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Roberts Tire Sales, Inc.

52 reviews
Auto Repair & Service
 4747 S Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212US

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(480) 967-8805

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52 reviews
  • 51 reviews4.3
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5on Merchant Circle, Oct 21, 2010
I have been to them for all my tire needs, they are quick professional and treat everyone great. I have yet to meet anyone who does not like them.
I could not say enough great things about this
company, they really, truly are that great! more »
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4747 S Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212
Auto Repair & Service
Today 7:00 am - 5:30 pm


Roberts Tire Sales, located in Meza, Ariz., offers a range of services to clients. The company offers brands, such as Hercules, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Michelin, Kumho, Sumitomo and Hankook. The firm also offers retreading operations using advanced technology and has the capacity to retread more than 300 tires each day. Additionally, it stocks over 1,500 truck cap and casings. The company also offers foam filling for tires and provides solid press-on tires. It carries mitco, maine and solideal in its inventory. Roberts Tire Sales is also involved in auto, truck and recreational vehicle repairs. It offers to service brakes, passenger RV s, semialignments, air conditioning tuneups, suspension and shocks.more »
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