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yosi p behroozan, dds

156 reviews
General Dentistry
 2221 Lincoln Blvd #200, Ste 200, Santa Monica, CA 90405US

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(310) 399-1100

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156 reviews
  • 109 reviews4.9
  • 47 reviews4.8
5on Facebook, Nov 12, 2016
What an Amazing Loving Kind Hearted Dentist! His work is Beautiful just like his spirit. Many Blessings to Yosi����� more »
5on Facebook, Jul 18, 2016
more »
5on Facebook, Jun 28, 2016
I love Dr. Behroozan. And I am happy he is my daughter Dr. The best more »
5on Facebook, Apr 01, 2016
more »
5on Facebook, Feb 05, 2016
Hands down simply the most honest trustworthy and exceptionally talented dentist out there!! more »
5on Facebook, Feb 01, 2016
Come visit us for all your dental needs! Quality work guaranteed with wonderful customer service. more »
5on Facebook, Jan 29, 2016
My favorite dentist! Courteous, friendly staff and consistent work. more »
5on Facebook, Nov 23, 2015
more »
5on Facebook, Nov 03, 2015
Best. Sweetest. Best. Sweetest. True story. The end. From root canals to simple cleaning.... more »
5on Facebook, Oct 28, 2015
Excellent, consistent work by Dr. Yosi Behroozan!! more »
5on Facebook, Aug 28, 2015
Really nice staff. Always friendly. Highly recommend this dentist!! more »
5on Facebook, May 30, 2015
Dr. Yosi is a BADASS DENTIST with a BIG HEART and FIERCE DEDICATION to his patients' happiness. He has saved me literally hundreds of dollars using his astute problem-solving skills and treated my diabetic mom immediately despite his very busy schedule because he sympathized for her excruciating pain. He's got 5 stars from 131 reviews on yelp...not as a restaurant or beauty salon, ok? but as a dentist!!! Elite yelper me knows what's the best! more »
5on Facebook, Jan 02, 2015
more »
5on Facebook, Nov 08, 2014
Great dentist, painless, and quick. Very accommodating more »
5on Facebook, Oct 10, 2014
Best dentist more »
5on Facebook, Aug 16, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, Jul 23, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, Jul 17, 2014
If anyone needs a DDS this is the place to go, such care and acute focus on patient needs. Thank you Doc!!! Mark S more »
5on Facebook, Jun 18, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, Apr 24, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, Apr 04, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, Feb 25, 2014
more »
5on Facebook, Dec 24, 2013
more »
5on Facebook, Dec 19, 2013
more »
5on Facebook, Dec 19, 2013
more »
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2221 Lincoln Blvd #200, Ste 200, Santa Monica, CA 90405
General Dentistry
Today 8:15 am - 5:00 pm


Dr. Yosi Behroozan offers comprehensive family dentistry. In addition, we have in house specialists offering all your needs in one practice. Dr. Behroozan accepts and is an in-network contracted preferred provider of all, yes ALL, PPO insurance plans. We make every effort to accommodate each and every patient by offering an extra large attached free parking lot. We also have multiple board certified dental specialists within the same office. Therefore if you ever need a root canal, we have an endodontist or root canal specialist. If you ever need your wisdom teeth out, we have an oral surgeon available. If you're looking to straighten your teeth, we have an orthodontist. There's really no need to run around town anymore. Don't let the reviews alone convince you, take a look at our extensive library of work on our website. I constantly add before & after photos of our dentistry.
Some of the many services we provide include: metal-free cosmetic fillings and crowns, implants, dentures and ultrasonic cleanings with jet whitening. We exclusively use BPA FREE, top quality materials. Please visit our library of narrated photos and reviews to learn about our practice. All the pictures are of our own patients and are taken by Dr. Behroozan. Feel free to email any questions you may have.
We look forward to serving you and surpassing your treatment expectations.
Established in 1981.
Dr. Yosi P. Behroozan has built his practice with the concept of comprehensive, quality dental care for the entire family. He takes pride in delivering oral health and needs-based dentistry. Dr. Behroozan completed all his training at UCLA. After graduating from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 2002, Dr. Behroozan was recruited to join the clinical faculty. He currently enjoys spending one half day of each week teaching dental students as a Continuing Lecturer and Clinical Instructor at the UCLA School of Dentistry. He is constantly researching the latest dental materials and technology in order to deliver the most cutting edge, advanced dentistry. In addition to Dr. Behroozan, our office features in house specialty care so that we can treat all of your dental needs. We encourage any questions you may have by emailing us.
Meet the Business Owner
Yosi B.
Business Owner
Thank you for taking the time to visit my business page. Hopefully you've had the opportunity to learn more about my dental practice thanks to the wonderful world of YELP! I would like to introduce myself on a more personal level.
My name is Yosi and I grew up locally in Santa Monica. I attended Roosevelt Elementary School and later moved to Beverly Hills High School. Growing up, I especially enjoyed playing basketball. Nowadays on my weekends, you can usually find me in a local park playing basketball.
After high school, I attended UCLA for college where I had a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Education. After college, I attended the UCLA School of Dentistry and completed my Doctorate in Dental Surgery degree in 2002. Since graduating, I have spent half a day each week teaching dentistry at UCLA.
If you would like to learn more about us, follow me on Instagram or Facebook @behroozandds.
Thanks for your interest and I hope to meet you soon.
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