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Best Apartments Businesses in Norfolk, VA

Ghent Village Apartments reviews | 100 Westover Ave - Norfolk VA

Ghent Village Apartments

100 Westover Ave, Norfolk, VA 23507
(757) 267-9679

"Green Space Bliss In The CitynI've been living at Ghent Village f"...

The Retreat at Harbor Pointe Apartments reviews | 360 Harbor Pointe Court - Norfolk VA

The Retreat at Harbor Pointe Apartments

360 Harbor Pointe Court, Norfolk, VA 23523
(757) 937-0239

"Just lousy everything is disgusting from the parking spots to the"...

Merrimack Landing Apartments reviews | 8807 Monitor Way - Norfolk VA

Merrimack Landing Apartments

8807 Monitor Way, Norfolk, VA 23503
(757) 280-1330

"I’ve lived here since May 2020 and have never had any major"...

Oakmont North Apartments reviews | 7241 Oakmont Dr - Norfolk VA

Oakmont North Apartments

7241 Oakmont Dr, Norfolk, VA 23513
(757) 280-1218

"Oakmont has it's flaws but overall i enjoy living out here. Thank"...

Top Apartments Businesses in Norfolk, VA

Belmont at Freemason Apartments reviews | 260 W York St - Norfolk VA

Belmont at Freemason Apartments

260 W York St, Norfolk, VA 23510
(757) 275-7340

"I stayed here for a year and would have loved to stay longer if it not for work. I loved my apartment and always felt welcome by the st"...

Lawson reviews | 150 W. Main St. - Norfolk VA


150 W. Main St., Suite 1650, Norfolk, VA 23510
(757) 499-6161

"It's 2022! The concept of hearing people above and below you is absolutely frustrating! It's not normal. I wrote a few letters to this "...

Hampton Creek Apartments reviews | 1612 W Little Creek Rd - Norfolk VA

Hampton Creek Apartments

1612 W Little Creek Rd, Norfolk, VA 23505
(757) 280-1228

"Fix your confusing online payment portal. Don't waste residents' time sending them to get money orders every month. And for your water"...

Spring Creek Apartments reviews | 420 Fort Worth Ave - Norfolk VA

Spring Creek Apartments

420 Fort Worth Ave, Norfolk, VA 23505
(757) 374-2118

"I lived in a few apartments before coming to Spring Creek, and so far, this is the nicest. Nikki was the manager when I moved here. S"...

Dundale Square Apartments reviews | 6600 Chesapeake Blvd - Norfolk VA

Dundale Square Apartments

6600 Chesapeake Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23513
(757) 267-9909

"U mm hello it look nice and a lot of space but read commentsection about how there's no parking and we have a lot of cas so Idk what to"...

Lakewood Gardens reviews | 5656 Tidewater Dr - Norfolk VA

Lakewood Gardens

5656 Tidewater Dr, Norfolk, VA 23509
(757) 855-4777

"Big rats in my apartment. Being a 70 year old senior, no consideration for ramp even after I got funding and contractors. Roaches when"...

John Knox Towers reviews | 1210 Colonial Ave. - Norfolk VA

John Knox Towers

1210 Colonial Ave., Norfolk, VA 23517
(757) 622-5443

"I am so pleased @ the service rendered to me @ JKT. The staff is cordial and accommodating as much as possible..Thank you very much"...

Bayview Terrace Apartments reviews | 8500 Tidewater Dr - Norfolk VA

Bayview Terrace Apartments

8500 Tidewater Dr, Norfolk, VA 23503
(757) 480-3400

"This place is to old and needs to be torn down."...

Olympic Village Apartments reviews | 815 Pecan Point Rd - Norfolk VA

Olympic Village Apartments

815 Pecan Point Rd, Norfolk, VA 23502
(757) 461-1515

"I’m looking for a new place and I got a notification about this place through Trulia. Needless to say after reading recent reviews I "...

Crystal Lake Apartments reviews | 5535 E Virginia Beach Blvd - Norfolk VA

Crystal Lake Apartments

5535 E Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23502
(757) 461-3000

"Here i come once again.. Why is it so difficult to get things repaired in a timely manner?? But yet the rent is expected to be paid on "...

Apollo Apartments reviews | 3044 Sewells Point Rd - Norfolk VA

Apollo Apartments

3044 Sewells Point Rd, Norfolk, VA 23513
(757) 853-5516

"Worst apartment I have EVER been in. Everything breaks, my kitchen sink has been leaking since I moved here in March it’s now Novembe"...

East Bay Apartments reviews | 1826 Kingston Ave - Norfolk VA

East Bay Apartments

1826 Kingston Ave, Norfolk, VA 23503
(757) 583-1961

"The office staff and maintenance are awesome!! They are always making sure all is well with the apartments and take pride in their site"...

Sand Dollar Apartments reviews | 1827 E Ocean View Ave # A4 - Norfolk VA

Sand Dollar Apartments

1827 E Ocean View Ave # A4, Norfolk, VA 23503
(757) 491-1754

"These apartments are super clean and close to everything!"...

Sykes Apartments reviews | 555 E Liberty St - Norfolk VA

Sykes Apartments

555 E Liberty St, Norfolk, VA 23523
(757) 624-8617
Metro On Granby: Boush Annex reviews | 416 Boush St - Norfolk VA

Metro On Granby: Boush Annex

416 Boush St, Norfolk, VA 23510
(757) 692-9022

"Great apartment buildings, amazing staff, and a wonderful maintenance team who is always willing to fix any issue (provided you remind "...

Andover Apartments reviews | 2501 E Little Creek Rd - Norfolk VA

Andover Apartments

2501 E Little Creek Rd, Norfolk, VA 23518
(757) 588-7706

"Very Clean. NEW carpet. Extremely spacious. All appliances were new at move in. The neighborhood is very quiet. Neighbors are friendly "...

Lincoln Military Housing - Hampton Roads Welcome Center reviews | 7924 14th St - Norfolk VA

Lincoln Military Housing - Hampton Roads Welcome Center

7924 14th St, Norfolk, VA 23505
(757) 802-3390

"The worst service ever.. Soon as I call the news that's when ever want to started caring about service members family's..."...

Park Terrace Apartments reviews | 1120 Park Ave - Norfolk VA

Park Terrace Apartments

1120 Park Ave, Norfolk, VA 23504
(757) 624-8613

"It seems to be a very perfect place for lots of family's and I bet the apartments are big lol"...

Element at Ghent reviews | 111 E 18th St - Norfolk VA

Element at Ghent

111 E 18th St, Norfolk, VA 23517
(757) 663-7545

"A great apartment complex with incredibly responsive management and maintenance crew! The complex is really nice and always left in pri"...

Lincoln Military Housing - Whitehurst Farms reviews | 1690 Normandy Landing - Norfolk VA

Lincoln Military Housing - Whitehurst Farms

1690 Normandy Landing, Norfolk, VA 23518
(757) 447-9848

"I really love this place , really clean alot kids playing outside and the neighbors are nice. Nice place to live specially with kids lo"...

East Beach Marina Apartments reviews | 4921 Pretty Lake Ave - Norfolk VA

East Beach Marina Apartments

4921 Pretty Lake Ave, Norfolk, VA 23518
(757) 502-7711

"We couldn't be more impressed with EBMA!!!! The view is MAGNIFICENT of course and the neighborhood is straight out of a rom-com movie, "...

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