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55 reviews
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5on Yellow Pages, Sep 10, 2013
Thank you for helping make my business a success online. The local SEO campaign was surely worth every penny I invested on your service. I look forward to doing more projects with you guys. more »
3on Merchant Circle, Sep 09, 2013
OptimizeX has helped my site achieve higher rankings in search results, something that I have been trying to do for the past year with little success. The team went through all my existing pages, studied the content, and analyzed my current ranking then told me what steps they will take to make sure my website gets a high ranking. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Aug 13, 2013
Customer support is unending. SEO techniques are satisfactory. Signing up for another contract with OptimizeX is something that did not make me think twice. We are always at the edge over our competitors. I thank you very much, guys. more »
5on Insider Pages, Aug 04, 2013
Thanks Optimizex!
My company has been with OptimizeX for two years already and until now, their service is outstanding. Getting higher ranking in search engine results has been easy with Optimiz
eX. Thank you very much. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jul 22, 2013
I know nothing about the use of keywords and other stuff related to SEO. But I know I need it that I made a choice to get the services of OptimizeX. Not only did the company help my site rank well. It also educated me about SEO and its importance. Thanks a lot! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Jul 15, 2013
The SEO company that I previously hired disappointed me a lot. With the techniques used, my website has gone from bad to worse. I almost gave up -- until I came across OptimizeX. I read a lot of positive reviews from its clients so I decided to try my luck. It was a good decision! My website is now found on the first page of search engine results. more »
5on Insider Pages, Jul 11, 2013
Hire OptimizeX. My website used to suffer from poor search engine rankings. But when I got their services, they were able to place my site on the 1st page with the agreed time! I so lov
e the company. more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Jun 21, 2013
I lacked the online presence before. But with OptimizeX, I am now enjoying it. The company gave me the best SEO service I could have and it worked more than what I expected. My website generated high traffic and received higher sales conversion. Who could be more than proud of hiring OptimizeX than I am? more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jun 17, 2013
Social media is the "in" thing today. It is the best way to connect with my customers but I cannot create and update all social media accounts to be able to increase clients and gain profit. I have a business to run every day. When I learned about OptimizeX, I immediately called them up, made inquiries and signed a contract (as I was impressed with its qualifications). Now, I am truly connected not only with my present clients but also with my prospect customers. more »
5on Insider Pages, Jun 16, 2013
Big Jobs, Small Cost.
I couldn't believe I will be able to distribute press releases for smaller costs. OptimizeX did a great job in this. I am so thankful.
more »
5on Merchant Circle, Jun 16, 2013
OptimizeX works more than search engine optimization. It creates awareness, builds company image and more importantly, generates sales for the company. It's like hiring them to do so many important tasks for your business. I love this company because it leads me to where I am now -- on top. more »
5on Yellow Pages, May 08, 2013
It never came to me that there is also optimization in videos until I met OptimizeX. where it offered me this type of service. I was surprised and tried this one because most of the time, I upload videos in YouTube and in my own website to promote my skin care products. Now, my uploaded videos are doing well in search engine results pages. I am a satisfied client. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Apr 17, 2013
I was a bit skeptical of SEO but I thought there’s no harm in trying. I wanted stable Internet presence and after doing my research, I figured out SEO would be worth testing. I hired Optimize X to enhance the workings of my site and well, they exceeded my expectations. They made it better, my website and did the best they could to improve my business’ web presence. They were also patient with my truckload of questions and explained in full to me. Am thinking of doing business with them again soon. Recommended by yours truly! more »
5on Insider Pages, Apr 16, 2013
They helped me out..
I started out an indie cosmetics business in Scottsdale and I wanted to venture out of Etsy. So I created my website but needed some SEO enhancement. I contacted the guys fr
om Optimize X and I am more than thankful I gave them a ring! The teams efforts and patience in tackling my site helped me improve my search engine rankings and provided some new, happy customers as well. Thanks a lot, guys! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Apr 15, 2013
OptimizeX is highly suggested for your SEO needs! This Scottsdale SEO company excels not only in search engine optimization methods, but customer service as well. Their staff was wonderfully patient and accommodating. I don’t have any clue how SEO works but it was recommended to me by “in the know” friends if ever I needed an online presence improvement. OptimizeX was always willing to explain what they need to do on my site and they were easy to reach too whenever I have questions. In a matter of months I noticed my site has been getting plenty of visits and my ranking on search engines rose too! Hiring OptimizeX was one of the best business decisions I have made. I owe them big, so thanks much, OptimizeX. more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Apr 10, 2013
My business partner was the one who picked Optimize X from the lot of SEO companies we wanted to try out, and we never looked back. We were so happy with the results of their work! Back then we have no Internet presence to speak of and after a month, we made it on the first page of Google search. It was something new for us and it was a great feeling. Traffic on the site increased, we acquired customers almost every day! Other than their remarkable search engine optimization techniques, the customer service was also ace. My partner discussed potential keywords we felt would further maximize our web presence and Optimize X was on the dot and cooperative. They also impressed us with their suggestions. So if you need some SEO yourself, contact these guys right away! more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Feb 11, 2013
These guys are so cutting edge, the edge itself envies them. Their Performance-Based Marketing is incredible - businesses can so SEO and online marketing, They are very professional and easy to get along with. Simply incredible! Optimizex Rocks! more »
5on Insider Pages, Feb 06, 2013
The Experts!
I knew what I wanted, but could not get a website together that worked for me. They made it easy and showed me how to manage and make changes to it myself. I appreciate all their ha
rd work on the project and would recommend them to anyone who needs help with any existing site to make it better or with a new one. They are very professional when it comes to SEO and expert in social media marketing as well. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Feb 05, 2013
Optimizex makes SEO very easy. They do what they say they will do when they say they will do it (follow through and integrity). The price is ALWAYS competitive if not lower than the competition. In addition, they always will go above and beyond to take care of all the minor problems that arise with any Search engine related problems, Good Job Guys! Keep it up! more »
5on Insider Pages, Jan 14, 2013
Thank you Guys!
I have had a website with Optimizex for almost a year now and I can confidently say it has been the best investment of my marketing dollars in my career to date. I get continuous
positive feedback and compliments from clients, other industry professionals, and friends. The websites are naturally SEO friendly and I rank on the first page for Google in many of my desired keywords which has produced hundreds of leads. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Jan 09, 2013
I operate a small business in the Arizona area. I have a website and thought it was working for me. After I met with boston web marketing I realized that just having a website is not enough. I signed up for their SEO services and saw returns in the first few months. Once they updated my information online and on my website I started seeing myself appear on searches previously had not. I would highly recommend the SEO services at Optimizex. Great Jon! more »
5on Merchant Circle, Jan 03, 2013
I am not the type to write reviews, but because of all of the hard work and quality of the finished website, I feel it is necessary. Optimizex staff are professional. I would recommend him to my closest friends because of the quality of their work. They called me and asked for what I wanted my website to look like and do. I explained the feel I wanted, and The team delivered exactly that. Today, the site is perfect and their SEO work is driving a ton of traffic to my site. The site has paid for its self because of his marketing. If you are thinking about getting a professional website done and are not sure who to trust, Optimizex is a sure choice. more »
5on Insider Pages, Dec 14, 2012
Thanks for all the help
They have social media packages which are right for every start-up company's budget. I set a meeting with their sales guy and they seem competitive, knowledgeable, a
nd flexible. I am now setting up another meeting because I would like to avail of their SEO packages for my site as well. more »
5on Merchant Circle, Dec 12, 2012
Have heard of them before and they seem to be helpful. I have seen my friend's websites ranking higher than ever before and they all seem to blame it all on OptimizeX. Great SEO services they are providing! more »
5on Yahoo! Local, Dec 11, 2012
The search engine optimization work that Optimizex has done for my website and for my clients has been superb. They have increased the rate of customers for several of my clients and have helped me win more business! Very Prompt and professional service, we had an exceptional experience with their team. more »
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1717 N 77th St #4, Ste 4, Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Internet Services


Based in Scottsdale, AZ, OptimizeX is a leading provider of Professional SEO services to clients throughout the Valley as well as the nation. The Professional SEO Experts at OptimizeX take the time to understand your company and its online marketing needs in order to develop and implement a fully-customized online marketing strategy to help you increase site traffic and boost overall sales. With Professional SEO experience in traditional search engine optimization, online PR, pay-per-click advertising, and cutting-edge corporate social media techniques, OptimizeX is confident in our ability to increase your rankings in major search engines like Google and Yahoo as well as increase your online credibility and visibility. We pinpoint your target audience(s) and send your company message to them, assisting with your company’s online branding in hopes of generating more leads to increase sales.more »
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