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Ride Away Bicycles

61 reviews
 11075 West Interstate 10 #305, Ste 305, San Antonio, TX 78230US

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(210) 696-9925

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5on Google, Sep 21, 2017
Best bike shop in town and coolest people! They don't try to rip u off like other local bike shops I won't mention. more »
5on Google, Aug 25, 2017
Great bike shop with even greater people staffing the store. more »
5on Google, Jul 28, 2017
This place rocks. Good vibes with good people that are happy to help with any thing you need. Fixed a busted rear wheel spoke and trued my rim, dropped it off watched a flick next door and was ready for pick up by the end of the movie. Will definitely be back when it's time to purchase a new Giant. Thanks guys! more »
5on Google, Jul 05, 2017
Love the guys who work there.. Very helpful and quick to assess needs.. more »
1on Google, Jul 05, 2017
I am an experienced cyclist from the northeast who was in Texas for work and decided to use the convenient rental services provided by this shop. Pick up was fine, but when I got to the trailhead approximately 1 hrs drive north, found out that there was a huge part of the worn out tire missing causing it to pop the moment I sat on the bike. I view this as a result of poor maintenance of the rental bike. The response from the shop was: these things happen and they failed to adequately rectify the inconvenience and cost in time and gas on my part, the customer. more »
5on Google, Apr 09, 2017
Great great service . more »
4on Google, Apr 09, 2017
more »
4on Google, Mar 09, 2017
Always very helpful and friendly more »
4on Google, Mar 09, 2017
A little on the expensive side but really good products and service, you can't go wrong with them, you can try any product you like and be satisfied with your purchase. more »
5on Google, Mar 09, 2017
Look I'm a new rider and bought my bike at bike world. The worst bike shop in the world! With that said I started to come to Ride Away for a few tubes, etc and just found these guys to be some really good people who care and want to help you out. Eduardo is super great and knowledgeable, they fill up my tires for free and give some great vibes. Sorry Ride Away for not buying my frirst real bike from y'all, my next one will be from you guys! Say no to bike world and come to Ride Away! Thanks guys more »
5on Superpages, Dec 29, 2016
I am well delighted due to the fact that this shop caters to all my needs as a cyclist. They sell equipment that are right for everyone's budget. more »
1on Google, Oct 27, 2016
Took my bike there for a basic tune up. Part of the package said wipe down bike. The clearly did not wipe down my bike at all. When I asked the guy he told me that the technician probably wiped down the parts he worked on. I told him that his sign said wipe down bike. And he kind of just blew me off.What a rip off I would have gave it zero stars if I could. Don't bother with this place. more »
1on Google, Oct 27, 2016
I was really disappointed in their customer service. General courtesy is almost completely absent. Prices are definitely higher than other shops, and from my experience with them, it feels like they're disinterested in helping average riders; more interested in professionals. more »
1on Google, Oct 20, 2016
Tried to get a basket for my bike. Was sent to another location. I was sent to the Alamo ranch location. Waste of time and gas. I called back to the huebner location to let them know of poor service and no basket. The owner then said he would order me one personally. Do think I have got that bad service. This is why business go under to online companies. more »
5on Google, Oct 10, 2016
Great service. Great products. Friendly staff. Great prices. more »
1on Google, Sep 10, 2016
I own a specialized stumpjumper an have been riding for years. I found a new Scott scale plus size at a good price and bought it, been doing PR's on the the bike on short segments, I love the way it rides but I'm just not use to the weight. So I went in to the store ready to spend on a carbon stem, handlebars, seat post and anything that they had to shave some weight and yes also for the bling. The tall skinny sales guy showed me out the door, told me that I'm riding a plus bike and making a face said the nature of the bike is to be heavy. This plus bike can go really fast I just need to shave some weight off of it for longer runs but I guess Ill be going to another store to find parts. more »
5on Google, Sep 10, 2016
My old Peugeot and I would both agree they like what they are doing and they know what it takes to ride. more »
1on Google, Sep 10, 2016
Quick tire tube repair, which is cool. Place is not for a novices..their customer service proves that they have no tolerance for anyone that does not know about the cycling world very well. I came in asking for assistance for my used bike and wouldn't spend 100.00+ to get everything new. Which was their immediate answer. I asked if they could clean my disc brakes,pads and rotors since they got some chain oil on em. Said I would pay for it and leave it. Plainly said "no, be cheaper if You do it yourself". I felt I was just shoved off and out the door. They seemed irritated with me. I am looking to increase my knowledge and would like to have a close bike shop to go to. Definitely will not return unless I have to. I'll give my money and business to some other bike shop. more »
5on Google, Aug 10, 2016
Great service. They installed a derailleur in no time and with a minimal charge. 1/4th the price quoted by Planet Bike. Techs are top notch and quick with a good joke. Highly recommended. more »
5on Google, Jul 24, 2016
Good guys, convenient location. more »
1on Google, Jul 17, 2016
Walked in the store wasn't greeted, I looked at every men's bike in the store (which is small) and no one said a single word to me.. There was a family of four being helped and four members of the staff there.. So why wasn't I even greeted?! Is it because I'm black?! more »
5on Google, Jul 10, 2016
Great place. I'll get my next 29er here. Went in for a helmet, but I need an XL and they only had one. It was nice but didn't feel comfortable. They said to be sure to like the feel or else you won't use it. Even if that meant I went to REI to purchase an XL helmet (they had one that I liked the fit of). Would've preferred to buy here but no dice this time. Checked prices on bikes are very reasonable. more »
5on Google, Jul 01, 2016
GREAT bike shop, very knowledgeable & helpful staff. AAAA++++ more »
5on Google, Jul 01, 2016
Just what a bike shop should be. I've Been going here for years, the staff is always super helpful, mechanic help is the fastest in town (and downright good too). Never had a complaint. more »
5on Google, Jul 01, 2016
As soon as you walk in, request for Jason. He's a very friendly, helpful guy and will suggest the best bicycle for your needs. He's very knowledgeable about the products as well. If they don't have the bicycle you're looking for, just ask him and he'll order it for you. Overall, this place is great and I highly recommend it! (5/5) more »
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Ride Away Bicycles specialized in everything to do with cycling. We sell kids bikes, road, mountain, BMX, cruisers, and adult trikes. We also service all bike makes and models and offer fitting services on all bikes.
Established in 1996.
Ride Away Bicycles was opened in 1996 in an effort to provide a positive experience for cyclist of all ages and experience levels. We originally were located at Babcock and Huebner Road and shortly out grew that location. We moved to the Huebner Oaks Shopping Center in 2004.
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