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Nong’s Khao Man Gai

247 reviews
 1003 SW Alder St, (at SW 10th Ave.), Portland, OR 97205US

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(971) 255-3480

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247 reviews
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  • 157 reviews4.5
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  • 17 reviews4.4
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on Foursquare, May 27, 2017
Really good! But the liver is kinda meh. more »
on Foursquare, Jan 09, 2017
Best chicken in town. Served on a bed of rice wrapped in butcher paper. Wanted fried chicken skin but was told they sell out of it early :/ more »
on Foursquare, Nov 14, 2016
Food ran out when we stopped by at 3:15! Make sure to go before then: more »
on Foursquare, Oct 26, 2016
“The downtown food cart is branded into my memory for its chicken and rice. It's perfectly prepared and comes with some of the best spicy chili sauce I've ever had.” - Ford Fry more »
on Foursquare, Oct 11, 2016
Chicken and Rice and Saices more »
on Foursquare, Apr 12, 2016
Chicken on rice + soda: US$ 7 more »
on Foursquare, Mar 25, 2016
Chicken and rice. Extra sauce. Done. more »
on Foursquare, Mar 22, 2016
Golden ratio is to get a normal and add extra chicken. Large has too much rice more »
on Foursquare, Jan 13, 2016
#1 all the way more »
on Foursquare, Dec 28, 2015
The definitive portland food cart. Get the piset size so you can stuff your face more. more »
on Foursquare, Nov 26, 2015
Khao man gai is very overrated. Flavors are too familiar to anyone from Eastern ethnicities. Chicken or rice are simply bland without the ginger-heavy sauce. Better Thai food in town. more »
on Foursquare, Oct 24, 2015
Spend the $.25 and get extra sauce. You won't regret it. more »
5on YellowBot, Sep 19, 2015
Absolutely delicious! I go here with my sister all the time. It's simple yet delicious! more »
on YellowBot, Jul 17, 2015
So simple and so good. I always have at least a meal at Nong's whenever I'm in Portland. Truly sublime and delicious. Can't wait to have it again!! more »
on Foursquare, Jul 10, 2015
Don't forget to buy a few bottles of the khao man gai sauce to bring home. more »
on Foursquare, Jul 07, 2015
The Khao Man Gai is 10/10 and so is the peanut chicken. Nong's founding story is inspiring – a great read while you wait: more »
on Foursquare, Apr 23, 2015
The plain old chicken and rice is the most awesome! more »
on Foursquare, Mar 03, 2015
Everything is amazing! Definitely add the chicken skin if it's still available, but it sells out fast. more »
on Foursquare, Feb 26, 2015
Chicken is juicy and sauce is fresh, flavorful, and pretty much the star of the show. Pair with a refreshing Thai iced tea and take your new baby home/to the office/find a seat somewhere and enjoy ;) more »
on Foursquare, Feb 20, 2015
The undisputed king of the food truck corner. If chicken and rice don't get your taste buds watering, there are a dozen other food trucks on this corner that may work for you. more »
on Foursquare, Feb 12, 2015
Probably the best khao man gai in Portland and definitely the best ginger sauce. Just make sure to specify dark meat because they default to dry white meat. more »
on Foursquare, Feb 09, 2015
Best kao man gai in portland, the chicken is too good to be true more »
4on YellowBot, Jan 05, 2015
Excellent chicken and rice! the garlic/ginger sauce and the chicken flavored rice really pulls the whole dish together. Very nice that the chicken is boneless as well.
The pork & rice is not bad
either, very similar to the Taiwanese stewed pork over rice dish more »
4on YellowBot, Jan 05, 2015
quick food on the go. still prefer the hainan or taiwanese version of chicken rice though more »
3on YellowBot, Dec 27, 2014
ah ok, Pro: -Moist and well seasoned chicken - seasoned just right enough -Well seasoned chicken broth that is made like it was out of granny's kitchen. -... more »
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1003 SW Alder St, (at SW 10th Ave.), Portland, OR 97205
Today 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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