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Fremont Animal Hospital

31 reviews
(Pet Groomers)
 125 South Rd, (111A), Fremont, NH 03044US

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(603) 895-0618

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4on BirdEye, Oct 04, 2017
Spoke to Dr. Audrey about my previous experience. She explained that because my dog is a Great Dane and prone to bloat they worry about diarrhea so they always have a tech walk her to watch. She doesn't have a issue with it when I board her (she is very use to being boarded there been going there since she was a pup). Without informing me they decide to always charge for a medical board because a tech walks her. I don't think that was appropriate because she does not have chronic diarrhea but I understand about a tech walking her. Dr Audrey was very nice and explained it to me so I feel a little better about it. Have never had a problem until now and have been going there for 10 + years. I recommend FAH but will be watching my billing closely from now on. more »
1on BirdEye, Oct 02, 2017
Over changed for boarding. My dog had diarrhea a couple of times while being boarded. Now every time I board her I get charged medical boarding even though she doesn't have diarrhea and they don't administer medication. I have been taking my pets here for years and unless this is rectified I will find another place. If they don't have to give her medicine then I shouldn't be charged for it. NOT HAPPY! more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 26, 2017
Dr. Audrey and Staff are truly wonderful! Top Notch Service in my book! more »
5on BirdEye, Apr 25, 2017
I have received nothing but quality and ethical treatment for my pets at Fremont Animal Hospital. The staff are friendly and accommodating and my pup truly feels that, she cuddles right in when I leave her to be boarded. The medical care my pup receives has been top notch. Dr. Baker and Dr. Audrey truly are compassionate, caring professionals. I see some not so great reviews here, but I assure you, if you are looking for a veterinarian that you can trust, a truly satisfying relationship can be built at FAH. more »
2on BirdEye, Feb 16, 2017
Brought a kitten here because of head trauma, great customer service but needed to pay a very large fee that day, with no payments accepted. Was not expecting it, caused me to have to put him up for adoption. more »
5on Facebook, Jul 31, 2015
The staff at Fremont animal hospital are the most caring, kindest and knowledgeable of any place I have ever gone to. I know that people come from all over to have their pets taken care of at Fremont. Plus Tucker the cat is great lol. more »
5on Google, Jul 31, 2015
Boarded my Sam here many times And each time he came home happy. They take really good care of the pets. I'm comfortable with leaving my dog in their safe hands. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 27, 2015
Wonderful care and great staff! We've been through a lot together and I am always more than pleased. Wish they had a wing for people! Thank you, Dr. Audrey, for the many years of great care and support. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 16, 2015
Jetta thanks you for the wonderful care she received while boarding with you. The extra care due to a health problem not only helped her, but left us comfortable knowing she was being cared for. We also thank you. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 15, 2015
Great first impression tonight as they were the only place out of 3 that would take us as a last minute appointment when my dog had a pretty bad gash.
We're looking for a vet in our area as
we just moved - and I think we just found it. So happy with the caring staff and very speedy service! more »
5on Facebook, Apr 13, 2015
Great staff...great with my guinea pig! Thank you dr.stephanie @ co! more »
5on Facebook, Mar 08, 2015
Fremont Animal Hospital has been the go-to for myself and my family for over 20 years for check-ups, sicknesses and whatever else has come our way. Recently we had to put a beloved pet to sleep and the staff blew me away with how well they handled the entire situation. Dr. Stephanie sat with us to perform the procedure and her wonderfully calm and compassionate demeanor helped everyone to relax. Just having her there put us so at ease. After all of our experiences I can't imagine ever taking a furry or feathered friend of mine to anywhere else! more »
5on Facebook, Feb 25, 2015
Love love love Dr. Audrey, we have never met a Vet that cares so much! And returned my call personally after I had a question regarding our dogs food. She always makes time for us and answers all our question. Would definitely recommend her more »
5on Facebook, Feb 24, 2015
Alyssia Francis does a fabulous job grooming my dog Bella...her before and after is pictured..... The one with the ponytails more »
5on Facebook, Jan 21, 2015
Great staff, they're very friendly and have been very helpful since we moved to Fremont. Did I mention how beautiful and welcoming the facility is? more »
5on Facebook, Dec 19, 2014
Dr. Audrey has been my families veterinarian for years, now I have a dog of my own (Ringo) and can't imagine him going anywhere else. She always takes her time with him and is very thorough, I truly trust her opinions, and I never feel rushed. Dr. Audrey is a gem! more »
1on Google, Nov 30, 2014
I will never step foot in that office again. Misdiagnosed my dog, ignored his symptoms and only wanted to talk about how much it would cost to have his teeth cleaned. A few months later his body was so deteriorated from cancer, he had to be euthanized. I didn't even take him back to them to do it. I found another, more compassionate and attentive veterinarian. more »
5on Google, Nov 30, 2014
Dr. Audrey and her team are outstanding! Audrey is so patient, kind and caring. It is obvious that she cares about each and every one of her families. Nicole is an incredible tech who also cares for each and every animal that she tends to. We know our pets are in good hands when they're taken care of by Dr. Audrey and Nicole! more »
5on Facebook, Oct 27, 2014
I would like to say how pleased I am with Fremont Animal Hospital. The staff there are very caring, friendly and professional. Dr. Audrey is wonderful at her job. She always takes the time to say hello with a smile. I couldn't imagine bringing my fur family any place else. They are all truly dedicated people.. There services are truly wonderful and sincere . Thank you for everything you do ♥ more »
5on Facebook, Sep 21, 2014
Just recently brought my kitten to get spayed and microchipped. She was so well cared for and loved! Happy to know she was in loving hands from start to finish! more »
3on Facebook, Aug 07, 2014
Dr. Audrey is truly awesome, but with all the changes at the front desk in the past couple years....I've had tons of problems. They need a better process so that when we check out, we get EVERYTHING we need & don't have to return for something forgotten. more »
5on Google, May 01, 2014
Fremont Animal Hospital is the best! I have never experienced such amazing and compassionate service when bringing my dogs to a vet. Dr. Audrey is caring and thorough and takes the time to explain any issues your pet may have. Their vet techs are equally as amazing! more »
5on Facebook, Apr 30, 2014
This is the only place for my boy Maverick! more »
5on Facebook, Mar 16, 2014
We love Dr. Audrey and the amazing staff! Thanks for everything you do! more »
5on Facebook, Dec 02, 2013
Great staff, caring doctors... love it! more »
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When you bring your pet to Fremont Animal Hospital, rest assured that we treat your animals as we do our own, with love and care. You will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable front desk staff and your pet will be seen by capable and caring veterinarians and technicians. We provide exceptional care and pay attention to the details. We are passionate about doing the right thing for you and your pet.more »

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