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Thompson Creek Window Company

240 reviews
(Windows Installation)
 5000 Philadelphia Way, Lanham, MD 20706US

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(866) 572-7335

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5on Facebook, Apr 09, 2015
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5on Facebook, Apr 01, 2015
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5on Facebook, Mar 24, 2015
Big thanks to the crew who replaced all our old windows yesterday! You guys did a great job and went beyond our expectations. And thanks to Jessie Lewis for the great customer service when we had an issue that needed fixing! more »
Business Response:
Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Dye for the kind words! ! We would love to see pictures :)
5on Facebook, Mar 17, 2015
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4on Facebook, Mar 17, 2015
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5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
They arrived on time, the team was courteous, and did a good job. The windows have improved the appearance of the home and im already feeling an improved ambience due to better heat retention over the past very cold spells. I did not find the sales person pushy but i observed that common requirement of signing up "there and then" after the sales pitch or you loose the the discounts / lowest pricing. I felt that the customer is not given the opportunity to take the time and think over the offer, thus may come across as "pushy" to accept the offer. Since i got a number of quotes, i noted this was the case with all the window companies.[I wonder why]. In any case, i love the windows and feel they are worth it. I also found them cheaper than the other Window companies in the area, contracry to the common perception I had received that they are more expensive. Thanks for a job well done. Im recommending Thompson Creek to everyone, even those who are not looking to replace windows! more »
5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
Our experience with Thompson Creek was wonderful!! We had 8 windows replaced and the installation crew was on time and courteous. They removed the old windows and installed the new windows quickly and did an excellent job. more »
5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
We are so pleased with Thompson Creek Window Company. We first used Thompson Creek a couple years ago to replace our large picture window. Our experience was wonderful and quality was quite evident! There was no question we were calling Thompson Creek back when we required 2 basement window replacements this spring. As in our experience before, the Thompson Creek team, including the customer service agent, sales representative, installation team and project manager, displayed outstanding professionalism and customer service. Our new windows are clearly high quality and greatly enhance our home. We are proud to be customers of Thompson Creek and recommend their services to others. more »
5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
Being a home owner for over 10 years, I had my share of plumbers, electricians and other service representatives in my home. Mr. Scott Hagedorn represents the epitome of the professional and people skills that a service technician should posses. Mr. Hagedorn took the extra time to explain to me what he was doing to repair our sliding glass door and the benefits of the repairs and alterations that he completed. He was friendly and pleasant towards: myself, my children and yes even the dog.
Mr. Hagedorn deserves a 5 star review as well as a raise in salary!
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1on Google, Mar 15, 2015
My experience happened over 7 years ago-- so why am I writing about it now? It bothers me to this day. I called Thompson because they have a good reputation and I needed a quote for replacement of 5 basement windows. The day of the appointment, I didn't feel very well. I was pregnant with my first child, but decided to keep the appointment anyway. When the sales person arrived I told him I would show him the windows and that I was not feeling well. What happened next I never should have allowed and had I been older/wiser I would have kicked him out immediately. He proceeded to guilt me into a LONG demo (because he said he had to drive a long way to get to me in Northern VA), we were an hour in because he looked at the windows. He was exceptionally disappointed my husband was not there. He then tried to pressure me to sign on the dotted line for a whopping $8K for 5 windows. I finally got him to leave. I would NEVER give my business to this company. I see from some of the other reviews the sales tactics continue. They are over-priced and and high-pressure. Do yourself a favor-- take your business elsewhere. Oh-- and that illness I had? Turned out to be strep and a double ear infection. I hope he caught it. more »
5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
We love our Thompson Creek windows! We purchased an older home and had Thompson Creek replace all of the windows on our main level. We couldn't stop talking about the windows for the first few weeks (the joys of being a grown-up, getting excited over things like windows and kitchen appliances). The cost savings have been incredible; our house is heated and cooled by electricity (no gas), and our electric bill has dropped 75% since installing the new windows. Yes, 75%, and that's without replacing the handful of windows on our upper or lower levels! We can now sit on our couch in comfort; it's directly in front of a window and it used to be way too hot in the summer (the sunlight was fading our leather couch) and extremely cold and breezy in the winter. Now it's perfect. We had such a great experience with the company that we're currently replacing our kitchen door and storm door with a Thompson Creek door. Special shout-out to Josh Hahn for being a great sales rep. He's very thorough and courteous and makes us feel like valued customers. more »
2on Google, Mar 15, 2015
The windows are expensive but well constructed. The problem is the way they rope you into the financing. According to them my credit rating was not good, which was total BS. The finance company they go through is so rinky dink, you can't even make on line payments. I got the windows three years ago thinking they would be paid off by now, but no chance. I would have been better off putting them on my credit card, for me to do that now would not make sense as I have paid off most of the interest. If you cannot afford these windows by paying cash up front, do not buy them. Do not let them rope you into financing. This is where the lies a deceit will begin. Wish I would have went with a local company. more »
5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
We just had our drafty and ugly front door replaced today, and we are thrilled! From the first contact online, our meeting with the salesman, the follow-ups, and our installers today, everything has been great. Everyone we dealt with was courteous, professional, and all deadlines were met. We are very happy and would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family. Very happy customers. more »
5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
We have used Thompson Creek on two separate occasions to replace the entry doors for our home. Each time has been a pleasant experience. While the first consultation was bit long, it was thorough and all of our questions were answered. Both times, the installation crew showed up on time and the work was excellent. The company also followed up with us to make sure we were satisfied. We are very happy with the results and recommend Thompson Creek. more »
5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
All eight windows in my condo were replaced without any problems. it was so easy. more »
5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
I would like to describe my recent experience with Mr. David Boysen and Thompson Creek Window Company. Mr. Boysen came to my home in Fairfax Station about a month ago to repair some faulty seals around the front entrance door, installed 11 years ago. Upon finishing he asked if I had anyother concerns and I explained that the large palladium window above the door had become foggy over time. Mr. Boysen checked it very carefully and concluded the seals between the panes had failed. The window is in the direct sun daily.
Mr. Boysen said the door and window have a lifetime warranty, therefore he would replace the palladium window if I liked. Today, Thompson Creek sent a crew of five skilled men to remove the old window and replace it with a brand new palladium window, under the lifetime warranty, and at zero cost to me.
The window fit perfectly, thanks to Mr. Boysens' precise measurements and Thompson Creeks' precision manufacturing custom made for my house.
My expectations were exceeded and my faith in honest, fair and professional business people rekindled and given a long awaited boost.
Thank you Mr Boysen and your dedicated crew and service people at Thompson Creek Window Company. I would not hesitate to use Thompson Creek for other projects or to recommend them without reservation.
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5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
Thompson Creek installed new window in our home. We are very happy with their products and service. Special Kudos to Liam O. for a very efficient service call. more »
1on Google, Mar 15, 2015
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5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
We have been living in our home for about 5 years. It was bought as a foreclosure and a fix-it-upper. We knew at the time of purchase a full-set of windows would be one of renovation projects. This year we were finally in a position to get the work done, and after a few quotes were sold on Thompson Creek.
The sales representative that initially came did an excellent job with presenting the pros-cons of their product vs. competitors. He took his time to answer all questions, had samples to demonstrate operation and was very knowledgeable with the entire product line. The key selling point was a single-stop shop for window fabrication, installation and warranty work.
The work was scheduled for June 2014 and started on time. The team was very respectful of our home during the entire installation. They had to get into every room and were careful to ensure our belongings were protected with tarps and the like. I would say they left our house in cleaner condition than when they arrived, vacuuming and picking up after themselves.
The old window removal was remarkably quick, done in just a few hours. The new windows and sliding glass door were all quickly installed, including caulking and molding all the needed custom aluminum caps on-site to form fit to our home. In total, 18 windows and a sliding glass door, done in one 11 hour work-day by 4 professionals.
It has now been 5 months since the install, and we are very happy with our new windows and door. There was a noticeable improvement in the temperature of our home during the hot summer months. The daily fluctuations were significantly less, nights were warmer and days were cooler. We would highly recommend Thompson Creek and their team of professionals! Thank you Thompson Creek!
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5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
The windows are great and I love everything about them from the look to the functionality! The TC employees that were involved were very helpful and knowledgeable and answered any questions that came up! This included everyone from the salesman to the business office and the installation team. This is something that is very important when making a decision to replace all the windows the house. I would most certainly recommend TC to all of my friends and family! more »
5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
While they're pretty expensive, the sales person that came to our house worked with us and was very patient while we were figuring out exactly what we wanted. I had a storm door and front window replaced. The company was very professional and even gave us a courtesy call to let us know when our door/window were finished being manufactured. The installation crew was thorough and courteous. You could tell they took pride in the work they did. After installation someone came out to inspect for quality and replace a screen that had been very slightly torn during installation. I would definitely recommend Thompson Creek. more »
5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
Thompson Creek did a great job installing our windows. They were very informative and helpful. We are extremely happy with our purchase. more »
3on Google, Mar 15, 2015
We are not really satisfied with the two sliding doors we recently had installed, and were disappointed because we had an excellent experience when Thompson Creek installed all new windows for us about a year or so ago. Because we used them then satisfactorily, we turned to Thompson Creek to replace the sliding doors and did not contact any other contractors.
The problem is with the kind of grid that is in one of the sliding doors. We told the salesperson we wanted the grid in one of the sliding doors to match the grid in the windows. (Only one door had a grid. The other was plain). However, the grid in the one door is not the same as the windows- the grid in the door is "flat", but the gird in the windows is "contour"! Since there is no difference in the cost between contour and flat grids, we would not have knowingly have chosen flat grids, since we wanted the grid in the one sliding door to match the grid in the windows. So, we assume it was a mistake made by the Thompson salesperson on the order form.
The difference between "flat" and "contour" grids was not explained to us. We simply told the salesperson that, “we want the grid in the door to be the same as the windows” and assumed he understood what we wanted. To our recollection the salesperson did not physically inspect the grids in the windows to see if the grids were contour or flat, and we suspect that he assumed the grids were flat.
When we brought the problem to the attention of Thompson Cheek, we were told that to replace the one sliding door with “contour” grids would cost over $200, and that the $200 could not be financed, as we are doing with the sliding doors. Since the mistake was not ours, we do not think it is fair for us to have to pay the additional costs. The installation for the second door, which did not have a grid, was satisfactory. So, our overall satisfaction with the order and installation of the sliding doors is mixed.
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5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
I recently completed my third Thompson Creek project since February 2014! I started with two window projects and just completed my last with the install of two sliding glass doors! Th
is has been a very rewarding experience for me! From my initial call to the completion of my projects have been wonderful! Customer service was always friendly and accommodating! The installers were really great! They took their time to explain the process before they began. They had everything on the truck to deal with any situation they confronted! They projects were all completed as promised and followed up by a project manager whom wanted to make sure that everything was to my expectations!
I live in an area that has many window and siding contractors with teaser promotions! Some of which you really have to read the fine print in order to determine what you will finally pay! Thompson Creek gives you that information up front! No fine print to deal with! Thompson Creek made not be the cheapest game in town, but if you needed medical care would you try to find the cheapest provider for your personal well being?
A word on my sliding glass doors. My old doors were very drafty and noisy! You could hear them being opened and closed! My new Thompson Creek doors open and close very quietly! I am very happy with my projects and the lifetime transferable warranty that comes with them!
If you are considering new windows, siding, doors and gutters, I highly recommend that you give Thompson Creek a call! I think you will be as happy as I have been with the quality of the product and customer service experience!
Good luck on your future projects and remember Thompson Creek!
Thank you Thompson Creek!
On May 7, 2014, I had a service tech from Thompson Creek come to my house to spend some time with me on the operation and care of my new windows! I had a problem and couldn't figure it out, so Thompson Creek sent a tech to spend some time with me! The tech that came to my house was David Chambers! David was very informative and taught me a couple of tricks. He also remind me to keep my safety locks in place on all lower level windows. I have had many service people come to my house from various companies, but I have to say that David was truly a blessing! He took his time with me and didn't make me feel stupid! Once he explained something to me he had me demonstrate it back to him!
I had a problem with one of my sashes and had an appointment scheduled for 05/20/14! I told the customer service rep. that I had someone coming out on the 7th and she told me she would try to expedite the new sash for me! Guess what? David walked in the door with my new sash! How about that for customer service! I have always had a pleasant experience with the Thompson Creek Staff! From the sale through the installation and service was great!
Thank you,
Thompson Creek
Please convey my gratitude to David Chambers. He is an asset to your Company!
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5on Google, Mar 15, 2015
Thompson Creek replaced all 15 windows in our house plus removed awnings and did an amazing job. Seriously, I was not too excited about spending money, but the difference in aesthetics, sound, and warmth was well worth it. I enjoyed working with Thompson Creek from the initial sales visit to the install. Everything went well and I love the look of the new windows! more »
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5000 Philadelphia Way, Lanham, MD 20706
Windows Installation
Today 8:00 am - 6:00 pm


For the past 35 years, Thompson Creek Window Company has been customizing and manufacturing replacement windows. In 1980, we opened our 1st factory on West Street in Annapolis. As a result of the West Street Revitalization Project, we moved from Annapolis to a new facility in Stevensonville, MD. In 2001, Rick Wuest took over as President and eliminated the middle man by selling directly to the customer. In 2007, our business had grown so much; we packed up and moved to our current 75K square foot facility in Landover, Maryland. By 2011 we were forced to move our Customer Fulfillment team to an office building in Lanham to make way for more manufacturing and warehouse space. In 2014, we purchased the old Murrays Steakhouse building in Prince Georges County where we will build a large manufacturing/warehouse to keep up with our continued growth and expansion plans and to keep us in our local community.The new facility is just seconds from I-95 and will provide us the space we need to grow and provide new jobs in Prince George's County. The move will be seamless, allowing us to continue deliveries to our customers throughout the region and continue our mission of creating the best customer experience in our industry. Prince George's County road infrastructure allows our company to be visible for travelers on Interstate 495 and also to service a large Metropolitan area by providing us with multiple ways to get to our customers.
Established in 1980.
Founded in 1980 by Ernest F. Wuest Jr., Thompson Creek Window Company has evolved from a modest local manufacturer into a leading force in the window industry. In 1997, the company moved from its original location in downtown Annapolis, to a beautiful 20,000 square-foot facility in Stevensville, MD. In 1999, Thompson Creek merged with National Home Industries, a highly respected home improvement business, bringing more than 50 years of valued knowledge and experience to the company. In 2003, our growth continued as we opened our new corporate headquarters and showroom in Lanham, MD. This facility houses offices, a distribution and service center and provides our customers with a location to view the products that we manufacture, sell and install. 2007 brought about the biggest growth in the history of Thompson Creek as we relocated factory to our new 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Landover, MD.
Meet the Business Owner
Rick W.
Business Owner
When Rick was 13 years old, his parents moved their family to MDto start a window manufacturing business. They invested everything they had in the Company, and actually lived above the window factory in the early days. Rick started his career path with a broom in his hand and learned the business from the ground up. In 2002, Rick became majority owner and president of Thompson Creek Window Company. Since that time, the Company has enjoyed double-digit growth annually. With a disciplined business focus (manufacturing and installing replacement windows into owner-occupied homes), a commitment to total customer satisfaction, and the understanding that happy, motivated and well-trained employees are the key to success, Rick has led the Company that continues to thrive in challenging economic times. Rick leveraged his manufacturing and home improvement experience to create a company which focuses on the interior of the home. Rick lives in Annapolis with his wife Vicki and their four cats.
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