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clean conscience

42 reviews
(House Cleaning)
 4715 Broadway c, Ste C - 6, Boulder, CO 80304US

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(303) 495-2444

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1on Google, Jan 17, 2018
Incredibly poor cleaning service. more »
1on Facebook, Jan 16, 2018
Incredibly poor cleaning service. Doesn't actually complete everything they commit to doing in their quote. Gives lame excuses for not moving small (less than 5 lbs) items to vacuum or clean underneath them. Still tons of cat hair on all my carpets after they supposedly vacuumed the whole house. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 21, 2017
Fantastic eco-conscious cleaning company with the tools to clean your both your home and office. Clean Conscious also does move-out cleans - a bonus when making a big transition that will bring ease to your mind and your moving schedule.
A wonderful company with a big heart!
more »
1on Google, Oct 18, 2017
Oh these guys are really something "special", and not in a good way. We contracted them beginning September 2016 and were with them them until October 2017, over a year, so I think we have a pretty good idea what these guys are about. At the beginning, the owner came out and sized our location, and took notes of everything we wanted to have done (23 item categories total). We agreed to monthly service and to a regular rate. Upon their very first visit they left stains in every toilet, all of the bathroom tile floors were missed entirely, master bathtub was left dirty, they mopped against wood grain in kitchen leaving streaks everywhere, none of the floorboards were done on an entire level, and none of the blinds were done either. I reported these things to them promptly and they promised to update our homes notes on file, have us reassigned to a new team, and to improve next time. Stellar first impression.
The new team they sent us was actually really good and we stayed with them for seven months, until April 2017, when apparently they were "let-go" unexpectedly. We skipped May service due to personal issues and resumed services for June 2017. The June team completed most of the 23 items without issue, but did miss every single hard floor and rug in the entire house. I don't know how. I reported the flooring miss to the manager and they sent a team out to remedy it the next day. In July another new team returned and this is when I started to notice their declining service overall. They missed all cabinets, inside the microwave, many blinds, the fridge, ceiling fans, baseboards and several other items that should have been included with our 23-item contract. Because the team was brand new to our home, I decided not to immediately report their fails, in hopes that things would iron out over time and they would get better over the next several months. I made no complaint these months but decided to just start watching them closer. They never actually improved to deliver all 23 items in August, nor September either. And then I ended up having to report them for the October 2017 clean because the count missed was 11 out of 23 items, which is almost half of the contracted items. If you miss 11 of my 23 items, what am I even paying you for?
When I reported the 11 items missed to the office manager, Jessica, she acted liked she didn't believe me and asked to come out to the property to look. Are photographs not good enough? I don't understand what she could learn or train her team on from viewing items that were not actually cleaned. Seemed pretty strange to me. She told me all about how that was their "best team", to which I asked, "If that was your best team, why didn't they do all 23 items on our contract?". She got pretty annoyed after that and a short while later they said they were canceling all of our future services. Apparently they didn't like being advised that their "best crew" isn't completing the contracted items or me asking all common-sense wise about why they need to come out to the property to see items that were not actually done.
A short time after they advised me they would no longer service us, the owner (Greg) emailed to basically just remind me of how many former-cleaning companies we had told him we had been through before them. Yes you got that right, instead of him taking accountability and apologizing for their garbage response and their lack of promised services, he tried to pony that blame right off onto his customer. Keep it classy, Clean Conscience. Keep it classy. So lets keep this short-ish and sweet and I will just post our real photos of their actual work. You can decide for yourself if you want to give them your business based on the evidence provided.
Side note: The product they use for toilets doesn't actually work, it doesn't cut the mildew or bacteria so streaks and foul smell returns within a few days. Additionally, the product they use on hardwood flooring leaves the floors excessively cloudy and streaky.
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3on Google, Sep 17, 2017
I had CCB clean my one bed and one bath apartment for about one month. The first visit was excellent, and if they had kept up like this I would be giving them a FIVE STAR rating. Unfortunately, the next two times the cleaners (which were completely different people both times) were not very good. Basically it felt like the service they were providing was hit or miss, and for about $90 a visit that was too expensive for me. more »
5on Google, Sep 17, 2017
Great experience. The cleaning was thorough and communication was outstanding. I received my confirmation email before my appointment and a follow up email after the cleaning. I felt that they were committed to the the job and making sure I was happy. Highly recommend! more »
5on Facebook, Apr 14, 2017
Terry and Suzanne are awesome! They always do such a fantastic job. Thank you!! more »
5on Google, Jan 17, 2017
The cleaning team for Conscious Cleaning literally left my house maybe an hour ago. I am 25 and have never hired a cleaning service before Bc I've always trusted my self and my cleaning abilities well enough up until this point. We moved into our apartment about 5 wks ago and still have not been able to unpack our kitchen Bc we had a bug problem from a past tenant that wasn't completely taken care of by the property management company (PointWest Properties, don't do business with them !) so I didn't feel quite comfortable unpacking our kitchen until the problem was taken care of. Now that it has been about a full week since we have seen any bugs, I summoned their company for my cleaning needs so I could literally have a good conscious about unpacking my kitchen. I left them really detailed notes as to what I needed done in there, majority of the time spent was mainly for the kitchen Bc I jus needed peace of mind that the kitchen was fully clean from this horrible experience. I just got home and I have never felt more relieved in the weeks we have been living here. This company is definitely the way to go if you want top quality cleaning service. They were unbelievably attentive to my needs and didn't think I was some nut-job for certain requests. more »
5on Google, Jan 17, 2017
We have been using Clean Conscience for a year now and have been very pleased with their cleaning services. Kristin, the general manager is very friendly and responsive when I need to change dates, request additional services, etc. The team who cleans our home is very nice and really pay attention to detail. And if you need extra attention to an area, they really do an excellent job. We recommend Clean Conscience! more »
5on Google, Jan 17, 2017
The Clean Conscience team does a wonderful job. They are easy to work with and are consistently checking to see if their work meets our standards. The office manager is particularly communicative when it comes to making changes or adjustments with our cleaning schedule. The technicians are easy to get along with, they make great suggestions and are trustworthy. I highly recommend Clean Conscience for residential weekly or bi-weekly cleaning. more »
5on Google, Jan 17, 2017
Kristin and the crew are awesome and attentive and are even teaching us a few things about running customer-focussed business. We never have to worry whether they'll turn up (they even send us reminders each week) and they always follow-up and seek feedback on their work. Such a delight dealing with everyone from CC Boulder. more »
5on Google, Jan 17, 2017
Thank you Clean Conscience for great weekly cleaning service. Every week, you do a great job!! more »
5on Google, Jan 17, 2017
My tenant moved out at 9:00 pm on a Thursday and I had to have my condo cleaned and furnished by 3:00 pm the next day. I called Clean Conscience Friday morning at 7:30 and they were able to schedule Wendy and Vanessa for that afternoon. They were super thorough, and very accommodating considering that we were working around them and moving everything in while they were cleaning. They did a great job and I will definitely be using their services again. Thanks! more »
4on Google, Jan 17, 2017
Janice and her crew did an exceptional job on our house today. This place was a MESS after a week of house guests and rain and kids and dogs and black dust in the basement -- Kim did an amazing job getting the dust off of the walls and the cabinets in the basement.
The house has a nice calm, orderly feel to it today which was wonderful to come home to this evening.
Please pass along my sincere gratitude.
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5on Google, Jan 17, 2017
I've had the best experience with Clean Conscience. Not only is Kristin super responsive and professional, but they come clean my place in Eldorado Springs, which many other companies won't do! My place is small but they always make it spotless. I've never seen it so clean. Every time they come, you get an option to write a review. They're incredibly responsive to constructive feedback and that makes a huge difference.
I couldn't recommend any else more!
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5on Google, Jan 17, 2017
Never having treated myself to professional cleaning service help, I was very pleased that I sought out CC. Jessica's communications were prompt and detailed about what I could expect or ask for and the CC cleaning teams have been prompt and efficient. Appreciated their willingness to give extra attention to specific tasks and their commitment to the use of non-toxic products. Will definitely use them again. more »
5on Google, Jan 17, 2017
As two busy business professionals in need of a little stress relief in our lives, we just experienced our first home cleaning with Clean Conscience, and they were FANTASTIC! How wonderful it was to walk in the door after work, and our home was dust-free, smelled fresh (but not like chemicals), and it was apparent that they were very detail-oriented in their cleaning. We will now be scheduling monthly home cleanings with this service. Highly recommend. more »
5on Google, Jan 17, 2017
From my first interaction with Kristin on the phone through the home visit to discuss what I needed to the most recent clean by Vanessa and her crew, Clean Conscience has done a fantastic job for me.<br />It was very important to me to find a company that shared my values as far as the use of environmentally friendly products as well as a company that gave me confidence from the get-go that they would do a great job.
I can highly recommend Clean Conscience.
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5on Google, Jan 17, 2017
The ladies who come clean our house periodically are really lovely, and they do a great job! Kristin is also an awesome coordinator - she always gets back to us right away when we tell her we're ready for our next cleaning. more »
1on Google, Jan 17, 2017
Do you want a cleaning team that will try to hide damaged property by throwing it away? Then Clean Conscience is the cleaning company for you! They broke a bowl of some sentimental value, threw away the pieces, and hoped we wouldn't notice. There's some evidence of more damage, which I caught too late (why do I feel like I'm scolding errant children? NOT FUN.).
Do you like to spend hours searching for your stuff? Go with Clean Conscience! I've spent over two hours during the past eight months searching for stuff. Last week, I needed a kitchen tool to make dinner. It was hidden underneath a potholder in the towel drawer?! It took me over 20 minutes to find it. Dinner was late.
Do you want plastic kitchen items left in your garbage disposal? Clean Conscience will "fix" any working garbage disposals and give you crunchiness for weeks to come! And let's not forget the damage to the plastic items, which will need to be tossed.
Do you want your cleanings to sometimes be less than stellar? Clean Conscience fits the bill! I asked them to clean up fine particulate dust in our basement from a radon mitigation system installation. Despite telling them the problem (and that they should give their team dust masks), a team showed up having no clue what to do. One started cleaning our living room, and they probably would have cleaned everything BUT the basement if I hadn't been there to redirect them! They feather-dusted and vacuumed the whole basement (without dust masks!), left, and the whole place became dusty again by the next day. I ended up cleaning it myself rather than asking them back.
Do you want extra charges when you move out? Tell Clean Conscience to scrub your carpets for a move-out clean! Our landlord charged us for the carpets (which looked vacuumed not scrubbed in stained areas), plus some remaining dirt in the kitchen.
I initially gave them two stars because the house looks tidier after they've been through. The question is, how much of your property ends up in the trash during their "cleaning"? So...
If you like having people in your home that don't value you or your property, and are untrustworthy, then this is the company for you!
PS To be fair, we were very happy with them in our old place. We got the same team every week, and they were great. Since moving 8 months ago, we haven't gotten a consistent team, and the quality seems to get worse every month. I finally severed the relationship after they broke the bowl and also left on the gas on our stove -- my toddler and I came home to a gas-filled home.
PPS Review is now one star. They just mailed us the key, except now I owe $1.51 postage and have to go to the post office (which is not close by) to pick it up. I've been a customer for over two years and this is how they treat you if you don't do what they want! Even if they were the ones that messed up.
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1on Google, Jan 17, 2017
They were not properly handling our recycling, even after I repeatedly asked the manager to make sure the staff were properly trained, and overall did a mediocre job of cleaning. more »
4on Google, Jan 17, 2017
I'm very impressed with the quality of the cleanings I have received with Clean Conscience. Thus far, they have done a great job on my kid-ravaged home and have been very open to addressing/fixing any small issues that I have had. I love that they send a feedback email after every cleaning, which gives me a chance to update them about any small concerns.The only thing I haven't been 100% satisfied with is the scheduling process - I often have to clarify what time the team is coming and it doesn't seem to be consistent from month to month (although this is only an issue for me because I work from home) more »
5on Google, Jan 17, 2017
They do perfect work and I'm always happy to come home to a clean house. Very easy to work with and schedule. They're not the cheapest, but reasonably priced compared to others and you do get what you pay for. Highly recommended! more »
1on Google, Jan 18, 2016
The office manager holly is a crook and a thief she Will rip you off. I would not trust these people to clean tires on a car. more »
Business Response:
Hi Adam – Thank you for your thoughtful review. We are not sure why you have posted here as Clean Conscience has never performed any work for you. We understand that you are upset that we terminated a family member of yours that worked here …Hi Adam – Thank you for your thoughtful review. We are not sure why you have posted here as Clean Conscience has never performed any work for you. We understand that you are upset that we terminated a family member of yours that worked here for a violation of company policy but this probably is not the best forum for those types of grievances.
4on Google, Jan 18, 2016
Had 6 people show up for a standard cleaning scheduled for 2 people for 1.5 hrs. I assume they split up the tasks, and I was told several people were in training, and they in total stay
ed for 30 minutes. I thought, due to the numbers, that it would be fine. They didn't ask me if I was satisfied, they just said "we're done!"
I didn't have time to inspect the cleaning as I was leaving town later that day so when I came back (today), I finally got a look. This was a "move in" cleaning where the prior tenants didn't clean up that well, so I thought I'd hire professionals.
I have pictures of all this:
Hair and dirt in dishwater.
Front of stove oven still dirty and stained.
Oil over top of oven.
Cabinet shelving with layered dust on them. It wasn't even wiped down.
Cabinet faces all have layers of oil over them.
Shelving units with visible layers of dust.
Walls behind stove still brown from prior tenant's use, not even wiped.
Counters still stained.
Fridge still stained.
In other words, I have no idea what I paid for.
Very unsatisfied.
I was contacted minutes after I filled out the survey, and they rescheduled another cleaning the following day to correct their mistake. So much better this time, and quite pleased with the results, though the hassle of the 1st lack of quality keeps me at a 4 star rating. Otherwise, the customer service was exceptional and I greatly appreciate what they did to make things right.
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4715 Broadway c, Ste C - 6, Boulder, CO 80304
House Cleaning
Today 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Cleaning service for homes and small businesses that uses environmentally safe products and practices.
Safer for people, pets and the planet
Established in 2007.
The idea for Clean Conscience came from the founder's frustration with finding reliable cleaning services and their personal interest in using green cleaning products. Clean Conscience started providing service in March of 2007 in Boulder, CO. We expanded in January 2011 to Denver.
Meet the Manager
Jade G.
We are excited to announce that Jade Grady has returned to manage Clean Conscience Denver. Jade managed the Denver office from September 2011 to May 2013. Jade comes to Clean Conscience with many years of management experience with a national brand in the service industry and prides herself on providing exceptional customer service.
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