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Express Oil

yeager's fuel

11 reviews
Heating Contractors & Specialties
 1431 W Green St, Allentown, PA 18102US

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11 reviews
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5on Facebook, Feb 01, 2017
Had a leak in my oil tank. One call to Yeager's and they took care of everything for a reasonable price. The team that came out was professional, polite, and very efficient. Thank you Morris, Chad, and Brian for the job well done! more »
5on Facebook, Apr 03, 2016
We have been using Pacific Pride for over a decade and have found it to be very positive. The price is usually below market, the billing is accurate, and detailed by vehicle and driver, making fuel tax reporting easy and accurate. The facilities, are clean and up to date. The locations are convenient for where we travel, and fairly easy to get our Tractor Trailers into. The personnel are a pleasure to deal with, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 01, 2016
I have been a customer of Yeager's for many years now. Their service is always prompt and the price is always fair. We live out in the woods and have an on going problem of critters getting into our outdoor units. When one goes down we are never without heat or a/c for more than a couple of hours.I highly recommend them. more »
5on Facebook, Feb 14, 2016
Thank you for your prompt service today! I woke up with no heat on a Sunday and Valentines day and you sent someone immediately! The technician was friendly, had a wonderful attitude and got the furnace working within a half hour. You guys are the best! more »
5on Facebook, Feb 01, 2016
I want to thank Yeager's for their exceptional customer service, for helping a first time home owner along in the process and making it easy! more »
1on Facebook, Dec 13, 2015
I'm writing this review for a customer of Yeager's! I am NOT customer of Yeager's. I came home to a desparate message on my home phone's answering machine, from a man that was in great need due to his heat not working. He sounded elderly.
But he was in such distress after calling Yeager's mainline for 2 hours, with their motto "At any hour, in any kind of weather, when you call Yeager's, we'll be right over!" without any response, that he decided to comb the phone book for the name of the technician written on his service contract. It just so happens that the person that lives here, shares a name with the service technician on his service contract, but IS NOT the person he's looking for!
Our family tried to make sense of the message (he left his name, phone number, and even street address because he was looking for assistance NOW). When we finally understood that he had a service contract with Yeager's and was trying to reach them, we decided to reach out to Yeager's too. So, we called their mainline, pressed 5 for emergency, only to be told that if you have a service contract and a no-heat emergency, you should call the mainline. Seriously?!
You guys might want to work on your emergency customer service. This guy's a paying customer, and he's been left out in the cold, literally!
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5on Facebook, Mar 27, 2013
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5on Facebook, Dec 07, 2012
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5on Facebook, Dec 06, 2012
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1431 W Green St, Allentown, PA 18102
Heating Contractors & Specialties
Today 7:30 am - 4:00 pm


Heating & Ventilating ContractorsAir Conditioning & Heating Service & Repairmore »
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