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animal clinic of pinckney

crooked creek kennel

12 reviews
Pet Services
 6500 Bentley Lake Rd, Pinckney, MI 48169US

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(734) 878-7387

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12 reviews
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5on Yellow Pages, Apr 13, 2017
Owners comment to Ronald: This man's review has nothing to do with anything, other than the fact that he tried to extort money from me. In 14 years of running the kennel this is the first real incident like this. The man was in the hospital all right, but it wasn't for surgery. After waving a $640 fee, because I had already ascertained that this man could not/would not pay I was just happy to see him out the door. His dog was fine I was smart enough to take a screenshot/photo of his license which he agreed to show me no doubt because he was trying to be as agreeable as possible knowing he was getting out the door without paying. Told me he would be back once each week to make payments on the dog. I knew it was a lie and I didn't care. Then he called me to tell me he was absolutely not paying anything because his dog smelled and looked emaciated. I already knew he would not pay. His accusations about the dog were untrue. At that point he hung up on me Then calls me back three days later and tells me he's going to sue me that his fiancé is an attorney and he's going to put trash reviews online. Meanwhile, having his photo of his license, I looked him up online. Rap sheet. Not a good one. MDOC. At that point, I went to the police. If he bothers me anymore there will be legal action and it would be pretty. Just makes me teally appreciate my wonderful, repeat, loyal clients and their pooches!. As an addendum, let me say that people in the country know how to protect themselves, if you get my drift. more »
1on Yellow Pages, Apr 12, 2017
After 3 weeks in the hospital, i picked up an emaciated, foul smelling dog. I could not believe his weight loss! And he smelled horrible. When asked about this over the phone later, i was hung up on. AVOID THIS WOMAN AND THIS KENNEL! more »
5on Facebook, Jul 13, 2016
Great accommodations with a pet loving proprietor for your furry family member. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 19, 2014
Awesome getaway! more »
5on Facebook, Jul 08, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, Jul 07, 2014
more »
5on Merchant Circle, Dec 30, 2012
Hey Tammi, Thanks for the review. Now my turn. Let's see, what shall I address first. Yes, I know you wrote this review. Who else could it be. I don't get too many clients such as yourself. We have scores of pleased owners who have used our kennel since it opened over 8 years ago. There are a few people who I am happy to not have back and you are one of them. Remember the first time you boarded your dog and called and wanted me to wait on the porch with him so you could fly in and grab him so you could make an important conference call at home, which I had no problem doing. At that time you became confrontational over my modest $18 a day fee, but as you were standing in the pouring rain debating it with me, you decided to leave. as far as the barking in the kennel, I had explained to you the fact that if the kennel is full I wear ear protectors during the short time of a drop off or pick-up, as:1. I am in there everyday and it is only smart to protect my hearing and2. They ONLY BARK during a drop off or pick up,as they get excited when someone comes in, in the same fashion as when someone comes to your door, rings your doorbell or knocks, and your dog barks. Right? Otherwise, it is very quiet in the kennel. I challenge anyone to come and test that out. So, back to the second time you dropped off. Again, asking about the barking and I, again, explained it to you.(Meanwhile you were hollering at your kids, so maybe didn't hear me#. If you thought you had arranged pick up, you probably chose to ignore the fact that we close on Saturdays at 12. #Maybe the fact that you kept hollering at your kids drew your attention away from what I tell everyone, that we close Saturdays at 12. As far as trying to reach us the next day (Sunday#, no we do not return calls, unless it is an emergency #which I accommodate) until close to our drop-off, pick-up times of 5 to 7 on Sunday. I could have returned your call earlier, but it was clear to me you were not someone I wantted to go out of my way to accommodate. When I did take your call around 4, you again became confrontational about my $18 fee, so at that point I was in no way anxious to facilitate your pick-up. There aren't many clients over the years who I wish to not have return, but you are definiately one of them. You can grace some other facility with your presence.PS: Even if the dogs had been quiet as mice, I think I would have still worn ear protectors to block out the sound of you screeching at your kids! more »
1on Merchant Circle, Sep 08, 2012
Terrible experience!! Drop off was traumatic bc the dogs were barking so loudly. The workers wear hearing protection. Pick up was a nightmare bc we arranged a time to pick up only to find that no one was even there! So we had to come back the next day at THEIR convenience. We wanted to pick up ASAP the next day but no one would return our calls until late in the afternoon to say that we can come at 5pm. Then we get a call later to say no one would be there until after 7pm! Ridiculous! What a joke! Will never use them again. more »
5on YellowBot, Jan 11, 2010
Found them on and they have a kennel and farm with horse & pony rides & petting farm. Great. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Sep 13, 2009
I was a camper for 7 or 8 years and this year I will be a counselor. It is such a great camp for boys and girls. Every camper learns to walk and trot while the more experienced rider learns to canter. Every hobunnyrse is smart and well aware of its surroundings. You learn to take care of a horse by grooming it and giving it treats and tacking and untacking. Every camper learns to ride on a western saddle. Besides riding you get to interact with other animals like goats, llamas ,chickens, deer, kittens, bunnies, dogs and cats. You also do very fun crafts. I loved this camp and im going toenjoy being a counselor im sure your kids will love this camp too! more »
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6500 Bentley Lake Rd, Pinckney, MI 48169
Pet Services


Veterinary Recommended, Newer Facility-Large Runs, Heated & Air Conditioned, Fully Licensed Kennel, Dog & Cat Boardingmore »
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