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 6216 S Sandhill Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120US

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2on Google, Nov 22, 2017
First off, the Muse works, when it's working.
When purchasing I was told I could only purchase if I bought the "package" they were offering including blower, cooler, etc.
. I could have bought the "extras" far cheaper elsewhere. Before agreeing to purchase I asked (more than once) if the machine was ready to ship. I was told it was ready and it would be shipped within one week of order. LIE: I did not get my Muse until almost 4 months later.
It arrived with broken touchscreen and had to immediately be sent back. Plus.. they did pay for shipping... of course they should have, right. Another two weeks to receive the replacement.... so close to 5 months from order to first use.
Since then, software updates pushed without warning from FSL have bricked my machine twice. Recently, I had a "bitlocker" error... bricked again. I had to remove and return the "board stack", the guts, of the machine.
Warranty. Very, very short for such a pricey product. I sell digital organs and our warranty is 10-years on parts and 5-years on service! FSL could do better is the product is as high quality as they claim.
I was told by support that this would be a quick repair with a 3 to 5 day turn around.... promises.... It has now been 4 WEEKS WITHOUT A WORKING MACHINE, and all I have is promises from support, tech support, and sales departments. By any standards that is just unacceptable.
Customer service since purchase has been all over the board, but with only a few exceptions it is dismal, with many promises made, majority of emails or phone calls returned. No transparency and a constant feeling that I've been hoodwinked. Seems that if you aren't the squeaky wheel with support, they will complete forget about you. I've had two service tickets closed without any response to them.
Bottom line.
Some people have had better luck than my experience. Many people have had as bad or worse experience than mine.
Before you buy, how lucky are you?
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1on Google, Nov 22, 2017
As you can see I gave Full Spectrum Laser oe star. That is because it is the lowest I can give here. FSL is the worst company I have even had the displeasure of dealing with. In late January of 2017 I ordered the Muse Hobby Laser. It arrived in early March and did not work right from the start. In short RetinaEngrav2 is not ready to be released. It is full of programming bugs * File loads often freeze up and must be aborted. * The camera system takes 9 pictures and stitches them together to allow you to position engraving materials accurately. In reality the camera stitching is bad and engraving does not happen where it show that it will occur. * FSL advertises that the muse works with Corel Draws files. Bbut they don't tell you that you must convert them to .PDF files to load them * FSL advertised a material Database back when I ordered my Muse. It was not on the Muse and has since been removed from all their ads. * My Muse Bluescreened the second day I had it. * The second muse was as bad as the first. It froze up more and more often while displaying error messages. * It would freeze up before the engraving started. When i emailed FSL to get return labels they stopped communicating with me. * days of calls and messages every day got me someone that said they would not pay return shipping and would charge a re-stocking fee. They don;t care that they are charging me for a non complete machine. I lost $521.73 ($271.73 return shipping and $250.00 re-stocking fees) Those that are getting new Muse engravers now 11/20/17 are still getting machines that often bluescreen and must be returned. Full Spectrum Laser is a company to avoid. NOTE: the review by Nick Barr is Bogus. He is Marketing Director for Full Spectrum Laser. more »
4on Google, Nov 06, 2017
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1on BirdEye, Nov 01, 2017
Terrible customer service. I've been working with them for over a month to try to get our machine running after it crashed due to running a software update. Customer service response is the worst I have ever encountered. I have an email trail to prove my case. After waiting two weeks for a fix that was promised in 2-5 days, I finally received the board. Now am left without instruction on how to reinstall the components that were removed. I was promised support and have received nothing, not even a photo to help guide me through the process. I am completely frustrated. more »
1on Google, Oct 06, 2017
Customer support is the worst. There is no access to past support tickets, previous orders, or registration information for the machines via your online account. Replies via e-mail and phone calls take a very long time. When completing any purchase, you have to send them your conformation e-mail before they process your order! Our laser worked fine for less than a year. When it went out, we began the repair process, under "warranty". We ordered a new power supply, per their tech support. The first replacement power supply that was sent to us was bad. We didn't know this until after we proceeded to replace the laser tube and RMA the main board (which was recommend after the replacement power supply didn't fix our issue). Finally, after a second replacement power supply was sent, our machine was up and running again... almost. Now we are dealing with quality issues. Calibrations and alignments have been performed multiple times. Per their tech support, the nylon wheels on our laser are worn out and need to be replaced. Oh, and shipping costs (under warranty) are the responsibility of the customer, unless you call, demand a manager, and rage at them. Cross shipping is not approved for items under warranty. At best, they will ship your new parts to you once you have sent them tracking information and proof that the carrier has the package for the parts you are returning under warranty. It has been over three months since our laser worked perfectly. We are still waiting on those replacement nylon wheels. That order was submitted almost a month ago. DO NOT BUY FROM F.S.L. unless you are okay with this type of service once your machine inevitably breaks. more »
1on Google, Sep 06, 2017
Laser not working properly. Tech support said it was an easy fix. Essentially strung us along past the return date, and now wont fix it. more »
5on Google, Aug 07, 2017
My Pro Series laser has run very well. I have had it for 3+ years. I have called tech support 2 times. Quick response. I haven't called them in a few years so I'm not sure if something has changed. I like my laser and this company. Their pricing is great. They import a Chinese laser and support it out of Nevada with their own in house software, from what I gather. When I bought I asked them to calibrate it to within an inch of its life before shipping. They did. I've had several horrible experiences with cnc related equipment. FSL has worked very well. Test their customer service before you buy with a random call? more »
5on Google, Aug 07, 2017
I can only think the negative reviews of Full Spectrum Laser here are competitors trying to take a chunk of their business; I've owned a FSL 5th Gen Hobby for nearly 3 years and the unit has been great, even after a ton of use. In terms of support, the guys at FSL have always been available and given good advice on how to align, calibrate, fix issues or educate. I think people forget that these are highly complex, fragile (think glass tubes, electronics, mechanical parts and high voltages in one package) machines that require technical expertise. And guess what? if you buy a chinese unit (for a small saving) your support is ZERO. Something breaks or is wrong? You better speak Mandarin and be ready for a multi week ordeal trying to get a replacement. Just go on to reddit or the K40 forums to see just how many problems there are - it's why i side stepped all that hassle, paid a bit more and actually have a workhorse of a laser that has paid for itself many times over now, with relatively little downtime. more »
1on Google, Jul 07, 2017
Dont buy here you'll regret it! Horrible customer service! Product from china so obviously its doesnt work well they just triple the cost compared directly from china. more »
1on Google, Jul 07, 2017
Horable customer service from any department but sales. 12mill company and you can't get response from their support team in a timely manner let alone talk to anyone on the phone. more »
2on Google, Jun 07, 2017
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1on Google, May 07, 2017
Really poor quality, always breaking and very very expensive to fix more »
4on Google, May 07, 2017
I have had a full spectrum machine for over a year now and the only thing that was bad was the water pump which was an easy replace if not an upgrade. the engraver works as advertised and the software is easy to use and has all the options I would be looking for. The rotary attachment I bought extra was well made but I could have made it cheaper. more »
4on Google, Apr 07, 2017
We've been using a Hobby 20x12 5th gen laser at our school for about a year and have been very happy with it. We decided to order the new Muse as soon as it was announced. I worked with Tyler in sales, and he made it easy to arrange our order, personally working with FSL's accounting and our school business office. He was also available in the couple of months while we waited for release to check-in and ask about progress.
The cutter arrived recently and we found that it had been severely damaged in shipping. I immediately contacted the company, working both with Donald in tech support and Tyler in sales. Both were ready and eager to handle the return and replacement, and I was very happy with their quick responsiveness. I'll hold off on the full 5 star review until I get a chance to get the replacement, set it up, and test it, but I've been satisfied with their response despite the unfortunate circumstances. They're working hard to fix a situation that wasn't in their control, I believe.
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5on Google, Apr 07, 2017
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1on Google, Apr 07, 2017
A better approach would be ordering your laser cutter from china directly than going through this terrible company. Chinese made flimsy products being sold at american made price. more »
5on Google, Apr 07, 2017
Recently purchased our first laser from Tyler Golightly at Full Spectrum Laser and it was a great experience. He was quick to return all my emails and answer my questions every time. The laser has been great and within an hour of arrival was up and going. We will definitely be looking to FSL and Tyler for our future laser expansions. more »
5on Google, Apr 07, 2017
The sales team was great. Tyler Golightly answered all my questions about the various machines I was looking at and helped guide me to the one that fit my needs. I haven't made any cuts yet but I'm looking forward to using the Hobby Laser 5s. more »
1on Google, Mar 07, 2017
Everything was terrible aside from the first person I talked to told me I should not buy the laser. Blown away I purchased with the recommended accessories to find out they were not part of the 30 day return policy. Why recommend them in the first place? Also the blower "squealed" with issues when I received it. Also spent 20 minutes in showroom with employees passing by with no one asking if I needed help. When I walked into the production area to find help the supervisor seemed pissed of why I was returning it and told me the person on my email would have to deal with the issue. Once someone finally helped me I was told no was one available to provide a drop-off receipt of and it would take 30+ days to get money back. Not acceptable then he found someone (owner?) to get me a receipt. On the machine, the power was not consistent and faded as I engraved. Very, very, very bad product and service all around. On a final note when I looked for directions on Google noticed all ratings were 1 out of 5. I still expect someone to return the $70 restocking fee I was charged for the accessories. more »
1on Google, Mar 07, 2017
(ZERO STARS) WORST COMPANY EVER.... Please do your research first and don't buy from them. I blame myself for the headaches I have experience because I didn't do my due diligence. The lasers are just cheap crap bought from China and put together in Las Vegas (while they are drunk). Everything is way overpriced. I spent $20,000 on a FS laser machine 3 years ago and have had to replace every part twice over. I now see I can buy the same exact machine online from China for less than $5,000. Customer service is a joke, although responsive.
I don't think they have actual engineers that work there... The fume extractor they supplied for an additional couple thousand dollars was meant for a small 12" by 24" hobby laser. They supplied it for my 36" by 48" 150 watt laser... Total garbage, smoke everywhere at full power. Threw it out after a month and bought a real one. Same issue with the water Chiller. The one they sold me is sized for a 100 Watt laser. Same company makes one for a 150 Watt laser... Thanks to this, the laser tubes haven't been getting properly cooled so their lifespans have been reduced. I have gone through 1 per year with a light work load... Replacements on FS Laser: $6,000! Online including shipping from China of the exact same thing: $1,300.
Total scam of a company. DO NOT EVER BUY THIS CRAP! You can buy the same stuff for 25% of the cost. Still the same crap, but at that cheap of a price it is expected. Use Alibaba to buy spare parts to nurse your Full Spectrum "Loser" along; never buy from their site. Check out Universal Laser Systems if you want a real American Made Laser system.
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1on Google, Feb 05, 2017
Bought the hobby laser 4 years ago, machine has been very unreliable, 3rd power source with even extremely light use. more »
1on Google, Feb 05, 2017
Awful. Absolutely the shadiest company I've ever dealt with. Half of the products they advertise on their website don't even exist. The ones that do can be purchased for a tiny fraction of the price just by searching for them on Google. $150.00 for a cheap Chinese air compressor I found online for $4.95. Couple that with the fact that they push for payment by wire transfer and you can understand why I would strongly caution everyone to stay away. I have no idea where they're finding people gullible enough to buy from them. more »
1on Google, Dec 06, 2016
I purchased the rotary attachment for my full spectrum Laser. When I received it and attached it to my laser it wadsnt working. I called support dept was told they sent me out wrong wiring harness they sent me another still didn't work. I called to ask about refunding it. Was told to put a claim # they gave me on pkg . I did misled it back and they aren't refunding me all my money. They said there is a 20% restocking fee. I spoke with manager and wouldn't make an exception. I basically had to pay shipping and a restocking fee for something they sent me that was Defective. Wouldn't recommend doing business with this conpany more »
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6216 S Sandhill Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120
Business Service


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