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Phia Salon

539 reviews
(Hair Salons)
 755 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215US

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(614) 545-7100

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5on Superpages, Feb 26, 2015
The guy at the counter was cute and friendly. I bought some blue malva conditioner. Though expensive it's worth it. more »
on Citysearch, Feb 24, 2015
My haircut is wonderful. It is exactly what I wanted and was cheap! Loved my stylist, Lindsey. She knew exactly what I neede and executed a perfect plan. I'm looking and feeling totally fresh! more »
on Foursquare, Feb 24, 2015
Everyone was very nice and helpful. Chelsea was confident and made me feel comfortable more »
5on Google, Feb 20, 2015
Phia provides a phenomenal salon experience! The care and undivided attention I received here has far exceeded that of any of my salon experiences to date! The staff and particularly my stylist genuinely took an interest in ME and in providing me with the BEST they had to offer! I love, love, love the color that resulted!! I came in looking to be pampered-- and I was! I have to thank each and ever person at Phia for taking me to my happy place! more »
5on Google, Feb 20, 2015
I went to Phia for my first visit this week and absolutely loved it! My stylist was Lindsey. She was friendly and funny and did an amazing job! She fixed my bangs just the way I wanted and helped me find a way to add volume to my otherwise very limp and long hair. We took about 7 inches off but I have no regrets because it came out so nicely! She was also very good about answering my questions about products and explaining how they worked. I will definitely be going back. Thank you Lindsey! more »
5on Superpages, Feb 19, 2015
No wait time at all. Ross didn't hesitate to inquire about my previous services to clarify my thoughts about some concerns I had immediately following a color service. He was reassuring, provided education, & offered to make modifications if desired. I didn't (& glad I didnt) but appreciated his approach. I received so many compliments on the end results to the exent people have been VERY direct that I MUST NOT go else where for my hair needs. He's very articulate & feels like he listens to u. That's a must! more »
on Foursquare, Feb 17, 2015
They gave me specific ideas for my hair type. I've started wearing my hair more often because of it. more »
on Citysearch, Feb 17, 2015
I absolutely love going to Phia. Everyone is always so warm bright and welcoming. Both my stylist and the person who checked me in were personable. I was devoted attention 100% of the time. I am also impressed that I was offered coffe or… more »
5on Google, Feb 13, 2015
On my arrival there were 4 good men's magazines waiting for me in the event that I would have to wait. Hot black coffee was delivered to me almost as soon as a sat down. Obviously this isn't my first dance at Phia. My stylist Annie came up from the dungeon below the first floor. Greeted me with a warm hug and a sweet kiss on my cheek . She washed my hair, and took me to the chair to get my hair cut. In a very few minuets I am finished. I thank her give her a hug and another kiss, and confirm I will see her and my son in law for dinner. more »
5on Superpages, Feb 12, 2015
As usual I had a fabulous experience with Alyssa and as always was welcomed with a smile and an offer of something to drink when I arrived The counter folks are always so pleasant and greet me with a smile and cheery voice it is a positive environment and just simply a fun place to visit and be pampered I look so forward to coming into Phia every single time and now I arrive early just to be there for a few extra minutes. more »
on Citysearch, Feb 10, 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the salon and look forward to making this a regular visit for myself every 3 months. I did have to wait about 20 minutes for my appointment but they offered me a free condiditioning treatment for the… more »
5on Superpages, Jan 29, 2015
Went in to get an allover color to cover up my outgrown highlights. I brought in a lock of some clip in hair extension I have to tell my hairstylist around what color I wanted my new hair. My stylist Bibb did an awesome job and matched my hair almost exactly to my hair extensions. He was very friendly and I felt like I was chatting away with a friend the whole time. Have been getting compliments on my new hair color ever since I got it dyed by him. Overall a great experience! more »
on Citysearch, Jan 28, 2015
The cut was great, the experience was perfect. The stylist knew exactly what I was looking for and delivered perfectly. Since my stylist was a little out of my price range she trained one who was right in my price range to that when I come… more »
on Foursquare, Jan 28, 2015
Betsy pays a lot of attention to her clients and it makes a wonderful experience at Phia salon. more »
5on Google, Jan 23, 2015
Every time I visit Phia I like my experience and my results more and more. My stylist (Samantha) knows my hair so well now I rarely have to tell her what I want, she just knows. My appointment was at 3pm and I was in the chair at 3:10pm. So I had to wait a little, but not long. I really enjoy the time I spend at Phia, my stylist and I always talk and it makes the appointment go by really quickly. This last appointment it took a few tries to get my cut exactly even, but that wasn't a big deal to me. All in all I really enjoyed my experience at Phia and the finished product was fabulous as always. Great cut and color. more »
5on Google, Jan 16, 2015
It was fabulous! Annah is and has always been an amazing colorist/ stylist and I don't know what I would do without her! I'm currently pregnant and she always knows what to say to make me 100% comfortable with the service and the safety of the baby. I was in and out in 2 hours, which is great time considering everything that needed to be done to my stubborn hair, lol. LOVE Phia Salon and everyone in it! more »
5on Google, Jan 16, 2015
Leigh is simply amazing. On Saturday, I had a 30-minute appointment...I went in thinking I was just going to get my cut cleaned up quickly. But once I mentioned that I really liked another stylist9;s hair, she worked her magic and I got a complete hair makeover in 30 minutes! Phia gives the kind of high-quality service you'd expect from a boutique salon on High Street, but has the reasonable prices and casual atmosphere you'd find in the "salon next door." I remember Leigh telling me once that you should feel comfortable coming in to get your hair cut in sweatpants-- and even when I do come in sweats, I always walk out the door feeling amazing! :) more »
5on Superpages, Jan 15, 2015
I was having a hair crisis where another salon messed up hair on a Saturday and I had an important meeting on Tuesday. I looked online and found Phia. When I called the man who set my appointment was so respectful and empathetic to my situation that he was able to squeeze me in on a busy Sunday. The hair stylist was just as respectful and empathetic. She even spent more time consulting with me and having another stylist provide input than I expected. I felt very taken care and if that wasn't enough they used aveda products and the total cost was all under 30$. Great cut, great products, great service, great price. Win win win!!! more »
on Citysearch, Jan 13, 2015
I was greeted warmly, offered a bevarage..i always choose the tea bc I love it. I love that they offer a sensual experience each time I go instead of it being a one time thing like other salons. Ross always takes good care of me and my… more »
on Foursquare, Jan 13, 2015
I've really enjoyed the Phia salon experience.and think they are super professional. more »
5on Superpages, Jan 07, 2015
I have only wonderful things to say about Phia Salon. I am always greeted with a friendly and warm welcome, offered a beverage, and quickly met by my stylist. Curtis is wonderful. Since I started going to Phia, Curtis has helped my evolve into a new, modern hair style and I am very happy with how I look. Every time I get a cut, I consistently get great compliments from friends and even customers at work. I would recommend Phia Salon, and Curtis to anyone. more »
on Citysearch, Jan 06, 2015
Every time I am at Phia, the workers are attentive and friendly. My preferred stylist is Ross. I never wait long for him to start our appointment. He answers any questions I have, and gives me suggestions that are in my best interest.… more »
on Foursquare, Jan 06, 2015
My experience with the staff was excellent as always. There was no waiting time. more »
5on Google, Dec 30, 2014
I walked in after a five week absence - my mother was in town, it was her birthday on the date I originally scheduled - and my hair was much longer than I usually let it get. Annah, my stylist, was eager to help me figure out how best to cut my hair. Given that my hair was longer, I offered Annah the opportunity "to play" and "do her" with whatever she felt was necessary for cutting my hair. I'm a semi-adventurous type, after all. Two things about this experience: 1) Best decision to allow Annah rock out and give me an AWESOME style, and 2) I felt comfortable in my vulnerability with Annah. This is just one experience, but I am definitely recommending Phia to others! more »
5on Google, Dec 30, 2014
Great experience. So often stylists pressure you into something totally opposite of what you wanted.. While it usually looks good, it's also usually uncomfortable.. Jess was so good at providing me with the service I asked for.. She didn't change up the cut and convince me why her way was better, she didn't turn it into an infomercial with trying to force me to buy products.. This was probably the best salon experience I've had. more »
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755 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215
Hair Salons
Today 9:00 am - 9:00 pm


Come be pampered in our upscale, yet down-to-earth "snob-free zone."
With four levels of talent to accommodate any budget, plant and oil based AVEDA products and a complimentary AVEDA Ritual with each service, we aim for your phia experience to be nothing less than perfect. Choose from over 20 stylists who work together as a team and encourage guests to try out another teammate on their next visit. The atmosphere is real, electric, energetic so you can just breathe a sign of relief as you walk through the door and get ready for some pampering.
Established in 2004.
Originating from the word "phi" known as the Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion, it is a mathematical ratio that seems to appear recurrently in beautiful things in nature as well as in other things that are seen as "Beautiful". We felt this was appropriate for a salon and for what we wanted to create for our clients, stylists and community. Now in our 2nd year as Phia, we have grown more than 60% over last year. We also decided to partner with Aveda and have earned Concept Status, and expect to be a Lifestyle Salon in the next 6 months (there are under 50 salons Nationwide that have earned Lifestyle status). Our catch phrase is: Come be pampered in our upscale, yet down-to-earth "snob-free zone." We hope you will visit us soon.
Meet the Business Owner
Elizabeth B. Business Owner
As a successful Franchise owner in the past, Elizabeth chose to enter into the field of Beauty to revolutionize the industry. She wanted to bring a business element to her stylists and teach them how to treat clients with class and care, in a positive and "snob-free" atmosphere. Elizabeth's passion is in Health and Wellness, which is one reason why she chose Aveda as her product line. She is involved in the salon on a daily basis and continues to create and follow up on systems that will give clients an amazing experience every time they walk in her salon.
more »

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