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Climatize Heating & Cooling

32 reviews
Home & Garden
 475 River Rd, Kingston, TN 37763US

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on Foursquare, Jun 02, 2016
Air Duct Cleaning more »
5on Kudzu, Feb 26, 2015
Had great service with this company! The technician was very informative and I have not had any problems. more »
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475 River Rd, Kingston, TN 37763
Home & Garden
Today 8:00 am - 7:00 pm


Affordable Trusted Fast
Climatize Heating & Cooling LLC,
We offer 24-hour emergency service, with no overtime charges for Residential & Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning, as well as Gas Fireplace repair, RV & Boat HVAC repair or Replacement
Climatize Heating & Cooling is a locally owned and operated business, serving you with integrity and offering affordable, trusted, fast 24/7 service and next day installs. Our certified HVAC technicians are prepared to meet all of your heating and cooling needs, with a combination of technical certifications/degrees & years of hands on experience and up to date training with innovative and energy efficient equipment. Our professional Technicians arrive promptly, uniformed and with fully stocked badged Climatize Vehicles. While we are there, you can request your technician to check over any other concerns you may have with your Heating & Cooling system, indoor air quality, humidity issues or fireplace.
We take considerable interest in making certain that your HVAC System is not harmful to your health or your wallet. In this day and age, it is important that your system is installed properly and is as energy efficient as possible. Our well-trained staff aim to provide the professional service, unmatched honesty and integrity you expect from your service provider. If replacement is requested, our Master Technicians will design your system around a specific need and budget. We make sure the equipment is sized properly for peak efficiency. Climatize stays on the cutting edge of technology in making any new and improved products and services available to our valued customers as well as offering creative financing options.
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