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Pixar Animation Studios

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Mass Media
 1200 Park Ave, (btw Watts St & Hollis St), Emeryville, CA 94608US

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5on Yelp, May 04, 2014
Pixar, my happiest place on earth.!
I had the privilege of getting a tour here a few months ago and I was blown away by the entire experience. This would be my dream place to work. If you can, t
his is a must place to visit. I know I'd go there again in a heartbeat. more »
4on Yelp, Mar 23, 2014
Good thing I knew someone at Pixar, because my friend took me on a fun tour inside Pixar Studios! Parking was easy - pull up to the kiosk, let them know who you are visiting, and in you go! There is a specific visitor parking section. :)
You can take pictures inside; just not some of the hallways where it's clearly marked with "no photographs". I saw some of my favorite characters and movies - The Incredibles, Monsters, Inc. and more! The famous lamp and ball was right outside of the Steve Jobs Building - best to take a picture with that!
I can't believe this campus as its own pool and basketball court / volleyball court. Incredible. :) It's almost like having their own gym on site. The lunch options are also subsidized for employees and guests. While I didn't have lunch on campus, I really enjoyed seeing the open-ness and the hustle/bustle of the people waiting in line and "spontaneously" meeting each other / chatting with each other while you're in the large atrium area. VERY COOL.
I think the employees are all getting ready for the next movie to launch in 2015...with "The Good Dinosaur". In the meantime, most of the things up on the walls are from Monsters University!
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5on Yelp, Feb 28, 2014
Pixar is awesome! more »
5on Yelp, Oct 06, 2013
Does it get any better than this?
Pixar is such an amazing campus and so much fun.
I have come here a few times and each time I come they always update the lobby with their latest movie re
lease. It's so cool! I came here for an Animation Panel for Monster's University and the gates in the front are exactly like the movie! The Steve Job's building is the main building where the screening room is.
I love you Pixar!
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5on Yelp, Aug 29, 2013
Wow, I didn't expect to find this place in Emeryville but was really pleasantly surprised. How do you not smile when you see the Pixar Studios logo? more »
5on Yelp, Aug 22, 2013
The process of tracking down a tour guide was probably my biggest goal of the summer. I sent endless emails pleading with my friends to put me in touch with their former high school sweetheart or sewing class buddy. Alas! I found a tour guide after about 2 months of asking around. Once you get into the gate, it's a dream come true.
Surrounding the buildings are beautiful lush landscaping, neat statues from movies like Finding Nemo, and lots of sidewalks. It feels like a mini college campus. I was given an hour long tour around the grounds and inside the Steve Jobs building. Within the building, there were character statues/displays from multiple Pixar movies. My tour guide encouraged photo ops with the displays. Lining the halls and walls, I was fascinated with the models/sculptures, detailed art, and drawings. Much of the art was museum-worthy. Some of the art pieces were modern takes on the former Pixar movies. I loved every bit of it!
Following the tour, I was allowed to join Pixar employees in the cafeteria. Several gourmet options, including salads, burritos, pizza, and more. After lunch, I spent about $80 on hard-to-get Pixar gear in their little gift shop.
I highly encourage you to find a tour guide to take you through the campus, if you're ever near/visiting San Francisco.
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5on Yelp, Aug 10, 2013
Amazing - and it's closed just drove by. more »
4on Yelp, Aug 10, 2013
I came here for an interview and it's super cute. After going shopping in Emeryville for years, I never would've though that Pixar would be so close! The security guard at the front gate was really nice and after finding parking, I walked by the Monster's University gate and then the lamp and ball. After watching an early screening of Monster's University, I was in awe of how amazing it looks. They take real pride in the work they do since you'll see in their displays all their awards and trophies. I wasn't able to get a full tour, but it was amazing seeing some of their work come to life in the studio :) more »
on Foursquare, Jul 14, 2013
Thanks for the awesome tour Greg Moxon. Not a bad place to work! more »
5on Yelp, May 05, 2013
This is a magical place to visit and work. Seldom does one get a glimpse behind the scenes and I feel lucky to have had the chance. The grounds are immaculate in this central Emeryville oasis. more »
5on Yelp, Feb 18, 2013
Took the family to meet a friend that works at Pixar for a tour. It's not open to the public, you have to know someone that works there to give you the tour. Let me just say that is hard to come back today to my boring day job after a day at Pixar. Let me note too that for the years that I have known my friend, and who offered to take us on the tour (I didn't know it was a big deal until now), I had no idea what other films Pixar was responsible for past Toy Story. I know this is extremely embarrassing as I was scolded by my 6 year daughter for not knowing what the movie Brave was about. This was by the way, the decorations in the Steve Jobs Building.
After checking in with security, you meet in the main lobby by a receptionist and Woody and Buzz Lightyear (my twins loved this!). The architecture of the building is absolutely beautiful. Lots of windows and light streaming in. We spent about 20 minutes near the reception taking pictures (couldn't get past this area!). Here is where the the Oscar awards are displayed, the Luxo cafe, and the Pixar merchandise store is located. Also, a Bo Peep figure to denote a ladies room, the men's is denoted by Woody! Genius! Also, thank you for the changing table in the ladies room. (Twins - you can't go anywhere without a blow out! Geez).
On with our escorted tour, lots to see on how a motion picture is born from a scratch pad idea to the details of the muscle movement of the characters. So much involved! There were lots of areas where we were not allowed, and no picture taking either. :( We were there on a holiday but Pixar was still open and people still working away. There were meetings, and other things going on. It was soooo cool almost like a museum. So much to see, read, and touch.
The Luxo cafe, and screening rooms, located in the middle, and was thought of to bring people out of their offices and brainstorm, etc. The food, however, is not free, but not overly expensive either. There are kitchens throughout where the you help yourself to coffee, juice, cereal, etc. and that is free.
Outside we saw the soccer area, the lap pool, the gym, full basketball court, BBQ area (surrounded by palm trees). Wow, so overwhelming how people actually work in a place like this! But my friend assured me that like any other work place they have deadlines too, so that said, you get work done, you play hard.
I plan on coming back to Pixar when their next movie comes out. I already reserved a tour with my friend. Hee hee! Love love love Pixar. You have found a friend in me!
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5on Yelp, Jan 20, 2013
What makes visiting Pixar exciting is that it is always changing. The main building where you receive t
he comprehensive tour seems to revolve around whichever film of theirs is in the spotlight at the moment. So when I went, everything was decorated and revolved around the movie Brave. A friend of mine gave me a very enlightening tour in which I learned just how much time and work goes into making a Pixar movie. Make sure you grab a bite at the Luxo Cafe and visit the merchandise shop! more »
on Foursquare, Dec 03, 2012
Look for seagulls on top of the new building. more »
5on Yelp, Nov 13, 2012
Woooooo!!!! Got to go in a second time!!!
Still great and the Brave additions were really nice especially the tapestry. Remember that from the movie? Yeah, they have a big-ass version of it.
/>The Brooklyn Building, which I didn't get to go in last year, was also quite nice and surprisingly homely. I expected it to be nice but it was quite warm and comforting like someone's home. Only problem there was the guests weren't allowed to explore as much as you could at the Steve Jobs Building. more »
5on Yelp, Oct 05, 2012
I have been to Pixar a few times a ways back, but when I found out the GF was a huge Pixar fan I had to get back in for another visit. It had really been so long that this past trip was like the firs time. Pixar is tucked away in Emeryville, just on the other side of the Bay Bridge.
Upon entering, you first past under the Pixar sign and check in with security, park and then walk to the main building. At this point, I do recommend the chapter of Walter Isaacson's biography on Steve Jobs where he discusses Job's design and building of the studio. The architecture and design of the building is a sight to behold. There are floor to ceiling windows and natural light everywhere giving a bright energy to everything. The main commissary is a big open area where all the different wings connect to. There is the front desk, cafe, break room, mail room, company store, screening rooms and of course work areas. There is art and props from all their movies with a concentration on what ever current film is out. This trip it was Brave and my previous trip it was The Incredibles. Getting to walk through the halls is the biggest treats because they have story boards from the film up, along with models, concept art and real world materials with which they model in the digital world (fabric, chain mail, tree bark, etc). You get a real insight into their process and what makes them different.
A trip to the company store is a must as they have a wealth of stuff there that can only be purchased there. I walked away with a cool pixar mug (I like cool mugs), a pixar hoodie and a long sleeve luxo shirt. All in all I had a great time and the GF was ecstatic, so it was a good trip. We hope to come back down the line.
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5on Yelp, Oct 02, 2012
This place is second to Disneyland, and free to get in - if you know the right people... more »
on Foursquare, Sep 14, 2012
Best company campus partly because it's a tech company that cares about art. :) beautifully designed with extraordinary attention to detail! more »
5on Yelp, Aug 28, 2012
This place is amazing... Unfortunately you have to be "in the know" to get in... Sorry for all you commoners (ha!), overall if you get the chance to get in and do a tour, you will wish you worked here! Try to find a friend who has a friend who knows someone who works here and do a tour... You will LOVE it... more »
5on Yelp, Aug 13, 2012
It was like it's own world. Animators playing soccer outside, beach volleyball, soup de jour was wild rice and bacon and it was to die for. It was probably the most relaxed work atmosphere I have seen in my life and all they do is produce greatness. Take notes major business of the nation. more »
on Foursquare, Apr 10, 2012
The home of the greatest animated films ever. If you know people and get a chance to visit you should. not loads to do, but It's PIXAR more »
5on Yelp, Apr 03, 2012
Update: I appreciate many of you readers asking me for a tour...unfortunately, I am unable to get you in! But you should visit anyways, the grand Pixar sign at the front gate is an amazing photo opportunity in itself! I often just drive my friends past the Pixar studios for this photo opp!
I've visited many corporations in the Bay Area (and elsewhere) now and until I met Pixar, Google was always at the top of my list. Sorry Google, you are no longer the coolest campus.
I wasn't expecting much going in. I drove through the gates under the huge PIXAR metal sign, gave my ID and visit time to the security guard, who then printed out a badge for me and told me where guest parking was. The building is an unassuming brick building that matches the rest of Emeryville well. It looks industrial with its glass, steel, and brick, but not scary or unclean. In fact, it's very clean, and the campus in general is large, quiet, and peaceful.
The Luxo Jr. lamp sits right in front of the main building. Outside there is a soccer field, a basketball court, a swimming pool (possibly not Olympic sized, but it's a full size and much larger than Google's!), and a beach volleyball court...all lined with many beautiful and full palm trees.
The main building has a large atrium in the middle, with a gift shop and cereal bar on one side and the cafeteria on the other side, and the main theater straight through at the end. The offices are on either side of the building, and the open second floor is connected by a bridge. There are fully stocked kitchens throughout the building. They're different colors, but one of them uses the same standing tables as the Apple Retail stores. ;) The kitchens mostly have beautiful stainless steel appliances. You can tell quality design is in the DNA of Pixar (and Apple). Even the bathrooms at Pixar are beautiful. I like that the male/female designation panels on the bathroom doors are of the Incredibles characters. :)
If you've read the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, you'll know the story behind the Pixar building, and why it has a huge space in the middle intended to allow spontaneous meetings and conversations (and therefore, innovation and creativity) between employees. There are also secret rooms. :)
Speaking of Apple, there are Apple cinema display monitors on the walls throughout the building that display things such as how a story is created and the process it goes through. It was cool watching a movie clip in 2D/cartoon mode, and comparing that with the final product you see in the theaters.
Pixar is the best because not only do they create a fun and beautiful working environment, they have a lot of artists, designers, photographers, and other creative people that work here. The halls are lined with photographs and paintings and panels either from Pixar movies or employees' personal collections. It's almost like visiting a museum, but a really cool one. They also have statues of characters from Pixar movies, such as the Incredibles family, the monsters from Monsters, Inc, Finding Nemo, and more. My favorite display was the Cars 2 screen paintings. Those were amazing.
They frequently hold movie screenings, not just of their own movies, but others too. They have a new building which is superbly designed and built, with 2 theaters in it and a spiral staircase.
Oh yeah! The food at the cafeteria! You have to pay for it (subsidized prices), so in that respect it's not as amazing as Google. Everywhere else at Pixar though, food is free, like in the kitchens, the cereal bar. I ordered a pasta dish here, and it's quite customizable. It was also very delicious.
Sigh...I wish I had some skill that would be useful to work as an employee at Pixar. But alas, I am an optometrist...
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5on Yelp, Mar 29, 2012
Um. It is PIXAR. more »
on Foursquare, Feb 29, 2012
wall-e should have won best picture. more »
5on Yelp, Feb 10, 2012
Such an awesome place for working ! more »
5on Yelp, Feb 06, 2012
I just visited this studio with an invitation from my friend who works in here. Believe me I am now jealous of who works in this studio.
It is so different to regular working environment we have
ever seen. It looks like they are not working and instead enjoying.
Very good managers.
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Mass Media
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