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Sufi's Atlanta

50 reviews
 1814 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309US

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50 reviews
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  • 2 reviews5.0
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4on Trip Advisor, May 24, 2013
The family and I had a wonderful experience at Sufi's tonight. Nice environment-not stuffy or to casual. The appetizers were very good. We did the combo ( choice of three). I'm not sure if it was cinnamon or sugar on the pita bread but it was fantastic. I was a bit nervous when I ordered the lamb kabob and the server did not ask me how I wanted it cooked. After the first bite I realized they don't need to ask, they know what they are doing. It was perfect. Nice yogurt sauces and good wines by the glass. I'm sure we will be back. more »
4on Trip Advisor, May 23, 2013
If you're in the mood for a well prepared kebob or interesting varieties of rice and you like mediterranian this is the place. Comfortable, low key but romantic, and boasting a nice semi enclosed outdoor area, Sufis won't disappoint. more »
4on Trip Advisor, May 06, 2013
Sufi's is a great in-town Persian restaurant that gives you the tastes that are available at Rumi's out Roswell Road, but at a much more comfortable price. We recently had a very filling meal on the way to the theater and just stayed with the appetizers. Their dolmeh is very good as is the mirza ghasami. Sufi's Special, a spicy sauteed eggplant dish is similar to the mirza ghasami, but with a spicy bite to it. The mast kheyar (yogurt with grated cucumber & herbs) will cool your palate if the spiciness is a bit too much. Their wonderful pita bread keeps coming to the table and the starters can be nicely accompanied by an order of Albano polo (black cherry rice).
In the past, we have had various kabobs, which are large servings and can easily be shared by two. Attentive service and clearly a favorite in the area, judging by the crowd.
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5on Trip Advisor, Apr 27, 2013
We visited here while in town on business. The wine list was decent and priced fair. The service was excellent. We enjoyed several appetizers and feasted on the kabobs. Which aren't really on a kabob but delicious. Three choices of basmati rice and baklava was perfect. Would go back if in town. If you like good hummus, and kabobs check it out. If you want 5 star snooty foodie food just drive by, if you good Persian food in a local haunt pull in and enjoy. Come hungry! more »
4on Trip Advisor, Jan 02, 2013
Went their recently while on business trip-we decided to stick to appetizers rather than entrees- every thing we ate was excellent - especially the dolmeh- cant wait to go back-Yum!!!!! more »
4on Trip Advisor, Sep 29, 2012
Nice little place - friendly owner, and authentic food. I think I preferred the fesenjoon I ate while actually in Iran, but this was pretty good too (they made a vegetarian version for me here). You can eat outdoors, and prices are reasonable. more »
4on Trip Advisor, Sep 14, 2012
Sufi's has an excellent selection of Persian food - suitable for sharing with a group. Appetizers and entrees are tasty - as is the flat-bread. The service is helpful - and the prices are fair. An enjoyable place for Persian food ! more »
4on Trip Advisor, Sep 11, 2012
I went to Sufi's for lunch with my mother one afternoon and we had a wonderful experience. We sat out on their lovely patio and enjoyed many of their wonderful, very flavorful dishes including the Hummus, Sufi's Special, the Soltani Kabob, the Rack of Lamb Kabob, and two types of their rice. The meal was delicious. The only negatives were that service was a little slow (but very nice) and it is a bit more on the expensive side...especially for lunch. more »
4on Trip Advisor, Aug 30, 2012
Several of my colleagues and I decided to try Sufi for dinner as we were tired of the same chain restaurants in Atlanta. This was a pleasant surprise that initially could have gone wrong. We read on Open Table and Yelp that they did not have a liquor license and we decided to bring a couple of bottles of wine. It was also incorrectly mentioned on the sites that there was no corking fee. When we arrived we were greeted by a full service bar, which according to the staff has only recently opened. So they need to update their reviews on these sites. We were all from out of town and were shocked when our waiter told us there would be a $20/bottle corking fee. We felt this was unfair given the misleading reviews and asked to speak to someone in authority. We were then told that the restaurant always had a $10/bottle corking fee but given the misunderstanding, we would only be charges a flat $10 for both bottles. From there the meal was really good. Delicious bread and appetizers were ordered and everyone's entrees were excellent. I think the kabob selection is excellent and highly recommend anything from that area. The best part about Sufi is that it offers a welcome break from all the sameness of restaurant cuisine and tastes and flavors you don't find often. I highly recommend Sufi's to anyone who is seeking something different and enjoys ethnic cuisine. more »
3on Trip Advisor, Aug 24, 2012
Just found it pricey for what you got. Food was edible but not as "tasty" as I wanted.There are other Mediterrannean style places in ATL I would try firts, Mezza being one. more »
5on Trip Advisor, Jul 17, 2012
If you have eaten Persian food in other cities ( LA for us) but found local places disappointing- run don't walk here! Everything we tried was cooked perfectly, served with a geniune smile, and generous in portion. The bread was so fresh, right out of the oven and puffy. The eggplant dip, kebabs (both chicken and ground beef), and tradition sides were stand outs. The only thing I found average was the cucumber salad, which was a little small and bland. Everything else sang with flavor and was served hot and juicy. Cute interior and nice patio as well. Try it! more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jun 11, 2012
It's hard to find excellent food AND excellent service but this place has got it both. My wife and I are frequent visitors of the Persian restaurants in Sandy Springs with Rumi's being our favorite, but when we stumbled across Sufi's in Buckhead (finally Persian in Buckhead) this really brought it to another level. The atmosphere is amazing and we are always greeted with a very pleasant server. The kabobs are fantastic and one thing in particular that stood out to us was the Sufi's special which I have yet to find at other Persian establishments. The bread with fresh herbs they bring out with the appetizers is phenomenal as well. I look forward to watching this restaurant grow and look forward to our next visit. I've almost tried everything on the menu. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jun 11, 2012
It's hard to find excellent food AND excellent service but this place has got it both. My wife and I are frequent visitors of the Persian restaurants in Sandy Springs with Rumi's being our favorite, but when we stumbled across Sufi's in Buckhead (finally Persian in Buckhead) this really brought it to another level. The atmosphere is amazing and we are always greeted with a very pleasant server. The kabobs are fantast more »
4on Trip Advisor, Jun 04, 2012
My wife and I dined at Sufi's one weekend and found it to be very pleasant. The price was reasonable, service friendly, and the food was very nice as well. The bread and appetizers were excellent and really set the tone for a pleasant evening! more »
5on Trip Advisor, May 29, 2012
I wasn't very hungry, so my husband and I split an entree. Thank goodness because their portions are huge! We had plenty of food evening with sharing. The patio atmosphere was great with live music - albeit a bit noisy because it's located on a main street. The dolmehs (stuffed grape leaves) are one of their specialties, and they serve them hot rather than cold, which is the only way I'd ever eaten them. I plan to go back the next time I'm in ATL. more »
4on Trip Advisor, Apr 29, 2012
The appetizer dips come with an assortment of fresh herbs including mint, basil, and tarragon. The cucumber yogurt dip was amazing. The lamb kabobs were perfectly cooked and made from some of the most tender lamb I've ever had (and I eat a lot of lamb). The tea was authentic and the atmosphere was very peaceful and laid back, with linens on the ceiling making me feel like I was in a tent somewhere in the middle east. The soup of the day was healthy and very filling. Service was a little slow but I think it matches the atmosphere of the restaurant. I would definitely go back! more »
5on Trip Advisor, Mar 30, 2012
We are still glowing from this experience. So many great selections, so little time.
For appetizers, we shared the Ash Joe soup and the Sufi's special eggplant and chickpea dish. For rice,
Shirin Polo with pistachio, orange peel, carrot, raisins (have to try this at home) . For entrees, the Fesenjoon chicken breast stew and the Lamb Kebab. Check out the menu! We could experiment there for weeks. Reservations appear essential. We ate early, but Sufi filled rapidly. Appears parking is an issue for many reviews, and the parking lot is steep in back, but there are close by options. more »
5on Trip Advisor, Mar 29, 2012
This small quaint restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating and relaxed atmosphere. The food is Persian. It was absolutely delicious. They brought us a selection of relish and breads. We ordered as an appetizer , was homemade and so good. The pita bread was so fresh. Two of us split the Chicken Barg and choice to upgrade our rice to the shirin polo which was amazing. was a definite must...fresh orange peels,carrot shavings,raisins,mixed in the rice. Plenty of food even split.My spouse had The Barg which was a beef filet kabob. Food is reasonably priced.You can bring in your own wine for a corkage fee of $10.We all felt like we ate healthy on top of it. The waitress Atran was very attentive and nice also.Did not feel rushed either. I would highly recommend but get directions. more »
4on Trip Advisor, Feb 04, 2012
Persian food perfectly executed with live music at least on Friday and Saturday and the ability at no charge to bring your own wine, this is a good deal. The appetizer special pick three is a bargin and the choices of cucumber dill sauce, humus, smoked and garlic eggplant among others are all veruy good. Twice we have ordered the salmon kabob and our guests had the shrimp kabob and the tenderloin kabob each prepared very well. Finally the pommegranet cheese cake and the persian ice cream (vanilla with rose water and grated nuts) were worth the wait and weight. Parking is valet and a bit confusing as you drop the car on one side of the building and pick up on the other. more »
2on Trip Advisor, Jan 20, 2012
I was not impressed at all and will probably not come back. When we get there, and despite of the fact that the main room was not full-- they took us to the back room --a sort of courtyard with a tent- with terrible light and sofocating heating. We requested to be move to the main room which was a bit more comfortable until the persian-inspired music started... The food was just OK, nothing very different to what you can get in mainstream restaurant. The only positive thing is that prices are very reasonable, which makes the rest of the experience easier to deal with. more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Nov 17, 2011
Clever me knew that it was byob so we did! No corking fee, so 3 of us ate very well for only $65. I got the best dish, Zereshk Polo, thanks to reading the reviews first. Wait staff was efficient, friendly, and attractive!I will be back. more »
5on Trip Advisor, Nov 11, 2011
The flavors are reminiscent of other Middle Eastern cuisines, but with a very distinctive twist. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner! more »
5on Trip Advisor, Jul 29, 2011
The food here is incredible. It is a Persian restaurant and is one of the best middle eastern restaurants that I have eaten at in the US. I love middle eastern food and am always looking for good ones. I found one! Service is great - wait staff is very knowledgeable about selection and quite friendly. I highly recommend it! more »
5on Trip Advisor, Jun 14, 2011
In Atlanta for a conference, went to Sufi's with several colleagues. The food was excellent, and our server, Souroosh, was very friendly yet professional. All dishes were excellent. I am Persian, so I should know! If you are in Atlanta, try this restaurant; beats all the usual chains in downtown, and it's a short taxi ride away. more »
4on Trip Advisor, Apr 02, 2011
Stopped in for lunch, enjoyed the "Chenjah Wrap" which came with a small salad, and flat bread. Medium sized restaurant, seating for couples/small groups only. Subtle but dramatic decorating made for a dark but warm and cozy atmosphere, with soft classical music in the background. I would definitely go back. more »
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1814 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309
Today 11:00 am - 10:00 pm


A Taste of Persia
About Sufi's Atlanta
Sufi's Atlanta has established itself as the city's premier Persian restaurant. Sufi's is a fine-dining establishment serving authentic Persian cuisine in the Brookwood neighborhood, conveniently located between Buckhead and Midtown on Peachtree Street. At Sufi's, you will experience a wide array of Persian dishes, which you can enjoy in our elegant dining room or on our spacious patio, ideal for alfresco dining.
Whether it's a quick lunch, a relaxing afternoon meal, a romantic date, or a family dinner, the staff of Sufi's Atlanta is dedicated to making your visit unique and memorable.
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