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Loren Little, M.D.

V Theater Group LLC

202 reviews
 3663 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste 360, (inside Planet Hollywood), Las Vegas, NV 89109US

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(702) 260-7200

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202 reviews
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on Foursquare, Sep 19, 2016
We went out of our way to come check this show out because we had heard great things about the Variety Show. The performers, comedians, and magicians where all of great Las Vegas Style Quality! more »
on Foursquare, Apr 15, 2016
Love their shows❣❣❣❣❣ Hubby waiting in line for tickets to the Jonathan Nathan magic show. Which was great❣ more »
on Foursquare, Mar 26, 2016
Family and kid-friendly show. Not a must, but a great alternative. Kind of "America's got talent" show. Fun. The host Wally Eastwood is really talented. more »
on Foursquare, Oct 20, 2015
Buenos números, el lugar es pequeño por lo que se puede ver bien desde cualquier punto. more »
on Foursquare, Aug 29, 2015
The variety show and Marc the hypnotist, we're great but I didn't really care for the Vegas show. more »
on Foursquare, Aug 08, 2015
Came here for Evil Dead the Musical, which was entertaining. Want to come back for the variety show, which looks hilarious. more »
on Foursquare, Mar 27, 2015
Marc Savard Comedy Hypnotist more »
on Foursquare, Feb 20, 2015
We loved the Zombie Burlesque...funny and entertaining more »
on Foursquare, Feb 17, 2015
Evil Dead the Musical 4D. Tiny theater. Hilarious show. Loved it. more »
on Foursquare, Dec 25, 2014
Saw K-Von here Christmas Eve 2014. Gd show! more »
on Foursquare, Oct 14, 2014
As garçonetes são muito simpáticas more »
on Foursquare, Sep 28, 2014
Nice experience more »
on Foursquare, Aug 17, 2014
Zombie burlesque was super fun!!!! more »
on Foursquare, Aug 06, 2014
Variety show was a taste of lots of diff acts. It was very entertaining! more »
on Foursquare, Jul 17, 2014
The Variety Show is awesome. more »
on Foursquare, May 14, 2014
Country Music Superstars more »
on Foursquare, Mar 18, 2014
Do the VIP for better seats more »
on Foursquare, Mar 15, 2014
Surprisingly hilarious, great vocals, music & classic burlesque without raunchiness. more »
on Foursquare, Nov 17, 2013
Great variety of shows and entertainers. Tranquil atmosphere more »
on Foursquare, Nov 08, 2013
See the hypnotist comedy show with Marc Savard. See it sober if you can. Epic-ly Funny. more »
on Foursquare, Sep 01, 2013
Hitzville is a MUST SEE! The show def takes U back down memory lane..... more »
on Foursquare, Aug 09, 2013
Evil dead was amazing!! more »
on Foursquare, Aug 07, 2013
The act with the guys wearing the mask is so funny you will laugh so hard you cry!! So be prepared lol. more »
on Foursquare, Jul 17, 2013
Melinda “The First Lady of Magic" tells the Las Vegas Sun about how she became the famous Vegas performer she is today! more »
on Foursquare, Jul 16, 2013
Stripper 101 is the Home of the Bachelorette! more »
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3663 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste 360, (inside Planet Hollywood), Las Vegas, NV 89109
Today 9:00 am - 1:00 am


The V Theater is located in the Miracle Mile Shops inside of Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip.more »
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