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Leak Hunters

26 reviews
 8379 W Midway Ave, Glendale, AZ 85305US

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(623) 980-2888

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5on Facebook, Jun 18, 2017
Amazing responsiveness and service. Major pool leak over Father's Day weekend. Alex was away but responded almost immediately to our Facebook message and was able to diagnose the problem over the phone to something we could fix ourselves (and talked us through the fix). Will be calling him for all future issues. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 14, 2016
Alex does a great job, does a ton of charity work for people need and never asks for anything in return. Class act guy! more »
5on Facebook, Dec 14, 2016
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5on Facebook, Jun 27, 2016
Very reliable, prompt, professional and efficient! Price was right as well! Very trustworthy company. Will be using them again when needed! more »
5on Facebook, Mar 08, 2016
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5on Merchant Circle, Dec 15, 2015
Always on time, leak detection is accurate. repairs are clean and quick. more »
5on Facebook, Nov 24, 2015
Your plumbing's best friend, with prompt, accurate repairs on first visit. Reasonable rates and VERY honest!
Do yourself a favor and hire Alex for all your plumbing needs
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5on Facebook, Nov 23, 2015
He was prompt, very courteous, very knowledgeable and the price was reasonable. Will definitely use his services again! more »
5on Facebook, Sep 09, 2015
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5on Facebook, Aug 03, 2015
Friendly and personable guy who will take great care of you! more »
5on Facebook, Jul 28, 2015
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5on Facebook, Jul 12, 2015
It's about time this guy goes into business for himself!...nothing but QUALITY service! Highly recommend Leak Hunters for anyone looking to solve their plumbing problems!!! more »
5on Facebook, Jul 10, 2015
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8379 W Midway Ave, Glendale, AZ 85305
Today 6:00 am - 6:00 pm


When you call Leak Hunters you will deal with the same person from your very first phone call, all the way to the leak detection or repairs. Most homeowners aren't aware they have a leak until its too late and the damage has been done. Early symptoms of leaks include warm or hot spots on floors or tile, sounds in walls or near sinks/water fixtures, high water, gas or electric bills. Symptoms for pool leaks include water level is consistently low, chemicals levels are not stable, pump isn't priming or working. I specialize in hard to find leaks. Leaks are detected on homes, irrigation, pools, spas, and fountains. I can pinpoint leaks underground or under slabs. All leaks are detected using electronic leak detection. All leak detection methods are non-invasive. I don't have to break it to find it. I also repair all leaks in homes or in pools or spas. I provide plumbing service as well. I install faucets, sinks, toilets, water heaters, and water lines. Don't wait for water to damage your home or pool. Leaks only get bigger, washing away supporting soil under your home or pool. If buying your home was the best investment you've made, investing in leak detection would come in second place. History; Established in 2015, I started this business to offer direct and honest service. I was tired of half truths and sub-par workmanship I've seen with other businesses. I am and always will be a local company. My only mission is to offer the best service possible. I may be a new company but I have been offering this same service for close to a decade for homeowners and businesses all over the valleymore »

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26 reviews
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