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Timberland Animal Clinic

87 reviews
 18110 SE Division St, (182nd), Portland, OR 97236US

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(503) 665-1194

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5on Google, Aug 21, 2017
My sister just got a new puppy. I came along for the vet visit. Wow! Such a thorough exam, lots of information and the staff is so friendly. When I get a puppy I know where I will be going. Timberland Rocks! more »
5on Facebook, May 20, 2017
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5on Facebook, May 19, 2017
I wish I could say enough good things about Timberland Animal Clinic. Dr. Becky is kind, patient, and very accommodating, while being a talented vet. The staff follow the same patience and caring. How many places do you know send a sympathy card when your pet passes on?? They're good people, provide professional service, and do so at the best prices they can manage. Honestly, stop taking your pets to that Banned Fielded people, all they want to do is sell you everything you don't need. Get the service you need, from people you'll actually like. Your pets will become a family member again, instead of a financial burden. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 17, 2017
Both doctors have your pets health in mind. Both have taken great care of my animals for many years, in wellness and in death. I have complete trust in them. I recommend them highly. more »
Business Response:
Thank you Jan !
5on Google, Mar 21, 2017
I recently brought in my Chihuahua. The Dr gave me much time and patience. She discussed some tips and gave the shots without Chico even knowing. I really like this place and will return. more »
5on Facebook, Feb 19, 2017
It's not easy finding a vet that listens as well as these guys do! Super awesome staff � more »
5on Google, Feb 09, 2017
I have many good things to say about this clinic. The doctor Marks was very patient with my scared kitty and explained all the details .The receptionist was very friendly and volunteered to give prices so I didn't have to ask. And I didn't feel like I overspent. Thumbs up! more »
5on Facebook, Jan 15, 2017
Fantastic care for my pets! Im so grateful I found you! Dr.Marks! more »
5on Facebook, Oct 13, 2016
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5on Google, Sep 29, 2016
They treat you with respect when you don't have much money. more »
5on Facebook, Jul 08, 2016
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5on Facebook, Jul 08, 2016
I love the staff here. They do a wonder job taking care of my 8 yr old cat Princess that is type 2 diabetic, they saved her life, I wouldn't take her any where else !..:) Her Vet Becky is the best! more »
4on Google, Jun 11, 2016
The staff is so kind and looked after my lost dogs until i could pick them up. Its small but very obvious they care. Only downside is google lists an incorrect phone number and i forgot to grab a correct 1 before taking my pups home more »
5on Dex Knows, Sep 09, 2015
Thanks for good care
Dr Merle and Dr. Becki and all staff at Timberland. Thank you so much for all the good care of our various pets-especially Jack!
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5on YellowBot, Aug 23, 2015
Always reliable and responsible
I have known them for over 20 years and I would trust no one else with my pets! They are easy to reach and always have time for me and are more personal than any
other place I have ever been to..With the many animals I have had over these years I can truly recommend Timberland Animal Clinc. Until I started to take my pets here I went to many places and just didnt get personal attention anywhere else...I highly recommend them and their wonderful staff! more »
5on YellowBot, Aug 20, 2015
Timberland is great
Dr. Becky and Dr. Merle were so good and kind to our cat. Dr. Becky spent a lot of time with us our first visit to make sure we knew all the ins and outs of cat parenting. Dr
. Becky was always gentle and kind to our antisocial cat. more »
1on Google, May 20, 2015
I can see by other reviews for this place that my pup was not the first innocent animal to suffer at their hands,just awful.
Dr.Becky's EGO was the problem from the GET GO,her husband was m
y regular vet and was familiar with my dog,on the day I took my pup in he was not in the office,I asked to be rescheduled because I felt more comfortable with him. Dr Becky wasn't having that, she got offended and an attitude telling me she was just as good a vet as her husband (she actually took me to a back office to say these things to me,and to express her disapproval at me for complaining about their office being closed one morning when I needed to get prescription food for our other pup prior to this visit.
So let me get this straight: YOUR receptionist doesn't show to work and your office isn't open when it's supposed to be, one of my dogs goes hungry and you have the AUDACITY to give ME an attitude? MY time was wasted not YOURS!) EGO EGO EGO this woman knows NOTHING of customer service or HUMILITY.Such a stink was made about me wanting her husband and NOT her to see my dog that I finally said ok to her checking my dog out to find out what was wrong with her.
REALLY lady??!!! you are just as good a vet as your husband???!!! you had my dog suffer unecessarily for WEEKS and possibly contributed to her early death,UNBELIEVABLE. Ignorance and Ego are a very dangerous combo. I should have gone to another vet right then and there but I wanted to find out what was wrong with her so I could help her.I should've listened to my gut,my intuition,I will be forever haunted by this.
8 months ago she MISDIAGNOSED my pup and and a month later my dog was dead.She didn't run any tests to find out what was wrong with her,no blood test,no nothing. All she did is tell me my pup had a cartilage problem(she was limping and having trouble walking) and put her on Prednisone. When my dog's health continued to decline I called& was only told to keep the steroid going.I finally took her to another vet in Gresham who immediately ran blood tests and found her blood platelets were at a dangerously low level,he referred me to a specialist vet clinic( he did this RIGHT AWAY because he was not sure what was causing the platelet problem)the same day the specialist clinic found that it was due to an immune disease resembling Lupus in humans,her spleen by then was almost ruptured and I had to put her to sleep because she was suffering too much and could not be saved,she was only a year and a half old. The 2nd vet I took her to in Gresham,who ran blood tests IMMEDIATELY, could NOT BELIEVE the vets at Timberline did not order blood tests or take a more proactive approach, he was actually irate about it and recommended I report it to the state veterinary licensing board and our county's veterinary medical association, now that sounds more like a vet who truly cares about animals and his profession!. You don't have to be a rocket scientist,or even a doctor to realize and understand that if a dog that YOUNG is lethargic,not eating,whimpering in pain and losing control of her motor skills,there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with her,and there was,this immune disorder was systemic and every part of her body was under attack,she suffered a great deal,for a totally UNNECESSARY length of time.Dr.Becky cared more about her ego and her pride than the health and life of my dog,instead of admitting she had no idea what was wrong with my pup she put her pride first,it's terrifying.If you trust your beloved pet to this place you are really GAMBLING.
The tragic loss or at least the length of suffering of my best friend could have been avoided. To add insult to injury,when I called YET AGAIN to express my concern for the rapidly declining health of my dog and the need for more testing to Dr.Merle her husband, he brushed me and the situation off like it was no big deal and basically told me they were washing their hands hands of it.DEPLORABLE.
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5on Google, Mar 21, 2015
Took our kitten to get fixed here. They were much more affordable than some of the other clinics I had looked at. They took very good care of her overnight and the staff are all very nice and friendly. more »
5on Dex Knows, Jul 23, 2014
Timberland by Cynthia H
To the Pet Loving Public,Drs. Merle and Becky Marks are the very finest veterinarians that I have ever met. They have a vast knowledge of dogs and cas. They tenderly and
skillfully treat my beloved pets. Their practice, Timberland, is all about people and their pets. The staff that they have chosen to work at Timberland are the friendliest, most helpful team that I have ever seen at a veterinary clinic. I have had dogs, cats and pocket pets over the last fifty years and I have been to many, many different vet clinics.My cat, Molly, has been battling stomatitis (autoimmune inflammation of the mouth) for the last siz years. She has had her teeth removed and has endured treatment with oral Atopica all to no avail in relieving the inflammation.I brought her to Dr Merle Marks and she was better before we left the office. Thanks to Dr. Merle’s knowledge of the very latest information on feline stomatitis and his treatment, Molly is know boxing the other cats around, excited about eating and gaining weight. The painful, weeping sores around her mouth are gone.Dr. Merle helped me develop a plan for keeping Molly’s stomatitis under control. Now I have hope.If you love a dog or cat that needs medical care, take them to Dr. Becky and Dr. Merle Marks . If your dog or cat is suffering and you just haven’t been able to find answers anywhere, take that sweet baby to them. I am confident in telling you that they will find the answer. Got to Timberland first and meet Dr.Becky and Dr. Merle Marks. more »
5on Facebook, Jul 03, 2014
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5on Facebook, Apr 18, 2014
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5on Facebook, Dec 06, 2013
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5on Facebook, Dec 03, 2013
love all of you and so does my Josie heart emoticon more »
5on Facebook, Oct 28, 2013
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4on Facebook, Oct 26, 2013
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18110 SE Division St, (182nd), Portland, OR 97236
Today 7:30 am - 6:00 pm


Husband And Wife Full-Service Veterinary Practice.
Compassion, skilled and Affordable.Timberland Animal Clinic is a full service veterinary clinic designed to establish a positive relationship between pet owners and the doctors. Drs. Merle and Becky Marks are a husband and wife team, practicing in Portland, Oregon since 1991.
We care for small animal pets including: cats, dogs, pocket pets, reptiles and birds. Our friendly staff he here to provide quality care for your pet and make them and you feel comfortable with all procedures.
Our services include:
* In-house testing lab
* digital X-ray
* Surgery, EKG
* Free dental exams
* Boarding
* Tight Rope Knee Repair
* Trifexis, Comfortis, Iverheart
Timberland Animal Clinic prides itself in having top-quality diets, prescriptions and products for your pets.
Call today for an appointment.
Established in 1994.
This practice has two seasoned veterinarians with 23+ year experience each. The Drs. Marks are interested in you and your pet. They enjoy the smaller practice setting where they can take the time to spend with you whether you are trying to make difficult decisions or you just got a new pup! They are not obligated to meet "quotas" on how much labwork or how many x-rays have been generated for revenue this month. Timberland is a place for excellent care, friendly staff and familiar faces.
Meet the Business Owner
Drs M.
Business Owner
Graduates of OSU, members American Veterinary Medical Association, Oregon Veterinary Medical Association, Portland Veterinary Medical Association,
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