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montage dentistry

paul dawood, dds

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Cosmetic Dentists
 10931 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92840US

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(714) 956-0857

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10931 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92840
Cosmetic Dentists


Welcome, we have proudly been providing dental services to our community since 1998. We promise to provide you with excellent dentistry, in a professional and friendly manner.
We take the time to thoroughly explain to you any needed treatment, we also provide an excellent explanation of your dental benefits.
Zero interest Payment plan is available.
We provide the following services with FREE consultation
Dental Implants, Braces(kids & adult), Cosmetic Dentistry,Metal free dentistry, Gum tissue treatment, TMJ treatment.Teeth whitening, etc.
Established in 1998.
In February 1998, I purchased an existing dental office that was open for one day a week. We worked very hard with my team to make my business thrive, and in less than a year we were at full time schedule, thanks to our hard work and also to our wonderful patients word of mouth referral. We just moved the business to a state of the art new location in Garden Grove, 2 miles away from the original Anaheim location.
Meet the Business Owner
Dr. Paul Dawood D.
Business Owner
My patients ask me often if I like my job, my patients know that Dentistry is not only a job, it's my passion . I have been practicing dentistry over 20 years and I still very much enjoy going to work daily , making a positive difference in people's oral health and smiles.
My passion make me spend thousands of dollars and countless hours annually away from my family and office, to learn new techniques and stay on top of my game to provide my patients with the best.
Since I was a kid i was fascinated by my first dentist, she was awesome, and since I was in middle school I knew what I really wanted to be.
I was able to gather a wonderful, hard working, friendly and passionate staff, that truly put the patient's best interest first.
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