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rosewood dental associates

105 reviews
Pediatric Dentists
 181 W Vine St # A, Tooele, UT 84074US

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(435) 882-0099

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105 reviews
  • 90 reviews4.8
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5on Facebook, Feb 04, 2016
Landon has always been good to us! He has even personally called us to make sure my husband was ok. Thanks for going that extra mile Landon! more »
5on Facebook, Feb 01, 2016
Everyone is so friendly. They ate so patient with my kids. more »
5on Facebook, Jan 11, 2016
LOVED COMING IN TODAY!!!! Truthfully I cannot stand dental pain, I'll have my blood taken a thousand times than have my teeth cleaned once. But I felt so comfortable and everyone was so sweet and made me laugh to forget about my fear of the buzzing tools. XD
never thought I'd say this but...
Can't wait for my next appointment!!! :)
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5on Facebook, Nov 19, 2015
I love you all. You made going to the dentist more like visiting friends. Mary Ann you're an angel. more »
5on Facebook, Nov 17, 2015
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5on Facebook, Sep 22, 2015
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5on Facebook, Sep 21, 2015
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5on Facebook, Jun 02, 2015
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5on Facebook, May 29, 2015
I love Rosewood Dental!! I have never been treated so kindly and with as much respect as I do from their staff. They are so efficient, no crazy wait times, do their best to get you in ASAP and greet you with a smile. Dr. Johnson is fantastic, one of the nicest people I have ever met, an outstanding dentist and never gets tired of seeing me (since I seem to have an emergency every other week).
I switched to Rosewood Dental a year and a half ago and wish I would have done it 10 years ago!!!
Oh and they have delicious cookies, warm and waiting for after your appointment!! Seriously what dentist office does that?! Only the coolest one in Tooele......ROSEWOOD!!!
more »
5on Facebook, May 22, 2015
I want to thank The Rosewood Family Dentist for seeing my son on short notice and helping his wisdom tooth feel better!! Very sweet people and very Thank you!! I'd refer you to everyone!! more »
3on Facebook, Apr 23, 2015
Love the docs and most of the staff - had a rude encounter with one of the new staff members after nearly 10 years of being a patient. Otherwise I would've given 5 stars. Almost left, but Holly convinced me to stay. Love you Holly.
If you want a great doc but can handle a little snobby at the front desk I highly recommend rosewood.
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5on Facebook, Apr 21, 2015
Excellent dentist, amazing staff. The best dentist in Tooele, Utah. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 02, 2015
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5on Facebook, Jan 27, 2015
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5on Facebook, Sep 27, 2014
I have such a hard time going to the dentist bad experiences in the past have made me anxious and afraid. The team at rosewood was wonderful they took me on a tour and introduced me around. They offer oral sedation and are so great in making you comfortable all while doing excellent work on your teeth. more »
5on Facebook, Sep 10, 2014
The best dentist office ever!!!! Always feel welcome and totally comfortable everytime. more »
5on Facebook, Aug 17, 2014
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5on Facebook, Jun 29, 2014
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4on Facebook, Jun 21, 2014
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5on Facebook, Jun 20, 2014
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5on Facebook, Jun 10, 2014
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5on Facebook, Jun 05, 2014
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5on Facebook, May 20, 2014
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5on Facebook, May 17, 2014
Excellent, caring staff who put you at ease and make you feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you walk in the door, up to when you are done. I would highly recommend them to everyone. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 11, 2014
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181 W Vine St # A, Tooele, UT 84074
Pediatric Dentists
Today 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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