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Printing Services
 5944 Coral Ridge Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33076US

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on Citysearch, Sep 26, 2012
This shipping center is terrible. I am with a home inspection company and mail mold and drywall samples to a lab in Weston, FL. The inspector went to pakmail to UPS overnight a package and told the clerk that it had to be delivered the next day with a tracking number. The inspector received a delivery confirmation (not a tracking number) from the clerk and asked the inspector hand write the shipping address (UPS usually provides a printed sticker) and told the inspector the sticker would be an additional charge. The inspector was told by the clerk that the package was going to be delivered next day and that he would be able to track it with the number given.
The package was not delivered the following day. I spoke with Martha Lander (the owner of the location on Coral Ridge Dr in Coral Springs, FL) and told her the situation in a calm manner. Martha was rude to me on the phone telling me not to "stress out". I told her that the inspector requested the package to be delivered next day and that he needed a tracking number. The owner insisted that if the inspector said this, the package would have been sent UPS or Fedex. I advised her that our company only sends through UPS and always requests overnight or next day delivery, we have never had this problem before. The owner continued to state that she has worked there for 12 years and knows what she is doing (she obviously hasn't learned how to speak professionally to her clients) and that it was our fault that the package was sent by USPS and not UPS.
I will never use a Pak-mail location again from this experience, especially the location on Coral Ridge Drive. I also made a phone call to corporate to file a complaint as I'm sure they do not want a person representing their brand like this. I highly recommend NOT using their services.
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on Citysearch, Jul 26, 2008
Editorial Review by Citysearch Editors – Provides custom crating and packing for any size and weight package plus offers domestic and international air and ground shipping. more »
5on YellowBot, Jul 24, 2008
Provides custom crating and packing for any size and weight package plus offers domestic and international air and ground shipping. more »
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5944 Coral Ridge Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33076
Printing Services
Today 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Pak Mail is your packing and shipping center. We understand the value of flexibility, service and convenience to our customers. Our trained and talented staff will find creative and efficient solutions for all your business and personal needs. Since our founding in 1984, Pak Mail has grown to more than 430 locations in the United States and around the world. From the familiar to the priceless, the irreplaceable to the seemingly impossible, trust Pak Mail to pack and ship it carefully. Some unusual items we've packed and shipped include an original Picasso, a snowman to Florida and an ancient dinosaur egg. Let Pak Mail assess your needs and recommend solutions.more »
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