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eaves movie ranch

42 reviews
(Arts & Entertainment)
 75 Rancho Alegre Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87508US

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(505) 474-3045

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4on Google, Jul 19, 2017
Nice little western town movie set, easy access more »
5on Google, Jun 11, 2017
more »
5on Google, Mar 27, 2017
Awesome and authentic. I was able to feel the period during my scenes in HYDE PARK,a Nicholas Barton, Prestigious Film 2017 more »
5on Facebook, Mar 13, 2017
more »
1on Facebook, Feb 23, 2017
more »
5on Facebook, Jan 18, 2017
more »
5on Facebook, Dec 08, 2016
more »
5on Facebook, Sep 25, 2016
Beautiful place. Made me feel so nostalgic and at peace. A feeling of the true Wild West. Had a blast being here and can't wait to go back! Can't wait to see the movies that will be filmed here next. more »
1on Google, Jun 18, 2016
more »
4on Google, Jun 18, 2016
Location"Easy rider" more »
5on Facebook, May 10, 2016
It's a great place for new mexico movies, also it has been there since 1950 if you want to go back to the past this is the place to be! !! more »
5on Facebook, Dec 02, 2015
Eaves Ranch is a true Pearl of the west. Inside and out offers filmmakers a wide pallet to choose from. Rocken J more »
5on Facebook, Nov 19, 2015
more »
4on Facebook, Sep 18, 2015
more »
5on Facebook, Jul 25, 2015
more »
5on Facebook, Jul 22, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, Jul 13, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, Jun 20, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, Jun 11, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, May 22, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, May 18, 2014
Amazing place. A real piece of living history. more »
5on Facebook, May 16, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, Apr 28, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, Apr 22, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, Mar 29, 2014
more »
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75 Rancho Alegre Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87508
Arts & Entertainment


If you're a fan of western films like The Cheyenne Social Club, Young Guns II, Chisum and Wishbone's Dog Days of the West, then you will find Eaves Movie Ranch looking like a familiar place. Originally a part of the ranch belonging to New Mexico-businessman J.W.Eaves, this plot began to be used as a film production set since the 1960s. Empire television series was the first production to be shot on this set, and since then this picturesque place has been attracting various film makers. Guests are welcome to take a look around this beautiful set.more »

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42 reviews
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