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Studio Posh Hair Gallery

106 reviews
(Hair Salons)
 2180 N High St, (Between Norwich & Lane), Columbus, OH 43201US

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(614) 421-1967

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5on Facebook, Aug 08, 2017
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5on Google, Jul 26, 2017
Love it! I've never had a bad stylist here, everyone is so friendly and sweet. The haircut that I just got from Denny is one of my all time favorites. I'll definitely be back! more »
5on Google, Jul 19, 2017
Fantastic service! They really make sure they take the time to get it right. I'd recommend Angela but honestly you'll be in good hands with anyone there. more »
5on Google, Jul 09, 2017
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5on Facebook, Apr 10, 2017
I've had a different stylist every time so far and I've never been disappointed! more »
5on Google, Apr 10, 2017
By far my favorite salon. Cool atmosphere with a skilled and friendly staff more »
5on Google, Mar 10, 2017
Great staff, wonderful cut. I appreciate that Jim is willing to take the time to make my cut the way I want it, even if I want to switch it up sometimes.
Judgement free zone.
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4on Google, Mar 10, 2017
Pretty good haircut for a reasonable price more »
5on Google, Mar 10, 2017
Always gives me the perfect cut ✂️ more »
5on Google, Jan 09, 2017
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5on Google, Jan 09, 2017
As a guy, I'm mostly worried about a consistent and clean cut. Danny cuts my hair the same way every time, and the results are always great. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is comfortable. more »
5on Google, Dec 10, 2016
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5on Google, Nov 04, 2016
Awesome staff, great service, cool vibe. more »
4on Google, Oct 21, 2016
I have difficult hair to cut properly and my stylist does a great job for an affordable price! Better than Kenneth's or Penzone's in my opinion. more »
1on Google, Oct 14, 2016
I visited a few times. It was alright service but stylists seemed nervous to actually cut my hair because I had to ask MANY times for them to take more off when I wanted the sides buzzed. This didn�39;t give me great confidence in their abilities and I never really ended up with the cut I wanted. Also their salon is VERY dirty and gross. more »
5on Google, Sep 11, 2016
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4on Google, Sep 11, 2016
Consistent good haircuts with several stylists more »
5on Facebook, Jul 30, 2016
I go to the one on north high and see Amber she does an amazing job! when I first started going to her I went BC I wanted the mermaid color I had stripped out and it wasn't an easy task but amber was patient and figured it out I went in with purple & blue hair and left with a gorgeous burgendy more »
5on Google, Jul 11, 2016
Great experience. Very pleased. Lots of complements. more »
2on Google, Jul 02, 2016
Asked to get my bangs thinned out. Instead she cut them shorter .... now I look like a character from OITNB. more »
5on Google, Jun 01, 2016
Studio Posh is a great place to get your hair cut and colored. I get compliments on my color all the time. I love that they run on time and everyone is not only professional but also fun. more »
1on Google, Jun 01, 2016
Horrible!!!! I went in with a very pretty hairstyle, one I got comments on frequently to coming out with a hack job. I was the spring sheep who got sheared! How a professional could think for one moment that taking off about three inches and leaving the hair on the side of my head with about a 1/4 of an inch is a good look. Its so bad I think it may be about 6 months or more before I have the lovely hair I had when I walked in. It looks like a 12 year old aspiring hair stylist cut it. What kills me is that I went before and loved the cut. Don't even want to look in the mirror. What a shame. If I could give a zero for stars I would more »
5on Google, Jun 01, 2016
I've gone there for my past 5 haircuts or so and I am very pleased. All of the people there are very nice, and they aren't afraid to go away from more traditional haircuts which is what I like the best (and the problem I have had with other places). Price for a guys cut is $20 which I think is very fair. more »
5on Google, Mar 04, 2016
I have been going here for YEARS. The first time I went I knew nothing about what I wanted and discovered that I could actually receive, enjoy, and wear, a unique and personal hair cut.
They eve
n understood that I typically would let it grow out and cut my hair accordingly. They have the confidence to help me understand what I don't know and the artistry to make every haircut tailored to my hair and face (even personality).
I have found that each and every stylist is amazing. Sure some have slightly different interpretations sometimes but I've never felt the need to seek a specific stylist.
Until now! I've had a couple haircuts from Tara and maybe she just gets what I'm going for, maybe she does something different, but she has given me my favorite cuts both times.
If I were to move away from Columbus I would still visit and go to Posh for my haircuts basically.
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5on Google, Feb 16, 2016
Denny is AMAZING! I've been attending a few years now and every haircut looks outstanding. more »
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2180 N High St, (Between Norwich & Lane), Columbus, OH 43201
Hair Salons
Today 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


we are experts in hair
Established in 1994.
Studio Posh has been a hair salon since the 40's. The space was first utilized as Empress a salon specializing in roller sets, then a salon called Head Hunters, then a salon called For all Heads then it was called Posh Mode and now we are Studio Posh!!
Meet the Manager
eric H.
i have had the honor of trying to guide this group of artist for 16 years! i think we are not perfect and can get better but we offer a great hair cut for a good price....thank you for all the great reveiws
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