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peninsula paving

2 reviews
Home & Garden
 810 Plum Ave, Hampton, VA 23661US

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(757) 247-5908

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1on YellowBot, Jul 27, 2012
bad manners...
first off their employees who do their paving are very rude and use inappropriate language around young children this is what happen to me after i was yelled at for turning in to
a "drive way" they were paving for our mobile home park we live in. when turning i had a 18 wheeler behind me to where i could not just stop on a two lane highway for him to let other cars through coming out of the park.or i would of been hit and need i say i had a child in the car with me. negligence on his part for not watching for traffic on a main road before proceeding traffic out of a "trailer park" in a drive way. screaming at the top of his lungs and cussing me like a drunk sailor. yeah i know i would hire these people.......then when i call the company. the lady i spoke, i guess its ok for their employees to use this kind of behavior because she didn't seem to care. more »
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810 Plum Ave, Hampton, VA 23661
Home & Garden


Peninsula Paving Inc is located at 810 Plum Ave, Hampton, VA. This location is in the Wythe neighborhood. This business specializes in Driveway & Sidewalk and General Contractors.more »
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