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Shoal Creek Nursery

84 reviews
(Nurseries & Gardening)
 2710 Hancock Dr, Austin, TX 78731US

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(512) 458-5909

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5on Facebook, Aug 20, 2017
Got some great bargains at the 75% off sidewalk sale! more »
5on Google, Aug 18, 2017
Need help here? Ask for Don, the kindest and most knowledgeable person I have ever encountered at a garden center. There's not a whole lot that he doesn't know, but he is simultaneously ready to admit when the conversation/questions veer outside his realm of experience (a fabulous quality in a nursery employee). We visited Shoal Creek after inheriting a vegetable garden in the house we just moved into. I am new to Texas gardening and Don patiently and happily explained all I needed to know with regard to making the best of the second growing season this summer. The nursery itself is beautifully maintained and their plants, containers, and supplies are priced no more highly than one would expect from a private owned nursery. This will be our go-to neighbourhood place from now on. more »
5on Facebook, Aug 16, 2017
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5on Google, Jul 06, 2017
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3on Facebook, Jun 12, 2017
A little on the pricey side but thats Austin for you. more »
5on Google, Jun 01, 2017
Knowledgeable and friendly staff, very helpful. I love going here for my gardening needs! more »
2on Facebook, May 10, 2017
Not a comfortable place to be unless you look a certain way. I had employees with their eyes on me the entire time I was there. I don't steal. My mom's a police officer. I will never come back. I just wanted to gets some gloves and get pricing on some organic soil for my large front yard vegetable garden. more »
5on Facebook, May 04, 2017
Love this place! Top of the line planters, organic insecticides, found what I was looking for and the staff are really nice. more »
5on Google, Apr 09, 2017
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5on Google, Apr 09, 2017
Love the variety and staff, always spend too much money so don't frequent too much but love to peruse and find little unique plants. Everyone is always so helpful and great when it comes to what pesticides or fertilizers will work for any issue. Definitely recommend Shoal Creek Nursery and their amazing staff! more »
3on Google, Apr 09, 2017
Don't bother trying to call them on the phone. Rings and rings and either call gets disconnected, or someone answers "hello" and then hangs up immediately. Hours listed here differed from their website and I just wanted to call to find out the correct ones, and ended up spending ten minutes to find out. more »
5on Google, Mar 09, 2017
Great selection of native and adapted plants with friendly and knowledgeable staff. more »
5on Google, Jan 08, 2017
Went shopping for indoor plants and was impressed with the quality and variety. Nice pots to choose from as well. more »
5on Google, Dec 09, 2016
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5on Facebook, Oct 30, 2016
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on Foursquare, Sep 16, 2016
They have a lovely selection of plants and supplies here, and were always ready to help. more »
5on Facebook, Sep 12, 2016
Had a great experience. They met all of my slightly ridiculous questions professionally and with humor. This is the only place I will buy plants for my yard. Everything I have ever purchased here has done beautifully and is thriving. more »
5on Google, Sep 10, 2016
Wonderful "old school" Austin folks working here. They were very helpful to us in picking out plants for our home more »
1on Google, Sep 10, 2016
I've tried this place twice with rude service both times. As sad as it was to go to Home Depot instead of this local nursery a block from my place, the service was better and the prices were much better at the chain store. The plant selection was not better, of course, but it had what I needed. Maybe I just went on a bad day for the staff. more »
5on Google, Sep 10, 2016
Terrific and unique selection, quality and customer service. more »
4on Google, Jul 10, 2016
I am shocked that I have not yet reviewed this amazing place, seeing as how almost all my houseplants are from here and they are ALL THRIVING! Great service, from the cute dog that greets you at the door to all the people that work there...incredible selection of the most beautiful plants, planters and anything you may need to maintain them.I love this place.Sometimes I duck in there just to be surrounded by an indoor forest without even buying anything. more »
5on Google, May 31, 2016
One of the best nurseries in Austin. Friendly and knowledgeable staff with a huge variety. Great selection of containers as well. The succulent pup selection is hard to beat. more »
4on Facebook, May 26, 2016
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4on Facebook, May 21, 2016
Helpful, knowledgeable staff. Nice assortment of native plants, pots, & gardening accessories. more »
4on Facebook, May 16, 2016
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2710 Hancock Dr, Austin, TX 78731
Nurseries & Gardening


Organic gardening supplies. Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs, Trees,
and Composts.
Established in 2005.
It has been a independent nursery for 18 years at this location.
Meet the Business Owner
John S.
Business Owner
John has 30 years of experience in the nursery business. He also
owns a growing operation in Louisiana.
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