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Blue Rock Family Dental

16 reviews
 1887 Aaron Dr, Ste A, Tooele, UT 84074US

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(435) 833-9900

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16 reviews
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1887 Aaron Dr, Ste A, Tooele, UT 84074
Today 10:00 am - 7:00 pm


Blue Rock Family Dental is a top choice for custom dental care where patients receive comprehensive care with an emphasis on family and cosmetic dentistry. Our practice adheres to a practice philosophy and mission statement built around family dental needs and we welcome patients of all ages. Our friendly staff are ready to greet you and make your family's visit as comfortable as possible. Blue Rock Family Dental provides technologically advanced general dental care among the highest quality in the local area.
At Blue Rock Family Dental you can expect:
- Comprehensive exams
- Treatment planning
- Periodontal care
- General restorative care
- Veneers
- Crowns and Bridges
- Dentures
- Implant restorations
- Endodontic care (Root Canals)
- Pediatric dental care
- Extractions (including selected 3rd molar cases)
- Anxiolytic patient management
When necessary, nitrous oxide administration and pre-procedure anxiolytic/sedative oral prescriptions are also available.
Advanced technology will be utilized in providing these dental services while maintaining a caring, friendly, and comfortable environment. The practice is located in the heart of the growing medical community in a new medical building near the new hospital where there are currently no other general dentists. Our Dentist, Steven Bruderer, DMD is the owner and manager of the practice. Dr. Bruderer's additional post-graduate education has enabled him to gain a bigger picture of modern dentistry with the ability to look in the mouth and see the potential final product combining the art and science of dentistry.
Mission Statement:
Prevent Grouchy Teeth by:
Providing comprehensive, high-quality dental care,
Treating the patient as we would want to be treated,
Teaching and educating to prevent oral disease,
Creating a patient desire to return,
Learning the latest advancements in dentistry,
Implementing the newest technology
We will create a happy, healthy, beautiful smile for everyone in the family!
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