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zipwhip, inc.

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Funerals & Memorials
 11301 Lake Ave, Woodstock, IL 60098US

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(815) 338-1320

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5on Merchant Circle, Feb 25, 2010
McHenry County Memorial Park Inc more »
5on Merchant Circle, Oct 22, 2009
Discover the needs and benefits of pre-arranging. Making arrangements now, gives your family peace of mind & saves time & money. Contact the park @ 815-338-1320 to set your appt today with JP Bechaud. more »
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11301 Lake Ave, Woodstock, IL 60098
Not Specified
Funerals & Memorials


Servicing McHenry County-Woodstock-Crystal Lake-McHenry-Harvard-Cary-Huntley-Bull Valley-Hebron-Wonder LakeCemetery/memorial parkMcHenry County Memorial Park Cordially invites you to our Park Set your appointment today for your free Estate Planning Portfolio • Understanding the needs and benefits of pre-arrangements. • Making arrangements today will give your loved ones peace of mind and save them time and money in years to come.We offer a vast line of bronze/granite memorials through Granit-Bronz, an indoor mausoleum; glass front niches, tandem crypts, side by side cyrpts, granite front niches.Please contact one of our experienced counselors today at (815) 338-1320 to set your appointment today.Thank you and we look forward to creating a solution for your family estate needs. For more than 71 years McHenry County Memorial Park has assisted thousands of families in making cemetery arrangements both in advance and at the time of need. We offer traditional land burial and also mausoleum entombment in this historic park. For those who prefer an alternative to flush mount markers, we recently added near our Veteran Section a new upright monument/memorial garden. Flower gardens, statues and now benches throughout the park add tasteful character.Whether it be our heated indoor mausoleum, scenic pond and landscaping, or the new standup monument section, McHenry County Memorial Park can craft a solution that works for you. Our annual luminaria and candlelight vigil service brings the families of our communities together in a safe and inviting environment of fellowship; Just one of many ways we reach out locally. Stop by the park today to receive your new complimentary estate planning guide and record book. We are passionate about helping families, let us show you how! McHenry County Memorial Park’s Specialties:cemetery pre-need and at-need sales and service, funerals, monuments and markers, funeral estate planning/family estate planning and family heritage and genealogy.more »
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