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Amazing Leak Detection

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 4648 W Augusta Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301US

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5on Google, Aug 25, 2015
I had an extremely high water bill (my water usage was over 3x the normal amount), so I called and/or emailed some plumbers and leak detection companies. Terry at Amazing was not only the quickest to respond (some emails were long after-hours), but he also explained things the best and gave me the most reasonable quote. After a thorough investigation with his equipment, he pinpointed the leak and gave me options.
I opted for the re-route through the attic. He and his crew worked relentlessly through some of the hottest weather in July. I've never seen three guys go through so much iced tea! The amount of work and effort they put into fixing my problem was amazing (pardon the pun), considering how much it cost. They also used top-notch materials for all the parts they installed or replaced. Terry explained stuff to me every step of the way - the what, the why, and the how - instead of just doing unnecessary stuff to pad the bill. I know for a fact it would have cost hundreds, if not thousands more if I would have had a normal plumber do the repairs.
Terry is VERY knowledgeable and gave me plenty of great tips. He guaranteed all his work for a year or two (I can't remember which offhand), but I can tell he's a guy of integrity and would most likely fix anything he worked on even after that period. If you have a leak, I can't recommend Terry enough. This leak - with the outrageous water bill, potential cost of repairs, possible damage to my house, and inconvenience of having to keep shutting the water off to avoid wasting more water - had me TOTALLY stressed out. But after Terry came out the first day and found the leak, my mind was MUCH more at ease.
I don't know how this Google review thingy works (my first review), but if you want to and are able to contact me through this, feel free.
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5on Google, Mar 26, 2012
I was completely stressed out .I had a real high water bill . I called two other plumbing companies out . One of them wanted to bust threw my floor that i just had done . The other one couldnt find the leak, and wanted to call a leak detective . So i decided to call one myself . I called Amazing Leak Detection out and talked to Terry, He rushed out to my house and did the detection found my leak immediately, Then fixed my leak with wirsbo pipeing by going thru my attic . Cleaned up his mess and was very friendly and even know, i felt stupid because i didnt understand the whole concept Terry took time out and explained it to me . And then told me to call him 24/7 with any questions or concerns i might have . I would highly recemend him to everyone .His company isnt only family owned , He is on time , puts his customers first . And has low cost priceing . I will use him again no matter if its on my home , pool., spa or fountain . I highly recommend Terry at Amazing Leak Detection . Just one stop for it all at a great price . I even Mentioned his add and got 10 % off .
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5on Google, Mar 26, 2012
Terry was on time and found my leak right away on my pool. He also did my repair and answered all my questions . He charged a reasonable price. I will only call Amazingi Leak Detection out . he was very professional .
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4648 W Augusta Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301
Today 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Concerned you have a leak at your home? We will beat ANY licensed competitors pricing! A leak left unchecked can cause severe damage to your homes foundation and, or structure! Luckily Amazing Leak Detection can handle ANY leak issue your having on your home, and get your life back in order. We eliminate the guess work on your pipings location and the location of the leak, to give us and you factual information to choose what repair is right for you. Leak Detection on Homes, Pools, Spas, Fountains and most water Features. Slab Repairs, Rerouting, Irrigation, Sewers, Sewer Static Tests, Sewer Camera Tests
Non Destructive, and Price Competitive. Also Offering Discounts
Amazing Leak Detection is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
Established in 2011.
A Locally Owned And Operated Family Business! With over 17 years of experience!
A Proud Member of the Better Business Bureau
*Repeat Customer Discounts*
*Senior Discounts*
*Multiple Test Discounts*
*On line Discounts*
Meet the Business Owner
Terry L.
Business Owner
As a long time plumber and leak technician you can count on quality and a fair price. Very experienced with over 15 years as a leak technician and Leak Detective trainer. Now doing My own thing. Dont wait for the Trainees to show up. Call the Pro. =)
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