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The Spa Doctor

38 reviews
(Hot Tub and Pool)
 3500 Sisk Rd, Ste J, Modesto, CA 95356US

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(209) 545-5224

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2on BirdEye, Jul 11, 2017
As stated in other reviews the staff is super friendly and supportive however be aware of false promises. As I explained to them about the last spa cover that I purchased from them dry routed prematurely, I was hesitant to purchase the same brand of cover. They raved about the 303 product stating that it would extend the life and they would give me gallon of the 303 protectant. I as asked the salesperson to make a note of file about the 303. Upon pick up of the spa cover, I asked about the 303 protectant to the same sales person who said to add it to our purchase and his comments was " Sorry old-cap, I can't seem to find any or we are out, just go to store and buy any protectant.....any will work" and off he went.

It is not necessarily that I did not get the 303 protectant, it is the false promise then the excuses that followed. I felt that I was given lip service to ensure the purchase of the cover and now question the factuality of all of the other information they have given me.

At this time, I am seeking another spa dealer to work with beyond this point.
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5on Yellow Pages, May 13, 2014
Spoke with Richard today and it's unbelievable to think that their are still wonderful businesses out there who will do their best to try to save you some money. By phone he was able to point out that what he heard was more of a vibration and not an electrical issue, which is what I had feared. By playing around with the pump, I realized some how it had gotten really close to the hot tub itself, causing the vibration sound; nothing some ghetto fabulous foil couldn't fix. Thank you so much Richard for your kindness, humor and time. more »
5on Google, Mar 24, 2014
Steve came and looked at our backyard and suggested a different spot for our new hot tub. It turned out to be the best spot! From then on, we dealt with Richard who is an absolute gem! I can't forget Peggy either. Everything and I do mean everything about The Spa Doctor is first class. From the owner right on down to the guys who came and picked up our old hot tub and delivered/set up the new one. They will always get our business! more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Jan 09, 2014
I walked in the store with a part, not even sure what it is. It controls the temp and triggers the pump? Anyway, Peggy announces the name of it, one guy brings out 2, Steve gets a flashlight and determines that one of the 2 will actually work and BOOM, I m all set! The spa was manufactured in 1987. I don t know what brand it is even. But The Spa Doctor saved the day! Fabulous service, decent prices and these guys know their stuff! I m a fan. Thanks, Spa Doctor! more »
5on Google, Aug 24, 2013
Excellent customer service....the kind you wish you could get everywhere! Helped me diagnose my Hottub problems and saved me a bunch of $$$ in doing so. Ask for Steve, he put me in hot water with my wife. :-) more »
5on Google, May 24, 2013
I had the GREATEST experience with Richard at Spa Doctors in Modesto. Two great delivery guys came out, took care to deliver and set up my spa. The GREATEST Electrician, Mark with West Coast Electric did a fantastic job and looks great. Nothing showing. Great men. I would HIGHLY recommend them for every spa and every electrical you are looking for. more »
5on Google, Jan 23, 2013
I highly recommend the Spa Doctor. The service is outstanding. We purchased our spa a couple of months ago and could not have had a better experience. Richard and the rest of the team there are knowledgeable, accomodating and will do whatever they can to ensure you are a satisfied customer.We are thrilled with our purchase and know that we can call at any time and they are happy to assist! more »
5on Google, Jan 23, 2013
I got a new hot tub cover from them. I then had some problems getting it attached. They walked me through it over the phone and made sure I was OK! Great customer service! more »
5on Google, Jan 23, 2013
Our gas stove is the perfect addition to our living room! Ambience and warmth all in one. Once we picked out the right model it was delivered and installed with great service and professionalism. We highly recommend The Spa Doctor. more »
5on Google, Jan 23, 2013
My wife & I have purchased 2 hot tubs from Spa Doctor. Steve and his staff are friendly, honest, professional, and knowledgeable. I have never felt pressure to buy or dumb for asking a question. We have been very happy with our Hot Springs spa from Spa Doctor. more »
5on Google, Jan 23, 2013
Best place to shop and buy fireplace and spa. I bought a hot spring spa and it truly is quality loaded. I also have a gas insert and this unit has cut the cost of house furnace. I recommend everyone to buy from spa doctor simply because the have honored the true quality products build to last. more »
5on Google, Jan 23, 2013
We love our hot tub! It is just the ticket for achy muscles and bones - I wish we had done this a long time ago.The crew did all the set up work and we just filled it up. A-1 service all the way! more »
5on Google, Jan 23, 2013
this winter, we bought a Mendota fireplace insert here. The whole experience was 5-star quality! Great salesman/helper in Richard! We absolutely love the Mendota insert, beautiful, efficient, put';s out great heat, and our furnace did not come on one single time the rest of the winter! The installer was friendly, efficient, clean and timely. The reflective black lining on this insert is gorgeous!! They helped us get the $500 rebate from the state that we qualified for by changing over from a wood-burning fireplace. AND now we can thumb our noses at the "no-burn" days, and turn on our fireplace! Instant warmth and beauty even on the coldest of days! Even tho the Mendota is one of the most expensive of the inserts, we calculate that we'll make our investment back in only 2-3 more seasons, since we only used it 1/2 of this one. (we left the thermostat set at 50 degrees for the rest of the house)We loved our expierence with Richard and Spa Doctor, and highly recommend them! more »
5on Google, Jan 23, 2013
My mom bought a 1998 Prodigy that she still uses today. So in 2008 I went to the Spa Doctor and met Richard. He explained Hot Tubs inside and out. Then I went comparison shopping with everything I learned from Richard. The bottom line, all these other places go out of business, but the SPA Doctor you can count on them to be there. And Richard was great to work with as I made up my mind. Hot Springs has the Moto-Massage which I can't live without now. Combine that with the best filter system, best insulation, and the best customer support, the choice is Hot Springs. Richard has remained my partner in this purchase since day one. Picking up supplies or asking crazy "What IF" questions, you will get an informed answer from a man who has been in this business a long time and keeps current in it. I met the owner and others over the years, and all are customer centered, but Richard has always been my main contact there. It's been a few years now since I purchased the Grandee, and I still enjoy it and it works like new. Just stopped by the other day for supplies and chatted with Richard a bit. Thought I would like to support this business by adding a review. If you are considering a Hot Tub go to the Spa Doctor and ask for Richard. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Sep 25, 2012
Thanks for posting your review of The Spa Doctor. You've done the world some good today. more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Apr 30, 2012
Best people. Best products. Still enjoying our Hot Springs tub after many years! And yes, still enjoy visiting with Richard. more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Mar 14, 2012
In 1984 I bought A Hot Springs Classic Spa. One of the best things about the Spa is that the parts are still sold by the dealer (Spa Doctor) and with of the helpful staff at the store, I ve been able to continue using the Spa after all these years. It s rare that you can buy a product that s this long lasting Great Spa ! more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Feb 23, 2012
After checking out a couple of spa places I went to the Spa Doctor and was very impressed with the courteous and friendly staff. I was very impressed with the knowledge and expertise that Richard provided me. We are very satisfied with the spa we selected and the service that the Spa Doctor provides us. more »
5on Yahoo! Local, May 02, 2011
One of the nicest business owners I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Friendly helpful staff too. The best and only place to purchase a spa or spa accessories in the Modesto area as far as I'm concerned. Thank you for making buying a spa so fun & easy!! more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Feb 03, 2011
Richard is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, and goes the extra mile. I will shop Spa Doctor in Modesto everytime I need their products. more »
5on Google, Jan 25, 2011
We bought our Hot Springs spa here, and they have the best prices for the best quality of any of the stores in the area. Our spa is wonderful, and the people who work at this store are really great. They bend over backwards to take good care of us everytime. more »
5on Google, Jan 25, 2011
After a lengthy research effort that lasted off and on for two years my wife and I decided to make the plunge ;-)We had been in to the Spa Dr two years earlier and had talked extensively with Richard ( I think he got tired of me, I know my wife did) and found him very helpful and most importantly for a consumer *HONEST* about HotSpring as well as the other brands. My research took me to the farthest reaches of the World Wide Web in search of the perfect Spa. So we ended up at the Spa Dr in Modesto. My best friend had purchased a HotSpring Spa 20 years earlier and helped me make my decision regarding Spa Dr. and HotSpring support. Richard worked very hard to make the purchase work for us. In the end I have to say that we could not be happier with our purchase and the support Richard has given and continues you give only helps with the feeling we made the right decision since as this was a major purchase for our budget. We had one minor issue after installation (placement) and I called Richard. He said let me see what I can do. I was wondering if he was going to call back, instead the installer showed up and corrected the issue within an hour of my call. This was very helpful to me since I was already off from work that day.Thanks again Richard more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Nov 02, 2010
I needed to replace the grate in my fireplace. I looked in all of the big box hardware stores and they all carried flimsy grates that were so shallow that they would only hold 2 logs on the bottom.I went to the Spa Doctor and talked to Peggy. We discussed my needs and while they didn't have anything in stock for me she said she would find a grate for me. She followed up with a couple of e-mails, making sure of the exact measurements I was looking for. In less than a week I picked up my new grate.I really appreciate the fact that Peggy went the extra mile for me. She is a great asset for the Spa Doctor. more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Aug 16, 2010
As I was sitting outside recently, talking with my wife, who was sitting in the Prodigy Hot Springs spa we bought seven years ago, it hit me--what other technology have we bought over the years that has been this good? We plug it in, and it works! We use it constantly, we keep it clean, and have had no issues at all. We appreciate the folks at Spa Doctor for providing a quality product and greeting us warmly when we come in for supplies over the years. Thanks for being there! more »
5on Yahoo! Local, May 19, 2010
We bought our HotSprings spa here, and everything has been great. It is a top quality spa, that has held up beautifully over the years, and any time we had a question or needed help with anything, the technicians have provided A+ service. If you are in the market for a great spa at a reasonable price, with the best customer service in town, this is the place to shop. more »
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3500 Sisk Rd, Ste J, Modesto, CA 95356
Hot Tub and Pool
Today 10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Hot Tubs, Spas, Fireplaces, Wood, Gas & Pellet Stoves & Inserts, Swimmimg Pool & Spa Suppliesmore »

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