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The Best Detail

59 reviews
Auto Detailing
 8566 Hogan Falls Cir, Las Vegas, NV 89123US

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59 reviews
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1on BirdEye, Mar 11, 2018
I set up appointment for my 2009 Audi S5 for 3/6/18. Peter gave me an estimate of $550 for a rough cut which would bring out a shine to the paint and diminish the scratches and they would use touch up paint where they could. There was body work on left fender and the hood had chips and no promises were made about improving those areas. On 3/6 Peter send two different guys (he led me to believe he was showing up) and they were late but no one gave me the courtesy of letting me know. The techs used too much polishing compound and it was packed in all the crevices and there was a course gritty residue covering the windows and in the wax. The paint now had a bright shine, none of the scratches were addressed and there was a coarse compound grit left all over my car, including the door and trunk wells. I let Peter know that I was unhappy with the service and the condition his techs left my car. I asked him to come out and see how his techs left my car. He would not come out. Instead he blamed my Audi factory finish as a "poorly painted car" and then 3 days later sent out another set of techs who refused to clean up the mess and claimed it as "overspray"!

Extremely poor customer service and I did not receive the value for the $550 I paid. I now have to pay for someone else to finish what was started and clean up Peter's mess. Needless to say I'm not happy with the results and will never use The Best Detail again.
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5on Facebook, Jul 29, 2017
Peter and the crew at The Best Detail are phenomenal. I've had a detail job done and a maintenance wash as well. Peter reached out to me to get the maintenance wash taken care of while I was at work and got it hammered out quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately within an hour, it began pouring down raining ruining the entire thing. I reached out to Peter to talk to him about it, and while they do not have a rain check guarantee, his exact words were "Can't let that car be dirty" and a couple days later once it stopped raining his team came out and cleaned the exterior again and threw a coat of wax on it as well.
Genuinely a stand up guy and there will never be another group that touches any of my vehicles. I cannot recommend them enough.
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Business Response:
Hey john- we cannot thank you enough for this review and your experiences with us! It's always great having you on a routine program with us ensuring the car stays showroom condition at all time- And also thank you for working with it though it took a few days to get to it with the on and off rain- We appreciate people Who share the experiences
1on Facebook, Apr 09, 2017
Peter detailed my car and ruined my in dash navigation system. He told me it happens all the time and promised to replace my unit. He steam cleaned my navigation system now I have no radio, nothing. After giving me the run around for two months he sent me a text saying it was broken before he worked in my car and there was nothing he could do. He is an incompetent liar and I have now has to attain legal counsel to just be made whole again. Don't ever use Peter unless you want your car broken. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 06, 2017
The name says it all!! The best of the best! By far! more »
5on Facebook, Mar 06, 2017
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5on Facebook, Jan 25, 2017
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5on Facebook, Jan 08, 2017
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5on Facebook, Dec 13, 2016
One of the best in the business 🏾👍🏾Keep up the great work Peter and the crew💪🏾. -
Chris " Da_Detailer " Patrick
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5on Facebook, Dec 13, 2016
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5on Facebook, Oct 25, 2016
The Best In Vegas Hands down !
Attention to detail is what he does best
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5on Facebook, Oct 25, 2016
Peter and his team of highly skilled retailers have been taking care of my cars for over a year now. Peter always goes above and beyond to make sure my cars look better than brand new!!! more »
5on Facebook, Oct 06, 2016
Literally the best detail I've gotten, they came right to my house and finished in about 30 minutes while I was playing halo. Didn't even have to get up.... they really added a superior quality and made my car look better than when I bought it! more »
1on Facebook, Sep 20, 2016
Can't tell how great the work is! In fact I'm sure it's great! Because of all the wonderful reviews, I thought the company was the best choice! But come appt day, there was a no show and no call! I call to confirm 10 minutes past appt time!! Peter says they called and left a message earlier that they wouldn't be coming due to rainy weather! I didn't get that message! Come to find out he had my number wrong by one! He apologized and wanted to reschedule! I explained my scheduling didn't allow for changes over the next few days! He said he could come later in the day! Not really pleased, I agreed! Mind you just yesterday I dealt with very same problem with another business! And again I reluctantly agreed to a later time! What are the odds two different businesses, two days in a row! Okay so that's settled!! Peter decides to TEXT me a few minutes later and say; more »
5on Facebook, Jul 11, 2016
Peter is exceptional at detailing cars. The best I've ever seen. Today I had a detail along with several of our employees and Peter came in to let me know that he had to jump my car And there was a warning on the dashboard of my BMW. He thought I may have a battery issue and even offered to drive it over to BMW for me. This is a guy that goes way above and beyond customer service. I told him not a problem I was able to drive it over there myself but he left it charging in the...
See More parking lot for me locked so that I wouldn't have trouble getting it over there. Thank you so much Peter for everything and doing such a wonderful job on all of our cars for so many years.
I really believe any other car wash service would've just parked it back in my parking space not saying anything and I would've come out to a dead car at the end of an evening. So thanks for keeping my day sane :-)
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5on Facebook, May 28, 2016
First time using this company to service my van. What a great finished product. Brought my vehicle to shine better than it did. Now I have a better than new car finish.. .I will tell everyone I know (and I know alot of people) of the great service provided more »
5on Facebook, May 22, 2016
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5on Facebook, May 20, 2016
Best customer service
Personal care
Have always been able to work around my busy schedule to get to my vehicles.
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5on Facebook, Jan 31, 2016
Contacted Richard, and had him detail one of my RX7's to prepare it for sale. He did an excellent job, and completely exceeded my expectations! Great communication, very professional, and very knowledgable! "The Best Detail" specializes in high end, exotic, and collectible vehicles! I highly recommend their service, it was phenomenal! - RX7 Factory more »
1on Facebook, Jan 18, 2016
I wrote a completely 100% true review about this company and the owner, which was removed by Facebook. The owner refuses to pay me for time worked for him and I have proof, but Facebook removed my review without even so much as an email asking me the reason behind the reviews content. The things people will do to maintain their businesses integrity should be more than trying to appear some type of way on fb and having honest reviews removed from their means of advertising so they don't get exposed for what they are. more »
5on Facebook, Jan 17, 2016
I have known and coached Peter since he was little. Not only was he a great baseball
Player and competitive he runs the business like he played in every game ... EXCELLENT. I have several busine
sses myself and to anyone that give this company a bad review is either not communicating properly or just plain jealous of the company's strive to be and stay #1.
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5on Facebook, Jan 10, 2016
Richard is the best! Never seen anyone be so attentive to every inch of the car! Highly recommend! Wish I could give 6 stars! more »
5on Facebook, Jan 03, 2016
Five star service every time! I cannot say enough great things about the Best Detail Team. They are all trained professionals who leave my car looking brand new. Worth every penny! more »
5on Facebook, Jan 01, 2016
The Best Detail are amazing , professional polite and punctual. more »
Business Response:
Thank you! We always do our best to be the best! We truly appreciate your support.
5on Facebook, Jan 01, 2016
After what my kids have done to my car I had no hope until I called the Best Detail. They are awesome I didn't recognize my own car ! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for taking the time to write these kind words, we appreciate your support!
5on Facebook, Dec 30, 2015
Dear Peter my Prius is in dear need of your love again, I'll be calling you again in January! more »
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8566 Hogan Falls Cir, Las Vegas, NV 89123
Auto Detailing
Today 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


TheBestDetail is a fully self-contained Professional detailing service that conveniently performs high quality detailing on-site at your location whether we are maintaining your Auto, Boat, RV, and Aircraft.
Being in the vehicle reconditioning and preservation service since 2007, we have cleaned, polished and sealed everything from everyday cars to million dollar classic cars to boats, RV's, and Aircrafts.
If your car's paint doesn't shine, we have the knowledge and skills to diagnose and polish the finish to a durable and brilliant shine. If your interior leaves much to be desired, we will thoroughly clean and steam clean it and leave it spotless.
After your car looks perfect we will then set you up on a regular maintenance program to keep it that way. Knowing what is wrong from right is whats going to protect and keep the beauty of your vehicle looking in showroom condition, which is why you need to contact TheBestDetail.
Meet the Business Owner
Peter S.
Business Owner
Thank you for taking a moment to read a little bit about TheBestDetail. My team attends many training programs and were certified in many areas. My main being high speed buffing and specializing in paint correction. This industry a lot of people who claim to be a mobile detail service offering car washing, express details, and "full details." These can just be a quick way of saying a good hand wash. Professional detailing isn't something just anyone can do. Knowing the proper knowledge behind which chemicals will properly clean without ruining your fibers in your carpet, ruining and damaging your finish on your leather seats, and using the proper car polishes, and sealants to protect your paints finish in this environment is just a few. If anyone is looking for an honest well reputable company call today for a free quote. Even if not choosing us for your service I would be glad to answer any kind of questions or concerns you may have regarding your vehicle. Thank you, Peter
more »
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