works there. Definitely a place not to miss between May and October when it is open for business! more »
5on Facebook, Sep 25, 2015
Best of show in Portland...Division Streets finest! more »
5on Facebook, Sep 13, 2015
Superb food, great wines, and wonderful people. What else do you need? more »
4on Trip Advisor, Jul 02, 2015
Great for late night dining and people watching right on SE Division. We tried a vegetarian pasta, and a zucchini salad. Both very good. We also enjoy outdoor seating where our dog can join us on a nice summer night! more »
5on Facebook, Jun 27, 2015
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5on Facebook, Apr 30, 2015
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5on Facebook, Apr 24, 2015
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5on Facebook, Feb 19, 2015
Somehow, I've done it. I have found the best food truck in Portland. You can all go home home now, but i recommend that instead you go an visit Artigiano. #maplesyrup? more »
5on Facebook, Nov 05, 2014
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5on Facebook, Aug 25, 2014
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5on Trip Advisor, Aug 02, 2014
Decided to try this for a more economical way to feed a hungry family quality, made from scratch Italian food all from a tiny food cart. Since there were 5 of us we could share and try several different things on the limited menu. The favorite by far were the gnocchi with fried pancetta, and crostini with crispy braised pork. Those were so good and disappeared quickly so we ended up getting 2 orders of each. 2 of us had the 3 course meal for 2. The appetizer of salami and pickled vegetables was good but what was even better was the home made spicy Primi-Fettuccini with sardines and olives. Such great texture on the pasta- thin but chewy. The sauce was very light but full of fish and spice flavors. The Secundi was a stuffed chicken roll with pan crusted barley and fennel. I had had some fantastic home made meals in Italy by a friend and this really transported me back there, including dining al fresco (on the little tables around the food truck) and sipping chianti. A great experience on a warm summer night! Plus ice cream just down the street at Salt and Straw was a bonus! more »
4on Facebook, Jul 04, 2014
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5on Facebook, Jun 27, 2014
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3302 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202
Food Stands
Today 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Handmade. Seasonal. Italian.
Established in 2010.
Artigiano is SE Portland's only sidewalk trattoria featuring handmade pasta made in a mobile kitchen. Chef Rachael shares her extensive knowledge of authentic Italian flavors.
Meet the Business Owner
Rachael G.
Business Owner
Chef Rachael Grossman is all about food. The two things she cares about most are cooking and eating. While living in Italy she came to find her passionate love for Italian food. From the olive oils of Casperia to the truffles of Piedmont, Italian food embodies the rustic simplicity that defines Rachael's cooking. "The best meals are always home cooked," says the chef, "Artigiano is essentially Italian home cooking featuring northwest ingredients."
The chef has been cooking since before she can remember. It was as a small child alongside her grandmother, a talented French chef, that she began to cook. Later on, Rachael's formal training was received at Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute. It was the similarities between Oregon and Italy that brought the chef to Portland. She says, "the availability of locally grown and sustainably raised ingredients, the great wine, the hazelnuts, the truffles; coming to Oregon was a calling." Prior to opening her sidewalk trattoria, she worked as a cate
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