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d'andrea law corporation

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Immigration Law Attorneys
 510 S Grand Ave #203, Ste 203, Glendora, CA 91741US

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80 reviews
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510 S Grand Ave #203, Ste 203, Glendora, CA 91741
Immigration Law Attorneys


We handle all types of immigration law matters (H1B employment visas, family-based petition, marriage petition, work permit (EAD), waivers, F-1 student visa, PERM, U.S. Citizenship (Naturalization), investor visas, K-1 fiance visa, EB-1A extraordinary ability, TN visas, J-1 exchange visitor, E-1/E-2 treaty investor & traders and more).
Established in 2004.
D'Andrea Law Corporation was founded in 2004 by Robert K. D'Andrea. Before opening his own private practice, Mr. D'Andrea was the Managing Attorney of the business department for one of the largest immigration law firms in the country. To date, Mr. D'Andrea has successfully represented thousands of clients handling complex employment-based immigration matters for corporations and individuals from a wide variety of industries as well as a variety of non-immigrant and immigrant visa issues.
Meet the Business Owner
Robert D.
Business Owner
Robert K. D'Andrea has 15 years of experience in the practice of immigration law. Mr. D'Andrea has successfully represented thousands of employers, employees, investors, families, and other immigrant and nonimmigrant foreign nationals across the globe.
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