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arthur murray dance studio

Temple of Poi

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Dancing Instruction
 953 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103US

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953 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Dancing Instruction
Today 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


We specialize in 4 things:
- Fire Dancing performances and classes. Hire us now to light up your next event with a special sizzling hot performance with artists in a range of prices from $150 to $150,000 (amateur through professional) artists.
- Zero to Fire empowerment workshop designed to take the novice artist from no experience to fire dancing, usually in 4 hours. We offer this for parties, corporate events, retreats and especially team building to replace ropes courses or fire walking
- We provide quality education in poi, hoop, fans, staff and other fire dancing art forms, helping you learn how to move your in new and exciting ways through these amazing flow arts. Learn to fire hoop, fire poi, fire staff or fire fans at Temple of Poi and if you don't want to go near the fire, play with LED based flow tools instead.
- Train the trainer level classes to assist new artists and instructors learn how to get their business of the ground. As the first poi fire dancing academy in the world, we have a wealth of knowledge we share through live sessions (in person or over the internet), manuals, DVDs and downloadable video.
Three time Best of The Bay winner Temple of Poi is the world's first poi fire dancing and flow arts school offering poi lessons to fire performers and students world wide since 2002. We offer structured classes, free workshops, free podcasts and also sell poi video lessons on DVD or download. Based in San Francisco, California, the community of fire dancers,
Established in 2002.
Our vision is to actively cultivate increased physical dexterity and mental acuity for our flow meditation students in an effort to facilitate euphoric states and a sense of oneness.
Temple of Poi classes are developed with this holistic journey in mine. To support improvements in the physical skills of the flow arts, we offer comprehensive structures, drills, models, and distinctions which continually deepen the artists relationship to their flow tools. As the art form matures, we evolve our curriculum, continually affording student diverse material to study.
At the same time, our classes educate beyond the technical focus and continually encourage development of a powerful and positive mindset. Integrating this mindset deepens our understanding of Self, yielding greater confidence, compassion, grace, positivity and acceptance practitioners experience within their flow practice (and life). As artists develop these attitudes, they release tensions and stress while increasing openness
Meet the Business Owner
Isa GlitterGirl I.
Business Owner
Isa GlitterGirl Isaacs founded the Temple of Poi, a school and community dedicated to empowering artists to gain greater facility with their body movement and increased body awareness through the use of poi and other flow and fire dancing tools.
In addition to the 2000 person client base & over 40 different poi classes, Temple of Poi has emerged as a popular dance studio in San Francisco. In 2006 and 2007 Temple of Poi won Best of the Bay award for "Best Dance Studio" following their 2005 win for "Best Place to Learn How to Fire Dance Before Burning Man."
In support of the fire dance, Temple of Poi sponsors an annual Fire Dancing Exposition in San Francisco's landmark location, Union Square. This even has been selected as a cornerstone event by Bay Area National Dance Week for 2007-2010.
The 5th annual expo on April 24 boasts a blockbuster lineup of artists from around the US and world and again appears on the Jewels in the Square program for 2010.
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