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Freshen Up, Inc.

4 reviews
Carpet & Rug Cleaners
 2100 Aluminum Ave, Ste 107, Hampton, VA 23661US

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(757) 499-7100

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4 reviews
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1on Yellow Pages, Oct 06, 2017
If I could give them 0 STARS, I absolutely would. I am not sure if this company was taken over by someone else recently or they are getting so much business that they have forgotten what customer service is suppose is but one thing is for sure, I WILL NEVER HIRE THEM AGAIN FOR CARPET CLEANING! I scheduled an appointment last week for someone to clean my carpet this week on October 4th from 8-11 am. By 11:15 no-one had arrived so I called the company spoke with an individual named Shelly and she stated I was for sure on the list and she would find out what happened. Forty-Five minutes passed no technician, no return call. So, I called back, and Shelly states "Oh yea Travis said he was on his way, he is on Battlefield he said he tried to call and text you." I informed her that no-one called nor text me and I needed to know what time "Travis" would be coming because I had to things that I needed to do. She said she would find out. Another 30 minutes passed no return call, no technician. I called Freshen-Up's business number back no-one picked up, I left a message, no one ever called back or attempted to apologize for this huge inconvenience. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND I WILL BE SURE TO LET EVERYONE IN MY COMMUNITY KNOW NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU LIKE TO WASTE YOUR TIME AND LOVE POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. more »
1on YellowBot, Jul 25, 2016
Terrible customer service. Cancelled an appointment less than 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled time.
Absolutely terrible customer service. Freshen Up cancelled an appointment without any more n
otice than calling less then 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled appointment time and saying they could not perform the scheduled work because they were missing their equipment.I had scheduled an appointment on Tuesday July 5th for a full apartment (3+ rooms) carpet cleaning to be done on Friday July 8th. At the time of scheduling I had informed Freshen Up that we were moving out on the 9th and therefore the carpets needed to be cleaned on the 8th as the movers were scheduled for the 7th. After talking to a female employee about scheduling and what need to be done I was told everything was good to go and Freshen Up would give me a courtesy phone call about 30 minutes before arriving on Friday. Everything appeared to be on schedule, as much as I could know, going into Friday morning. The entire apartment had been thoroughly cleaned out, all furniture removed, in expectation of Freshen Up's arrival. As the time ticked closer to the schedule appointment time I waited patiently for Freshen Up's call to tell me they were on the way. With a little less then 30 minutes to go before the appointment time my phone rang. Expecting this to be the "we're on the way" from Freshen Up I quickly answered. Unfortunately, those were not the words that were spoken, instead a driver for Freshen Up informed me that he had not been able to get the equipment needed for the carpet cleaning, supposedly somebody else had kept the equipment longer than expected, and therefore they would be unable to keep the appointment. My favorite bit from his apology for the inconvenience was when he said "Please don't blame me. I'm just the messenger. Please contact the office to find out what can be done." After this call, being completely blind sided by this last minute cancellation and knowing that I had to get the carpet cleaned that day, I frantically called Freshen Up to find out what was going on. When I got through to Freshen Up I informed the employee of what was going on and she apologized and said she would get right on it and call me right back after finding out what had happened. After 20 minutes of waiting by the phone, I still had not received a call back I called Freshen Up again. This time I got another employee at which I repeated my situation and was agin told I would receive a call within minutes. 30 minutes later no call back. At this time, being in complete desperation mode I started calling every other local carpet cleaner I could locate and finally after almost an hour of being told "no availability" and "too short of notice" I finally was able to schedule with Stanley Steamer who though cost more than twice as much as Freshen Up's quoted price did actually show up, on time I will also add, and do the work. To conclude, Freshen Up seemed like a great deal with the price I was quoted but in the end it was all for nothing as they did not even have the decency to call me back after cancelling on me at the last minute. Very disappointed with Freshen Up to say the least. more »
1on Yellow Pages, Jul 25, 2016
Absolutely terrible customer service. Freshen Up cancelled an appointment without any more notice than calling less then 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled appointment time and saying they could not perform the scheduled work because they were missing their equipment. Even after making multiple phone calls to Freshen Up and speaking with two different employees I never received a phone call explaining what had happened let alone apologizing
for the mishap.
more »
5on YellowBot, Oct 08, 2013
Fantastic job
The service and the Tech (James) were GREAT! My couch came out fantastic ...I am VERY happy with the service from FRESHEN UP and the price was much lower than anyone else. I have u
sed other companies in the past but never again..... more »
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2100 Aluminum Ave, Ste 107, Hampton, VA 23661
Carpet & Rug Cleaners
Today 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Freshen Up is located at 2100 Aluminum Ave, Hampton, VA. This business specializes in Carpet Cleaning and Fire & Water Damage.more »
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