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Thompson Creek Window Company

240 reviews
(Windows Installation)
 5000 Philadelphia Way, Lanham, MD 20706US

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(866) 572-7335

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1on Facebook, Mar 04, 2016
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5on Facebook, Mar 04, 2016
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5on Facebook, Mar 02, 2016
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1on Google, Feb 29, 2016
I made a request for a quote for a new front door. In the request I asked that I not be called and instead emailed. Of the 3 companies that porch matched me with, only Thompson Creek ignored my request. The agent was also unwilling to give a range of pricing for a job, unlike the other 2 companies that emailed me. I understand the products are custom made and prices can vary, but if you are nowhere near our budget you only waste everyone's time. more »
1on Facebook, Feb 19, 2016
Purchased Gutters, closet, and entry door. Will never deal with again. Contacting Better Business Bureau. This company will sell you anything & repair nothing.
Buyer Beware.
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Business Response:
Mr and Mrs Simmons, Please email us at or give us a call at 866-572-7335 so we can take care of any issues you may be having with your door and gutters
5on Facebook, Feb 15, 2016
We are in the process of having all the windows in our house replaced by Thompson Creek and we could not be more pleased. The windows are spectacular and all the people of the company have been very professional and courteous. We highly recommend them. more »
Business Response:
Thanks for the great review Mr. Proter!
5on Facebook, Feb 15, 2016
Loved our Thompson Creek windows so much in our old house, we called them again as soon as we moved (new house had window rot). The whole experience was wonderful yet again.
They are the only co
ntractor we've used, and we've done a Ton of renovations, that we would recommend to anyone else! more »
Business Response:
Thank you Jodi Balun Humenik for the great review and using us again for your home improvement project :)
1on Facebook, Feb 14, 2016
How about you all NOT bang on my door on a Sunday at 4:00??? I said to you before, night time, dark out, whenever YOU decide to bother me...if I wanted windows or whatever else you sell, I will contact you on my time. It seems that by reading some of the reviews, I am not the only one that is bothered by this... more »
3on Google, Feb 12, 2016
Great service. I got gutters installed about 3 years ago and they are great MOST of the year except when there is Snow/ice. Ice dam builds up easily on these gutters. I'm have water leaks around my back door frame because so much ice has build up that the melting ice has nowhere else to go. Water drips over the top and around the gutters down the siding when there is ice. I never had leaking from my back door with the old fashioned gutters. Other than that flaw, they work perfectly the rest of the year. more »
1on Facebook, Jan 09, 2016
I just had a knock on the door from a sales representative. I said I wasn't interested and he was flabbergasted - started making rude comments about things I like about my own house. I told him I thought he was rude, and he continued, didn't stop until I said once again, "why are do you continue this commentary and insult my house after I already said I felt you were rude?" What an unsolicited punk. Thanks for the random disruptive knock and the rudeness. more »
1on Facebook, Dec 17, 2015
I just had a knock on the door from one of your representatives at 7:30pm in the dark when I am getting my youngest in bed. What a ridiculous practice. I told him I wasn't opening the door and we are busy and he is still trying to mention my windows which are practically brand new. Like I am going to step out and hear his sales pitch at night? Horrible business practice. I would never do business with a company like this. more »
Business Response:
We apologize for the inconvenience and are using this as a training opportunity for our representatives.
1on Google, Nov 13, 2015
I recently had 9 windows installed Nov., 2015, and it has been the experience from Hell. From the customer service, installees, and project manager. The installers left my house a mess, sirty finger printa on my freshly painted walls, cracked my wood frame on one of my windows, didn't install my bars properly back on my windows, left the currents on the floor, blinds thrown on the table. They are telling me no one can come back out until Wednesday. They can come and get these Damm windows ANGRY CUSTOMER. migraine dealing with these people. It took them 9hrs six workers unheard of. Would not recommend. Update someone will be out monday more »
5on Google, Nov 13, 2015
We had our back windows and our basement window recently replaced by Thompson Creek. They were efficient and friendly and I am impressed by the quality of the windows. We are not sorry we went with this company and definitely recommend them! more »
5on Google, Nov 13, 2015
Highly recommend! We had 9 windows replaced and they did an excellent job. The sales rep was not pushy at all when he came to do the estimate. They are extremely professional and knowledgable about the product. Locally company and custom made to fit our odd shaped windows in out 1930's home. We couldn't be happier! We are definitely going to use them for the rest of the windows in a few years. more »
5on Google, Nov 13, 2015
So, I can be a real jerk at times. I have developed a jaded outlook when dealing with contractors. When I decided to get my windows done, I brought in over 10 companies.I squeezed every little bit out of every company that I could. Finally, I selected Thompson creek. Had 35 windows replaced.
Install days, I was home both days, constantly checking on things. I went to every singe window examined each carefully. Found one screen that was a little dent, made them replace it. Every thing looks good. We'll see if the lifetime warranty works out. But, I have heard good things about it.
Even with me being pushy about multiple things, they were always really nice and accommodating to me. The only gripe I've got is that the screens are not tight enough. But, I think they are sick of me. So, I'll live with it.
I'd do business with them again. I'm very pleased.
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5on Facebook, Nov 10, 2015
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5on Facebook, Oct 30, 2015
Absolutely wonderful! From start to finish they were professional and very knowledgable about the products. Local company, custom made windows, fantastic warranty. We couldn't be happier! Highly recommended! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for the great words! We are so excited that we could make you House Proud!
1on Google, Oct 14, 2015
I had to put their sales people on notice that if they trespass again on my property I would call the police. I have informed the compan several times that I do not want them to come and give a sales pitch at my home. Their sales pitch was full of untrue statements. Why do they feel that they have the right to invade others space. I would never do business with them. Why would I reward their terrible business practices. more »
1on Facebook, Sep 18, 2015
This company replaced two of my windows, but the installers broke one part of the old window I wanted to keep, left my house and never told me. I called my project manager and asked about this and she promised me she would check with the installers and get back to me (to confirm that the window was broken or just taken by mistake). That was on 17 Aug 15, it is now 18 Sep 15 and I still haven't received a return call from the company. I would not recommend using this company. more »
5on Google, Aug 14, 2015
Great Company, very satisfied with the window replacement project on our old farm house built in 1947. The crew were on time and replaced all 24 windows in one day as promised. They were polite, courteous, and worked well with the head guy. Clean-up and haul away was complete. more »
5on Google, Aug 14, 2015
Quality product, great communication, quick install. more »
4on Google, Aug 14, 2015
We had two sliding glass doors replaced on the back of our townhouse. We chose Thompson Creek because they seemed to have a very good product, and were cheaper than what we thought were comparable doors from Home Depot. A complicating factor was the old doors were protected by a steel set of security gates. We wanted these permanently removed, which TC said they would do. Also, they agreed to dispose of the old doors and the gates. A date was set, and the two-man installation crew arrived on time. The installation/removal of the old gates/door proceed smoothly. The installation of the new doors was accomplished in good time. The installers were friendly, professional and competent; they knew what they were doing.
I am fairly pleased with the new doors, although there are two things that are troubling about them: The sill plate has two door guides (my nomenclature) that stick up so far that you really cannot step on the plate when entering/exiting because you'll turn your ankle. It's really a trip hazard. I'm more afraid of guests that won't be used to a sill plate that you cannot step on; we're getting used to it by now. The other trouble is with the small piece of steel wool they insert between the two sections, which is supposed to keep insects out of the sill plate area. There's gotta be a better way!! The install guy said one customer called and complained that a mouse had gotten stuck but it was just the little piece of steel wool that they put down to keep the insects at bay!
Generally the doors operate smoothly, and the installation was very good, so I can say it was a good purchase. I just wish something could be done about the sill.
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5on Google, Aug 14, 2015
I am loving my brand new Thompson Creek windows. the crew worked quicker than I could've expected and im so glad I never have to deal with my old wooden windows again. I would definitely recommend them to my friends. thank you. more »
5on Google, Aug 14, 2015
I couldn't believe how fast the installers replaced all 14 windows in my home! They worked very well as a team and worked incredibly hard. I will definitely recommend Thompson Creek if any of my friends need to get their windows replaced. more »
5on Google, Aug 14, 2015
Had sliding glass door replaced, and then a year later had them back to do the windows - so much easier to open, and we can't feel the wind blowing thru. Installation staff is great. more »
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5000 Philadelphia Way, Lanham, MD 20706
Windows Installation
Today 8:00 am - 6:00 pm


For the past 35 years, Thompson Creek Window Company has been customizing and manufacturing replacement windows. In 1980, we opened our 1st factory on West Street in Annapolis. As a result of the West Street Revitalization Project, we moved from Annapolis to a new facility in Stevensonville, MD. In 2001, Rick Wuest took over as President and eliminated the middle man by selling directly to the customer. In 2007, our business had grown so much; we packed up and moved to our current 75K square foot facility in Landover, Maryland. By 2011 we were forced to move our Customer Fulfillment team to an office building in Lanham to make way for more manufacturing and warehouse space. In 2014, we purchased the old Murrays Steakhouse building in Prince Georges County where we will build a large manufacturing/warehouse to keep up with our continued growth and expansion plans and to keep us in our local community.The new facility is just seconds from I-95 and will provide us the space we need to grow and provide new jobs in Prince George's County. The move will be seamless, allowing us to continue deliveries to our customers throughout the region and continue our mission of creating the best customer experience in our industry. Prince George's County road infrastructure allows our company to be visible for travelers on Interstate 495 and also to service a large Metropolitan area by providing us with multiple ways to get to our customers.
Established in 1980.
Founded in 1980 by Ernest F. Wuest Jr., Thompson Creek Window Company has evolved from a modest local manufacturer into a leading force in the window industry. In 1997, the company moved from its original location in downtown Annapolis, to a beautiful 20,000 square-foot facility in Stevensville, MD. In 1999, Thompson Creek merged with National Home Industries, a highly respected home improvement business, bringing more than 50 years of valued knowledge and experience to the company. In 2003, our growth continued as we opened our new corporate headquarters and showroom in Lanham, MD. This facility houses offices, a distribution and service center and provides our customers with a location to view the products that we manufacture, sell and install. 2007 brought about the biggest growth in the history of Thompson Creek as we relocated factory to our new 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Landover, MD.
Meet the Business Owner
Rick W.
Business Owner
When Rick was 13 years old, his parents moved their family to MDto start a window manufacturing business. They invested everything they had in the Company, and actually lived above the window factory in the early days. Rick started his career path with a broom in his hand and learned the business from the ground up. In 2002, Rick became majority owner and president of Thompson Creek Window Company. Since that time, the Company has enjoyed double-digit growth annually. With a disciplined business focus (manufacturing and installing replacement windows into owner-occupied homes), a commitment to total customer satisfaction, and the understanding that happy, motivated and well-trained employees are the key to success, Rick has led the Company that continues to thrive in challenging economic times. Rick leveraged his manufacturing and home improvement experience to create a company which focuses on the interior of the home. Rick lives in Annapolis with his wife Vicki and their four cats.
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