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(Auto Repair)
 4925 13th Ave, Columbus, GA 31904US

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(706) 563-3763

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5on Google, Mar 27, 2011
My son's truck broke down on Sunday in not the best part of town. We soon arrived and realized the repair could not be completed on side of road. Looked in phone book and by pure luck happended on Davo's. Called he promised to arrive in less that 40 minutes. He got there in 30 hooked up truck and promised to have it back on road by closing on monday. Happy to say picked the truck up at 5 pm and was running fine. Very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Will definelty use again. Very reasonable prices. more »
5on Google, Mar 27, 2011
I had a very good experience with Mr.Davo. He was very professional and had excellent customer service and he did the job in one day! He was recommended to me by a friend because I'm not from Columbus, Ga and I would recommend him to anyone in the Columbus area in need of or looking for a mechanic. I was very impressed.Thanks Davo!!! =) more »
5on Google, Mar 27, 2011
I am a mom in Atlanta. My son, a student at CSU had a broken down car. Mr. Davo helped me over the phone, found the car, and had it repaired the next day. He called repeatedly, and went out of his way to make sure my son and I were taken care of. And all for a reasonableprice. If you live near Columbus, he's the place to go. more »
5on Google, Mar 27, 2011
I called Davo Jr. on a Sunday, and even though he was off, he met with me, fixed the problem and showed me how to do it. This was especially helpful to me, because my hubby is gone and I need a mechanic that is going to be reliable and trustworthy. I will do my best not to call on a Sunday again (everyone deserves a day off), but I sure did appreciate his willingness to help! more »
5on Google, Mar 27, 2011
Great service, Honest advice about repairs. A family member recommended Mr. Davo for the problems I had with my vehicle. The differences between Davo and other mechanics are noticeable from the start. Mr. Davo thoroughly explained the problems with my car and provided me with options that would fit into my budget. I am a very satisfied customer that is pleased to know that when I have auto problems I can get honest prices and excellent service from Mr. Davo. I highly recommend Davo's for anyone who needs auto service, he is the only mechanic I trust with my car. Many thanks Mr. Davo!! more »
5on Google, Mar 27, 2011
I needed to get the AC fixed in my vehicle. I did a lot of searching online and found Davo Jr's and decided to call him. The owner was very helpful and explained what needed to be replaced. He fixed it in a timely manner and was very reasonable with the price. more »
5on Google, Mar 27, 2011
They did a great job on two of our vehicles. Showed us the old parts, explained the job. Cars run great! Will definitely use them again. more »
5on Google, Mar 27, 2011
Fast, honest, and reliable service. One day turnaround and charged exactly what he quoted. Worth the drive from Ft. Benning. Knew I had the right guy when he offered to come in after hours to meet with me. I spoke directly with Davo Jr. every time I called and could tell he takes great pride in his business and customer service. Has a warranty on Parts and Labor. more »
5on Google, Mar 27, 2011
On Friday night, my Dodge Charger would not shift out of gear. The next morning, my husband called Davo Jr Automotive Service. The wrecker arrived early and, because I needed my car by Monday morning, the owner made sure that the service was completed that day.
Unlike other companies that work in secrecy, Davo offered periodic updates on the progress and explained the problem in detail upon completion. I was impressed by the professionalism, honesty, and reasonable prices in addition to the 90-day warranty.
While I hope that I have no other major problems with my vehicle, if I do, I will be returning to Davo. This is undeniably the best car service I have received in all my years of driving.
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5on Google, Mar 27, 2011
My car quit starting so I was unable to drop it off. Within 2 hours of receiving my call they had picked up my car from the house. My car was repaired on a Saturday and was available for picked Saturday afternoon, I was unable to make it because my wife was out shopping in our other car so he came in on a Sunday (when the shop is normally closed) and let me pick up my car so I had something to drive to work on Monday. The quick turn-around and availability to pick up my car outside of normal business hours was really appreciated. I will def. be coming back to this guy, he was very nice as well. He had all the parts he replaced set aside, for me to take with me if I wanted, and then explained what the parts were, how they functioned or were not functioning... Very good down to earth repair place. more »
5on Google, Mar 27, 2011
Mike did a great job on my Acura, polite and definitely goes the extra mile. No doubt I'll go back the next time my car needs service. more »
5on Google, Mar 27, 2011
Until I met Mike, I thought that "honest mechanic" was an oxymoron, or something like the unicorn (people THINK they may have existed...but no one can prove it).
Mike has done extensive repairs
on my Buick and has been upfront, honest and reasonable. He made suggestions based on my budget and I have been very satisfied both with his service and, most importantly, with his forthright and HONEST diagnostics on my car.
I cannot emphasize enough what a great guy Mike is!!! I've dropped THOUSANDS of dollars into my car with my previous mechanic (the amount moving into more than what it's currently worth) and continued to have the same problems. Mike looked at my car and immediately give me a list of problems that were ranging from minor to major and we got to work based on what I could pay and when.
He started with the most pressing repairs, but when we got to what we thought was a minor repair, further investigation proved that it was actually a really big problem. Mike did something I would have never expected. He gave me his honest opinion. He knew I'd already put a lot of money into this car including the repairs that he did for me (at an AMAZING price, I might add). Instead of taking me for another expensive ride (like my previous mechanic, who never fixed the problem in the first place and who is the reason the problem is now so serious), he said, "I can fix it...but you've done enough with this car. You've put a lot of money into it and I don't recommend putting any more. If you want, I can rebuild the engine...but I think you should trade it in."
What kind of mechanic do YOU know will talk himself out of that kind of money? I only know one: Mike. And I'm very, very grateful to have met him. The repairs he's done will allow me to drive my car until I can trade it in...but even more importantly, it's in decent enough shape to BE a suitable trade in.
Mike is friendly, easy to talk to and supportive of your wishes. He didn't touch my car without first talking to me (again, my previous mechanic was not so courteous) and he kept in contact with me on everything. He showed me all the parts that came off my car and offered them to me or to dispose of them. He repaired my car quickly and got me back up and running in no time! He is easily reachable through e-mail and phone and he's prompt in responding to your concerns. He LISTENS to what you have to say because, as he says, "You know your car and you know what doesn't feel right."
I HIGHLY recommend Mike to anyone who needs any repairs, minor or major. Hell, let him do your oil change! You'll be happier for it, I promise!
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5on Merchant Circle, Dec 30, 2010
Mike Davo Jr. is by far the most knowledgeble honest auto machanic I know. I haveused him for all my auto needs for years.He even teaches ASE certified auto mechanics at Columbus Tech,so you know you have someone with as much knoledge and up to date information as any where, working on your vehicle.GREAT GUY. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Oct 09, 2010
I have spent over 40 years in the automotive service and heavy equipment business. I rate this young man and his business at the top of the list. He provides superoir service and backs up his work. I recommend Davo Jr for all automotive service and repair needs.Roy Crawford more »
5on Yellow Pages, Sep 27, 2010
I recently used Davo Jr Automotive. I must say that was the best support and service I have had in recent years. He is an total professional and gets the job done right the first time. I highly recommend Davo Jr Automotive to anyone needing repairs. Outstanding Job. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Aug 09, 2010
When my 17 year old son's truck broke down we needed to have his truck towed to a shop and my husband looked in the yellow pages and found Davo, Jr. Automotive. The came promptly and gave us professional, and courteous service at a good price. You can't beat that. Give him call next time you need your car towed or just need a good mechanic. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jul 14, 2010
Davo jr was so helpful he came out to base picked up my car fixed gave me a military discount he was professional it was excellent service in my families time of need I recommend him to everyone ten thumbs up more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jul 01, 2010
This week I broke down trying to drive my camry to the shop and I didnt make it. Called Davo Jr and within 20 minutes he whipped around the corner with his wrecker and came to save the day. He towed my car to his shop and gave me an updated call later than afternoon it was a blown head gasket which was really abd news for me, but I know it was all my fault. His customer service was wonderful!!! I would HIGHLY recomended him to everyone. When I find my new motor I most def. will be taking it back to him. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jun 24, 2010
Wow! Nice to have an auto service that you feel that you can trust! i have now used Mr. Davo several times with both of my cars, a Chevrolet Suburban and a Jeep Grand Cherokee. He is always very clear and upfront about what needs to be done in regards to repairs, and is concientious when it comes to budjet. His staff is always friendly and professional, and his lobby is spotless! Nice to know you can actually still find good customer service you can trust nowadays! Thanks, Mr. Davo! more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jun 16, 2010
Excellent service, friendly advise and reasonable charges. I Highly recommend his services,Cliff Murphy more »
5on Yellow Pages, May 28, 2010
I highly recommend Mike Davo for any automotive service and repairs.I have done business with Mr. Davo for 6 years and have always found him to be honest, (which is worth its weight in gold) and have always been very satisfied with the work done on my car. more »
5on Yellow Pages, May 28, 2010
I went to school with Michael. If you are looking for an honest mechanic Mike Davo is the one. He will not do unecessary work and he stands behind the work that he does. I would highly recommend Michael for any automotive repair need! more »
5on Yellow Pages, May 23, 2010
Mike is kind, honest, and willing to work with you. Couldn't ask for better service! more »
5on Yellow Pages, May 19, 2010
The service is:Fast with quality work and good pricingFixes the problems and does not invent themPersonable managment geared towards customer service, satisfaction and retentionCentrally located for short commute timeRecommend for any service more »
5on Yellow Pages, May 14, 2010
Davo Jr. Automotive repaired the air conditioner of my vehicle in less than 1 day. The results are remarkable. They provided quality service at a reasonable price. I highly recommend anyone to take their car to Davo Jr. Automotive for their car needs. more »
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