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Thompson Creek Window Company

240 reviews
(Windows Installation)
 5000 Philadelphia Way, Lanham, MD 20706US

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(866) 572-7335

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3on BirdEye, Aug 23, 2017
Ordered a 4-lite bow with 4 operating windows. They came ripped out my old window and installed the new one. The only problem it was the wrong window. 4- lite with 2 operating windows. I ask them where was their quality inspection ,no answer. How will I be compensated for my time, inconvenience, we will discuss that when we install your new window. Let's wait and see as I will not back down. more »
1on Google, Jul 30, 2016
The new rub is going down to your local courthouse and getting the name of the owner and then hitting you up with a spread sheet. I know this happens elsewhere for other reasons, but how impersonal can one get? Really! more »
4on Facebook, Jul 26, 2016
Don't know yet but so far, customer service is really slow at returning calls and after waiting for a 8-12:00 appointment, just got a call that rep SHOULD be here by 11:55. Hope their work is better than their customer service! (It took just a few minutes for my down payment to clear my bank account though).
Update: Life just got better, Alan is my project manager. I am hoping for a great install!
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1on Facebook, Jul 19, 2016
Why do I, as the customer have to call Thompson Creek to find out the status of the Project Manager and where they are?? This is the second time this has happened and I am tired of being told they are working on it and will get back to me! Is this your idea of customer service? I can see why others have said poor or lack of communication once they have the job signed and your money! They are always quick to call and ask if there is any other project they can send someone out to quote for me. SMH!! Definitely do not have the customers interest in mind!!! more »
1on Google, Jul 16, 2016
This company was #3 on my list of contractors to get price quotes at. I was a little suspicious after the original scheduler told me it would take about 90 minutes, since the other contractors were done in less than 20. 90 minutes sounds like a high pressure presentation where they justify overcharging you. Similar to a company that quoted me $32k for a new kitchen, which another company did for $6k, without any problems.
After reviewing other users experience and the prices they have been quoted I knew they were far beyond reasonable and far beyond what I can afford. When I called to cancel my appointment the guy wanted to argue with me, and finally when I told him my budget and previous quotes felt it was better to insult the other contractors rather than acknowledge that they charge too much. He finally told me that it sounds like I am just "wasting my money".
Sorry Thompson, go rob someone else.
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Business Response:
Thank you for your feedback regarding your experience with us. We are so sorry this happened and would love the chance to remedy the situation. Please contact me at your convenience at or 301.560.0661.
5on Google, Jul 16, 2016
Great customer service. Great product. more »
1on Google, Jul 09, 2016
I would not suggest Thompson Creek to anyone based on our experience with them.
We engaged them to replace a failing door and they promised a quick turn around (about a month) they failed to del
iver on. It took them about 9 months (07/15/15 - 04/05/15) to install and resolve all the issues caused during this process and it was one of the most arduous experiences I've had as a home owner.
We have pages of notes and saved emails, but in short we had the following issues with them:
-Unable to provide the product(s) original agreed upon, basically felt like a "bait and switch".
-Unable to meet the timelines first agreed upon during the sale, and then reaffirmed with the first site visit.
-Frequent broken promises. We had to limit all our interactions to email with them, because site managers would "promise" a fix, a timeline or a resolution and the Contract managers would have "No record of that"
-Slow and often long periods between communications, we had to chase them down after signing the contact to get movement.
-Frequent No-Shows (No call or email to notify us)
-Frequent delays during the process due to damaged product, staffing problems or failure to communicate internally.
-Lack of internal communication. The sales people don't talk to the installers, disconnects between site workers and contract managers.
-Damaged Product repeatably brought to site.
-Poorly skilled or trained subcontractors (Frequently did a below standard job requiring more than a dozen follow up visits to resolve issues).
-Workers clearly rushed and ignore concerns during the install(s). multiple photos available showing the sloppy work.
-Inability or lack of desire for the Onsite workers to follow the designs / plans provided by the Leads, and a during the initial failed install a complete refusal to match the existing design.
-Follow up communications sporadic and less than pleasant.
In the end after they had resolved all the outstanding issues and cleaned up the calking from the front of our house I requested a final invoice detailing the work and what was done, which we had not received..
Today Lawyers claiming to represent the company contacted me about our failure to respond or meet our outstanding Obligation to Thompson Creek.
I let him know we were still waiting an invoice from Thompson Creek and was told "They had exhausted all avenues of communication" with us, but he refused to provide any of those claimed correspondences and payment was required immediately to avoid litigation...
Further highlighting Thompson Creeks poor handling of our whole experience with them. Not a single email, call or letter from the company since May, they would rather hire a lawyer than send us an invoice.
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1on Facebook, Jul 07, 2016
They did a very bad job, never use this company for anything... more »
1on Google, Jun 30, 2016
We ordered a custom door and shutters in August 2015. The first time they installed the door and it was too short so the installer was told to raise it up and build up the threshold. This was unexceptable and a safety hazard. The project supervisor from Thompson Creek came to the house and apologized and ordered another door. I told Thompson Creek that the project supervisor needs to be present before the second door was installed. While we were waiting for him to show up the installers measured the second door and found that it was also too short. I told them that we were leaving for Florida so they could not come back until May of 2016. They brought another door in May and finally it was the correct size and was installed. When the shutters were installed the mounting anchors were crooked and they brought new shutters and they were also the wrong size. They brought the correct size shutters and they were installed properly. Thompson Creek also installed pillister on each side of the new door and the buildup was coming loose due to poor installartion. I pointed it out to the project supervisor and told me that it would be fixed. The fix was that the shutter installers drove nails into the pillister and tried to cover it up with the wrong color calk. They were suppose to have notify Tom's on Creek that it needed to be fixed properly. I have not been contacted by Thompson Creek about this issue. more »
5on Facebook, Jun 14, 2016
Thompson Creek installed gutters on my house years ago...i called them and told them the gutters were coming off the roof in the back...they sent a gentleman. .really nice and professional guy out to see it...Mr Dave Chambers....he looked at it and after calling back to the office. ..told me they would be out next week to make the repairs! We are senior citizens and really couldn't afford costly repairs to our roof. ..excellent customer service!!
Thanks so much!
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5on Facebook, Jun 11, 2016
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5on Google, May 30, 2016
Life changing! I bought a fixer upper on the water and needed windows that can withstand high winds and keep my radiant heat inside! We had 16 windows installed and love our new windows. The crew was amazing that installed them, very friendly and installed all 16 windows in one day. When i got home from work I thought, oh man this is going to be a mess, but by the time they left you never would have known they were even there! The windows are beautiful, we are beyond happy. The whole process from start to finish was more than we ever expected, the whole crew was so professional and friendly. I plan to use Thompson Creek for any future projects I can! more »
5on Google, May 30, 2016
If you are looking for a window company that provides the HIGHEST quality window product, and installation workmanship, Thompson Creek are the company. We were highly satisfied with their service from contract to closure. more »
5on Facebook, May 26, 2016
This is an amazing company! We had our windows installed about five years ago. The windows are great and the service when one got broken was perfect. I recommend TC for all your window and door needs! more »
1on Google, Apr 30, 2016
A Thompson Creek door-to-door associate knocked on my door about free quotes for our windows over Easter weekend. I told him we were considering new windows but we weren't interested at this time. We cancelled a quote appointment and have gotten 6 calls mostly in the morning while at the office to reschedule. I finally answered a call this evening asked to be removed from their list because we aren't interested at this time and the Thompson Creek associate immediately disconnect the call. Your customer service is horrible and I will not use your company when I am ready to make upgrades.
You CS department gets a solid 0 out of 10 from me.
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5on Google, Apr 30, 2016
I have had the Thompson Creek Windows for 8 years and want to say their warranty works and works great. I had 2 sills replaced for free the end of March under warranty. I also have some screens that the squirrels birds and weather have done a number on them. Called to find out what new screens cost, by one of the nicest customer service ladies I have talked to in a while, I was told they can schedule an appointment to re-screen the torn ones for free under warranty. Say what you will but I am definitely glad I chose Thompson Creek. I am a real fan of their windows and service. more »
1on Google, Apr 30, 2016
Be preparied to sit though a LONG presentation, where they say the price is 19K then magically they are down to 11K. We said yes since we thought they were decent windows and needed them done quickly. Our price was $130 a month, days later they said it was $206 a month- yes $76 a month higher. I told them NO and to cancel. They called me the next day confirming my measuring appt. which again I told them NO and to CANCEL. What a scam. more »
4on Facebook, Mar 30, 2016
Just had our windows replaced. They were professional and hard workers. They cleaned up after they left. Even had a supervisor come out and check the progress and quality of their work while they were here. more »
5on Facebook, Mar 25, 2016
more »
1on Google, Mar 24, 2016
These guys are constantly soliciting in my neighborhood. Their otherwise unemployable goons won't take "no" for an answer as I hold my dog back explaining we are not interested. Very annoying and rude. A sure way to get me to never do business with you. more »
1on Google, Mar 24, 2016
I called and set up an appointment to get an appraisal on all new windows in our house, the representative took my information (couldn't figure out how to spell my name) but managed to get the appointment set up. The appointment was made 2 weeks out, they called the Thursday before our Saturday appointment and during the confirmation had to look up my address only to tell me that they don't service our area. Terrible customer service and even if they do expand their factory, I will never use them. Extremely disappointed! more »
1on Google, Mar 12, 2016
We have struggled with this company for over ten years in an effort to get a defective window replaced. They have never honored their promises and time has shown that ethics are not a strong point. />I'm giving them one star because it is the only way to get this to post. more »
1on Google, Mar 12, 2016
Customer service is abhorrent. Avoid at all costs cause they will ignore you. more »
1on Google, Mar 07, 2016
We had a poor experience with Thompson Creeks salesperson. They were very pushy and did not respect the fact that we wanted to take time and think about our decision. It was a very high quote and it turned us off that he would not respect what we wanted. We took our business elsewhere. more »
1on Facebook, Mar 05, 2016
Once Thompson Creek has your money, you become an inconvenience to them. Communication is not high on their priority list. Craftsmanship is very low...message me for pictures of the amount of crap that was left on the job site AKA my house. Razor blades, medal pieces, garbage and tools!!! I am appalled the lack of response by anyone. They keep say this person can fix it, who is this person? This company's lack leadership which is starting to show this company has become too big for their own good #FAIL #Shameful #DoorsAreNotYourSpeciality more »
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5000 Philadelphia Way, Lanham, MD 20706
Windows Installation
Today 8:00 am - 6:00 pm


For the past 35 years, Thompson Creek Window Company has been customizing and manufacturing replacement windows. In 1980, we opened our 1st factory on West Street in Annapolis. As a result of the West Street Revitalization Project, we moved from Annapolis to a new facility in Stevensonville, MD. In 2001, Rick Wuest took over as President and eliminated the middle man by selling directly to the customer. In 2007, our business had grown so much; we packed up and moved to our current 75K square foot facility in Landover, Maryland. By 2011 we were forced to move our Customer Fulfillment team to an office building in Lanham to make way for more manufacturing and warehouse space. In 2014, we purchased the old Murrays Steakhouse building in Prince Georges County where we will build a large manufacturing/warehouse to keep up with our continued growth and expansion plans and to keep us in our local community.The new facility is just seconds from I-95 and will provide us the space we need to grow and provide new jobs in Prince George's County. The move will be seamless, allowing us to continue deliveries to our customers throughout the region and continue our mission of creating the best customer experience in our industry. Prince George's County road infrastructure allows our company to be visible for travelers on Interstate 495 and also to service a large Metropolitan area by providing us with multiple ways to get to our customers.
Established in 1980.
Founded in 1980 by Ernest F. Wuest Jr., Thompson Creek Window Company has evolved from a modest local manufacturer into a leading force in the window industry. In 1997, the company moved from its original location in downtown Annapolis, to a beautiful 20,000 square-foot facility in Stevensville, MD. In 1999, Thompson Creek merged with National Home Industries, a highly respected home improvement business, bringing more than 50 years of valued knowledge and experience to the company. In 2003, our growth continued as we opened our new corporate headquarters and showroom in Lanham, MD. This facility houses offices, a distribution and service center and provides our customers with a location to view the products that we manufacture, sell and install. 2007 brought about the biggest growth in the history of Thompson Creek as we relocated factory to our new 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Landover, MD.
Meet the Business Owner
Rick W.
Business Owner
When Rick was 13 years old, his parents moved their family to MDto start a window manufacturing business. They invested everything they had in the Company, and actually lived above the window factory in the early days. Rick started his career path with a broom in his hand and learned the business from the ground up. In 2002, Rick became majority owner and president of Thompson Creek Window Company. Since that time, the Company has enjoyed double-digit growth annually. With a disciplined business focus (manufacturing and installing replacement windows into owner-occupied homes), a commitment to total customer satisfaction, and the understanding that happy, motivated and well-trained employees are the key to success, Rick has led the Company that continues to thrive in challenging economic times. Rick leveraged his manufacturing and home improvement experience to create a company which focuses on the interior of the home. Rick lives in Annapolis with his wife Vicki and their four cats.
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