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shannon snow attorney

11 reviews
Law firm
 475 Cottage St NE #120, Salem, OR 97301US

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11 reviews
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5on Avvo, Jul 03, 2018
Shannon Snow is the Best Attorney in Salem Oregon. In 2016 I found myself in a Divorce after a short term marriage. My ex husband was trying to take real property from me that he had little to no money invested in. We had a house built using my money to do so. I originally hired an Attorney in Salem to represent me in this action. After a period of time and money wasted I was lacking results in this serious matter. It was then I hired Shannon. Almost immediately I started seeing results. Shannon was amazing. She is professional yet she is compassionate. I would hire her again if necessary as well as I would recommend her. I would also like to mention she represented a member of my Family and my Family member received wonderful results. I cannot Thank Shannon enough. more »
5on Avvo, Apr 14, 2018
Shannon represented me in my divorce of my spouse of 20 years. My divorce involved dealing with a spouse with mental illness and figuring out a parenting plan and custody for our children. Shannon is a lawyer that will continually keep on fighting for you but in a respectful, calm and intelligent manner. During the divorce and the worse time of my life, I was able to have peace of mind knowing that I could trust Shannon to expertly handle the details of my divorce. She is very tough but also caring and honest. You can count on her to give you realistic, knowledgeable advice. She is efficient and is always on top of every detail of your case. I was continually amazed and impressed at the fabulous quality work or her work. My divorce was finalized five months ago. Shannon has checked several times to see how my kids are doing. I feel that the outcome of the case is exactly what it should be. During the case it was hard for me to see beyond my own emotions and difficulties, but Shannon continued to give me a better perspective and realize that the case was proceeding in the proper direction. I feel blessed and thankful that I was able to find such a gifted lawyer during the most difficult time of my life. Shannon was recommended to me by another friend who had also gone though a divorce and was also very happy with Shannon’s services. more »
5on Avvo, Oct 03, 2016
My two-year-old’s father was awarded emergency custody, after painting me as an unfit parent. Unfortunately, our mediator bought into his stories as well. He regularly misused his power as the custodian of our child and his hostility grew. Once it was clear that mediation would not work, I sought to hire legal counsel. I met with two other attorneys before speaking with Shannon. I didn’t feel like they listened or heard what I was saying. When I met with Shannon, she did listen. She picked up everything I said right away. She asked me to do a lot of homework to supply her with information. Her turn-around time on documents was amazing and she provided clear instruction on how to proceed at each step. She kept meetings and phone calls on topic, so I felt like I got the most value out of all of my time with her. When we entered the court room, she was well-prepared and very professional. She picked up on everything that was happening in the court room and she acted on it. I was very proud to have her representing me. She presented a clear and accurate picture of who I was and allowed my son’s father to show the court who he was. Shannon showed me that she really cared about doing a good job. The judge granted everything I’d asked for, including attorney fees. It’s a tremendous relief to have it all over. I cannot thank Shannon enough for taking care of business when I needed someone the most! more »
5on Avvo, Jul 22, 2016
I went into Shannon's office not knowing what to do first and felt so alone. From my initial appointment I knew I was in great hands. She pays close attention to every detail and makes sure you have the best client care thats offered. It was a painless process having her on my side helping me every step of the way in one of the hardest years of my life. I have referred her to many people and will continue to do so. Incredibly thankful I had her as a lawyer. Anyone who has the privilege of using her is going to have great results. more »
5on Avvo, Jun 20, 2016
My wife and I met with Shannon to resolve a custody issue with my wife's ex-husband. This particular issue had been festering for years, and my wife and I were emotionally and physically drained from dealing with it. Shannon was a trooper. She actively listened to our story and presented a detailed plan, which included a timeline and estimated costs. She was supportive of our position without coddling. She kept us updated on the progress of our litigation without bogging us down with unnecessary details. Shannon was professional, courteous, and understanding of our needs. She invited my wife and me to contribute to strategies, but also guided us, reigning in ideas to keep us focussed on longterm goals. Shannon was quick to return emails and calls when my wife and I had questions, and she always made us feel like our case was her first priority.
Litigation is emotionally, physically, and financially exhausting, especially when kids are involved, but Shannon put our minds at ease and helped make the process a whole lot less scary.
I would highly recommend Shannon Snow to help with all your custody-related needs. My wife and I will definitely use her in the future should the need arise.
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5on Avvo, Jan 22, 2016
Having to hire an attorney was never on my agenda, where do I start? who do I hire? My answer is, talk to people that you know and trust who have gone through the same thing and ask them, you will get a response because they either loved them or did not love them. I was guided to Shannon's firm by several people and I had just a few days to make a decision. She met with me the day after I called. Shannon went through what I needed to do and was very concise and used language that I understood. I hired her that day and turned it over to her. She is very professional and pays attention to the details. Shannon responded to my questions and concerns in a very timely manner and I knew I would come out okay in my situation. She is a good negotiator and everything worked out very well. I would recommend Shannon and her staff highly. Thank you Shannon! more »
5on Avvo, Dec 15, 2015
My decision to use Shannon was based upon three criteria: my familiarity with the winning reputation of her law firm (I went to law school with another lawyer in the same firm); the exceptional reviews of her by esteemed local attorneys in this field of law; and, to be transparent, her reasonable rates. Before meeting her I expected worthy legal skill, but upon hiring her she well exceeded my already high expectations.
I was the non-custodial parent of two young children accused of emotionally abusing them as well as a physical assaulting the other parent, for which a FAPA was in place. The allegations were serious, completely untrue and understandably upsetting. I was scared I would lose my children and my freedom to a troubling degree. I met with Shannon, explained my circumstances, and she agreed to take my case. From the beginning she was professional and genuine. She did not promise victory, and in fact made clear the possibility of loss. She did, however, offer a route to legal victory, without promising one, and she always maintained a professional demeanor. She never resorted to petty barbs or easy attacks in her communications with the other party, unlike opposing counsel. She did not waste money or time and remained laser focused.
Shannon’s intellect, preparedness, thoroughness, comprehension of issues, legal knowledge and her commitment to advocacy, were all on display in her representation of my case. Her trial memo for my case was stellar. She skillfully wove my circumstances into the applicable statutory and case law. She did not write too little nor too much. She explained similarities and differences, invited discussion and provoked questions at the right point. Another notable skill, the issues and evidence to review and consider were overwhelming, and she chose the right facts and issues to present to the Court-this is a particular area where trusting her proved wise.
Regardless of whether I prevailed in trial, I knew I would be writing this review. Trusting Shannon and following her advice was the best thing I could do, and am I glad I did. To be sure, it is not victory which motivates this review, it’s all her work and counsel up to victory-and her overall character.
In the end, I prevailed in every category-thank you Shannon. The FAPA was dismissed, I was awarded a 50/50 parenting plan, makeup days, and the Court ordered a Parenting Time Coordinator – everything I requested.
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5on Avvo, Oct 01, 2015
Shannon is a great lawyer to hire for a domestic relations devorice. She helped me get what I needed from my exhusband even spouse support, childsupport, and even full custody of my girls. She made sure if we had any problems we took it to court and got it dealt with right away! She is aways on top of your case either emailing or by phone to make sure things went smoothly with my case! I was very pleased on how she was prepared in court and how she represented herself to the judge and my ex husband. I would recommend her as a lawyer to other people that are going though a hard devorice and need a lawyer right away, and I would hire her again if I needed her assistance in the future! more »
5on Avvo, Sep 30, 2015
I cannot say enough good things about Shannon and her firm. She was very helpful through the process and answered all of my questions quickly and accurately. Her knowledge and advice were greatly appreciated and she was always available to me. Every email was answered within hours and no question was too small for her attention. Her advice was sound and resulted in our case never going to court. She worked well with the other parties attorney which helped speed up the process to avoid court deadlines. Her fee was reasonable and her billling practices were fair. In fact, I was left with an overage from the down payment I placed and will be getting some money refunded...amazing. I am very satisfied with Shannon's work and would not hesitate to hire her again. more »
5on Avvo, Sep 20, 2014
Shannon represented me (the father) in a child custody / child support case that recently concluded after approximately 11 months of work. The outcome of the case, which ended up going to trial, was everything that I could have hoped for. This included receiving sole custody and the adoption of my parenting plan. Shannon is intelligent, engaging, determined, compassionate. . . essentially, she is everything you could ask for as your guide through such difficult and uncertain circumstances. I cannot recommend her strongly enough. more »
5on Avvo, Sep 14, 2013
Shannon was fantastic in my divorce case. Her support and competitiveness resulted in what I consider a best case scenario in a situation I had felt was hopeless. She treated me respectfully while clearly explaining the options I faced and the risks associated with each. I could tell that she really really wanted to win and that gave me hope throughout the long process. She supported my challenging the terms of the initial petition which the judge ruled in my favor which I believe set a foundation for a settlement over a year later that I could live with. I will never forget her. more »
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475 Cottage St NE #120, Salem, OR 97301
Law firm
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