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martorell's office

a mobile notary public network

7 reviews
 244 NW 183rd St, Miami, FL 33169US

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7 reviews
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  • 3 reviews5.0
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5on YellowBot, Feb 28, 2013
The mobile notary service was new to me until a friend suggested it last week. I tried it and I kind of like it. I work for an accounting firm in downtown Miami and we needed one to come notarized a few statements; the guy came in a hurry. To me this is priceless service! more »
5on Yellow Pages, Nov 21, 2011
This mobile notary service is a plus in the south florida community. Finding reliable notaries at wee hours of the day is almost impossible. These guys work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and they are quick, reliable and very dependable. It's about time we found people that deliver great customer service. Two thumbs up! more »
5on YellowBot, May 05, 2011
A mobile notary public service that comes to you is an excellent concept. For someone with a tight schedule, having an on-call notary at your disposal may be very crucial.As they say in the legal community, time is of the essence.They go to hospitals, nursing homes, etc. more »
5on YellowBot, May 05, 2008
They are quick and very professional! I recommend their service to whosoever needs notary service. Two thumbs up! They also have a very cool... more »
5on Yellow Pages, Feb 25, 2008
Great service in a great office atmosphere. This business is a plus in our community. keep up the good work! more »
5on Yellow Pages, Aug 14, 2007
Great response. Quick and reliable. This is one of the most professional businesses in the area. more »
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244 NW 183rd St, Miami, FL 33169


Notary services on call 24/7 at the customer's request. Translation and interpret services at our office or at a designated location.more »
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