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 28576 W Lindbergh Dr, Barrington, IL 60010US

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12 reviews
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5on Google, Aug 04, 2017
Jared Silver is a an excellent marketing professional, that understands the importance of educating the business owner. I am pleased with all he has dine for our company, and would recommend his service to others thinking of marketing. more »
5on Facebook, Nov 21, 2016
Marketing, video and Jared just go together. When you have questions, Jared has answers. more »
5on Facebook, Nov 21, 2016
I have worked with Jared to produce our website teaser video after attending his Video Production Workshop and was so happy with not only the finished product, but with the abundance of knowledge I received going through the course and working on producing the video. I was able to go out and make a small investment into a few tools to be able to create my own videos quickly and professionally. I highly recommend these courses... and for those of you that don't want to do it yourself, he's got it covered and will take you through the process and deliver an excellent end product that you'll be happy to add to your marketing content! more »
5on Yelp, Mar 16, 2016
I was privileged to attend Jared's Video Production Workshop a few years ago, and it was amazing. Great fun (Jared is a talented, positive teacher), and I learned a ton. Shortly thereafter, I made my own website intro video (which more than paid for the workshop), and I'm very happy with it. What a great idea!
Well done, Jared!
more »
5on Yelp, Mar 15, 2016
I recently took At A Glance Marketing's video production workshop and learned so much! I was blown away by the value provided in this course. We were taken step by step through the entire process from writing a script, effectively presenting your message, filming and producing the video. The takeaways were incredible and the final video we produced in the course is now front and center of my company website. Jared is an absolute pro and the experience, training, coaching and skills he provides in this course are second to none! Highly recommended!!! more »
5on Yelp, Mar 15, 2016
Do yourself and your business a huge favor by hiring At A Glance Marketing for your professional portrait head shoot. Jared was such fun and a pleasure to work with. He has a nack of making one feel comfortable in front of the camera. Thanks so much Jared,
Jeff Sims
AAA Motor Club
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5on Google, Feb 27, 2016
Three great photos and a fun afternoon creating them with Jared.
Highly recommended.
Ken Florian
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Business Response:
Thank you Ken! It was a pleasure working with you.
5on Facebook, Apr 29, 2015
The work At A Glance Marketing does for businesses is a one of a kind. It is nice they have examples of the services they can perform to enhance your business. Now he has classes to offer the ones that want to do it themselves. I recommend At A Glance Marketing to all size businesses for their video, photo's, and marketing needs. more »
5on Yelp, Apr 25, 2015
I heard Jared Silver at a seminar, a couple of years back, and he has been so successful by adding a photographer to his marketing business, and classes that he offers business people that want to learn to video to add to their marketing plan. So he can do it for you as a one stop shop, or he can give you lessons to teach you how to do it. I would recommend At a Glance Marketing to businesses of all sizes. more »
5on Yelp, Jul 20, 2014
Jared Silver's service is highly recommended. I enjoyed my photo shoot very much and Jared was able to capture just the right shots I needed for different situations. The first was a professional 'career' headshot and the other was a more casual, playful shot intended for sharing with family. Great experience!! more »
5on Yelp, May 15, 2014
The eps portrait service made me look terrific for my professional portrait. Now I have a new job in my field!! more »
5on Yelp, Aug 16, 2013
Check out my headshot on my profile by Jared Silver. He made me feel comfortable in his studio during set up and shooting. Afterwards, we reviewed the profile photos together and I selected my favorite. Jared then worked his magic and retouched the image just a bit. Jared guarantees your love your headshot! more »
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28576 W Lindbergh Dr, Barrington, IL 60010
Today 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Executive Portrait Specialists®- This is NOT about having your photo taken. It's about advancing your career. We capture your "correct" expression then retouch you to perfection. Retouchxpress®- Bring existing advertising & publicity photographs up to commercial quality. A professional and polished image attracts more attention so you can close more sales! E.S. Teaser Video™- In 60 seconds or less tell your "Perfect Prospect" the big benefits of working with you. It's what you offer that your nearest best competitor can not or will not! The Marketing Mavens™- Your new Teaser Video is terrific and your profession EPS portrait makes a great first impression but you need help with deployment. Marketing Mavens to the rescue! »
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