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Becky’s Alterations

29 reviews
 McCormick Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225US

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29 reviews
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5on Merchant Circle, Jan 06, 2015
Becky was great! She bustled my wedding dress and attached a belt to the front. She was super nice, kept her appointments and even worked a little late to accommodate my schedule. Not being from Jax I was nervous leaving dress but I knew right away my dress would be in good hands upon meeting Becky! I highly recommend her services! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Jan 06, 2015
Becky was a pleasure to work with! She did an awesome job adding a bussel and belt to my dress. She was friendly, kept her appointments and even worked a little late to accommodate my schedule. I highly recommend her services! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Sep 05, 2014
Not only is Becky kind, she is a wonderful seamstress- The only person to trust with your wedding dress in Jacksonville!!!! Don't make the same mistake I did by going to Deerwood Alterations: Luckily I went with my gut and left with my dress after the second appt, before they had a chance to really ruin it. Becky is a lifesaver! She handled the fixes beautifully and did amazing work with the delicate material of my dress. more »
5on Merchant Circle, Jul 26, 2014
Becky is absolutely fabulous! Over the course of the last 6 months, she did a lot of work for me, including altering a bridesmaid dress, using my mother's wedding dress to make handkerchiefs as gifts for my bridal party, altering my wedding dress and putting my veil on a comb. Her work is meticulous and she was very careful to make sure everything was done perfectly and exactly the way I wanted it to be done. She is also super sweet and works surprisingly fast. I can't recommend her highly enough! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Jul 23, 2014
Becky made me the most amazing senior prom dress and was wonderful to work with! Her alterations were also perfect! I did not believe that what I had imagined was possible but she was able to make it work and I was able to have my dream prom dress! :) I recommend Becky to everybody! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Jul 22, 2014
Becky was an amazing seamstress. She was very affordable and had a wonderful personality. When communicating, she was quick to get back with you and she did the alterations in a timely matter. I would go back to her again and recommend her to others. You wont be disappointed. more »
5on Merchant Circle, May 22, 2014
Fantastic job! Becky is a lifesaver. My fiancé (now husband) and I decided to get married on our vacation in April. I had a dress and needed to have it altered within 30 days – this was mid-March. Every alterations shop I found said they could not help me. Luckily I found Becky on Angie’s List. She quickly got me in for a consultation on the dress. She was able to rearrange her schedule a bit in order to have my second fitting scheduled for late-March. My final fitting was the week before my trip. Once the dress was done, it fit like a glove and I could not have been happier with the results. Becky’s alterations gave me more of the hour glass figure I was looking for. THANK YOU Becky! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Aug 30, 2012
Thank you for all of your hard work! Very attentive and professional. I will most definitely recommend your business to all of my clients. Thanks again and have a successful 2012! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Jul 24, 2012
Best of the best more »
5on Merchant Circle, Mar 26, 2011
I cannot say enough to explain how incredibly amazing she is! Becky helped me in March 2009 alter a bridesmaid dress for a friends wedding. I brought the same dress back to Becky in January 2010 and asked for the dress to be transformed to match a dress for another wedding. I also brought in a friends dress that needed the same changes as my dress. All I did was bring the dress in, show her a picture of how the dress needed to look and put the dress on so Becky could make a few marks and then I was on my way. I came back in at a later date to pick the dresses up at a later date and was absolutely thrilled. Becky did an amazing job on the dresses! The dresses were perfect and the bride could not have been happier with how they looked. Becky is fantastic! If you need alterations of any sort, you should take everything to Becky! You will not be disappointed!!! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Sep 13, 2010
Becky did a wonderful job on dresses for my mother and me for my neices wedding. Beautiful work, done on time, couldn't ask for more! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Jan 08, 2010
Thank you for providing such a wonderful service to the community. Keep up the good work and much prosperity to you in the New Year. more »
5on Merchant Circle, Sep 14, 2009
I have been going to Becky for over 2 years now and she always is on time. The alterations are always what I asked for. The customer service is wonderful, very clean too. more »
5on Merchant Circle, Sep 03, 2009
I am extremely pleased with Becky’s Alterations! She did an amazing job on my moms (mother of the bride dress) and also on 2 bridesmaids dresses for my sisters wedding. I can’t imagine ever going any where else. Becky is an outstanding woman! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Jul 31, 2009
Thank you for joining our network. You do beautiful work. We can certainly help each others bridal clientele. Best wishes to you and your business. :) more »
5on Merchant Circle, Nov 17, 2008
Thank you for networking with us.You guys offer a great service.Let us know how we can help you prosper.We specialize in OEM window regulators,window motors & switches for every vehicle brand.(POWER WINDOW'S IS OUR SPECIALTY) more »
5on Merchant Circle, Nov 14, 2008
Wedding Gowns & Bridesmaid Dresses. Beckys Alterations & Bridal does it all. Although they specialize in Wedding Gown & Formal Wear alterations, they can alter and sew almost anything. A wonderful group of people. Thanks Beckys Alterations & Bridal. Regards,Media Works, Inc & Media Wraps, Inc more »
5on Merchant Circle, Aug 02, 2008
Thank You for joining the Equi-Signs network. At Equi-Signs we produce signs and promotional products for companies and organizations all over the world. Please visit our website and let us know if we may assist you with any of your signage or promotional needs. more »
5on Merchant Circle, Aug 01, 2008
for accepting my connection request. I am just starting out and I am really trying to build my network. Please send anyone looking for a new and unique touch to their wedding my way.God BlessJuanita more »
5on Merchant Circle, Feb 17, 2008
Thank you for the conection hope we can do buisness together soon! If you have any information on your buisness that we may be able to put into our vendor list for our clients and any special rates you are willing to extend to us for the referral of our clients. Please send any information to the address located on our merchant circle page. more »
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McCormick Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225
Today 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Jacksonville's Alterations Expert Exclusively For Special Occasions Hours listed are available appointment times. Feel free to email any time for an appointment with pictures of your gown (or a link to where it can be viewed online), your wedding date and basic availability. You'll receive a reply normally within 24 hours. Also, if you include what you believe needs to be altered, a range estimate will also be included with the reply.more »
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